Monday, December 9, 2013

Secret Stairs #1-Pasadena-La Loma Road

This  walk takes place in Pasadena, near La Loma Road.  It should take about an hour, it is 2.7 miles and there are 996 steps and the difficulty is 3.

The author tells you to begin your walk near the corner of Colorado Blvd. and Figueroa and go south on Figueroa and head east on La Loma.  La Loma goes up a hill and then turn left onto Elmwood Drive.  After 420 Elmwood is the first staircase of 98 stairs.  Cross the street and climb another set of 100 stairs.

Cross the street and go a few paces to the left and find the next stair case of 86 stairs going down.  Cross the street again and another staircase of 99 steps.  Then there is a nice sloping walk downhill.  There are many things to look for as you walk along.    After a while you find the next stair case going down on the right.

This staircase is 44 steps down.  Turn right and follow this street along.  

We are back to La Loma and there is another stair case to go up of 97 stairs.  When you get to the top turn left and go up the street a bit and there will be another staircase that we went up and now we are going down.  Cross the street and climb the 86 stairs to Tamarac.  Walk a little bit to the left and cross Tamarac and and continue up 19 steps to a walkway over the crest and drop down 72 steps to Redwood.  Cross the street and head on down the last set of 98 stairs.  After we get to the bottom, you will work yourself back to the start.  


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  2. Love how you find such interesting things to blog about. I remember one trip you took to Corona Del Mar - did you know that there is a huge staircase leading down to Main Beach?

    1. Thank you Eydie! This is where I want to go with my travel blog. I did not know about the staircase. I know about the 1000 stairs near Laguna.