Monday, December 31, 2012

The End

Good Morning! The last day of 2012. I have lots to do today and nothing else really planned, which is a good thing. Yesterday, the message at church was called "Only for Awhile" and I realized the more I thought about it, that message is so true. I told a friend this morning, that I am coming to realize how much I like variety, but I also like stability. I would like things to remain the same, but I am thankful it doesn't. We are coming to the end of the holidays, which is only for awhile and I am thankful. Working on my morning computer routine and need to get some house stuff done and Christmas things taken down. The girls and I are not doing any thing for New Year's Eve. We are having a pork roast for dinner with sweet potatoes and some veges. I am going by a bundt cake place. I have heard some good things about this place lately and I do like bundt cake, so we will see. It will be a change from cupcakes.
View out to sea from Palos Verdes Estates on December 31, 2010 I am on a roll. Bed is changed and first load of laundry in and trash taken out. After I take a nap and do some reading, which is coming back into my vocabulary, because of a Kindle, Mari and I are going out and run some errands. Sweet Pea is in the way of the closet door, so I can't get to the vacuum. I know excuses, excuses! I did finally get the vacuum out and got the vacuuming done. Got some plants watered.
Mari and I left and went to the bank, then to "Nothing Bundt Cake", then to Sprouts and then to Starbucks for snack for Mari. I am trying to be good and have a smoothie. Came home through the canyon and put away inside Christmas decorations. Making dinner and I am not sure what we are doing for the rest of the evening. I am going to bed at normal time, as I am not a late night person. Mainly watched TV. This is a hard holiday for me as I am not a late night person and not into the party scene. I need to be comfortable with who I am and be ok with just doing my normal thing. There are times I read into something someone says something that is not there. Feeling uncomfortable tonight, but I will be ok. I am tired as well. I will say good night and see you next year. Happy New Year! Trudi
This is the old Encinitas train station that is now a great coffee house. One of my favorite places to go.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Don't feel guilty!

It is almost dinner time and I am just now getting started on writing this! Usually I start this first thing in the morning, but the day got away from me and according to the title, I am not going to feel guilty!
This is my photo for the day. The trees on the street I drive down, that are near our complex have had some wonderful color and I have not taken the time to take pictures, so today, after we got home from church, I decided to take some pictures. This is one of the trees. I did not sleep as well as I had the previous two nights, but I finally got up around 7. So enjoying Rory not being here and being able to get up, when I want. Got breakfast together and did some computer stuff and then it was time to leave for church. My friend wanted to sit at the cafe, which is outside, but it was about 50 degrees and it was COLD! Luckily, with the exception of gloves, I was prepared for the cold. I am glad we have started back to church. After church was over, we had lunch and then I took a nap and then Marissa and I ran some errands. Of course, it started to rain, just as we were leaving, but the nice part, was that it rained the worst while we were in the car. I will be happy today, to just get computer stuff done. Tomorrow is a new day and I will proceed from there.
Dinner made and eaten. Watched TV with the girls! Menu made for the week, list made for tomorrow. Morning computer routine done and now I feel better. Not much else going to get done tonight, but that is ok, as there is always tomorrow. Going to post some pictures on Flickr and go to bed and read. Good Night! Trudi

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Relax and enjoy the journey

Good Morning! I am starting to do a photo a day challenge and that is the cloud picture. We have rain coming today. I am feeling tremendously better and it is so nice to sleep. The other picture is from one of my secret stairs walks and one of the camellias we saw on the walk. The title "relax and enjoy the journey" comes from the fact that I plan so much and put so many restrictions on myself, that I need to relax and enjoy the journey. I am going to try and remember this and sometimes I may need to be reminded. Today, Mari and I are going to go to Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Mari has an exhibit that she wants to see and I have one that I want to see. It will be nice to get out of the house and enjoy the day, even in the rain. Mari at LACMA
A couple of my favorite things-reflection and architecture:
Mari and I left the house about 11:30 a.m. and it was 48 degrees and went to get sandwiches at Jersey Mike's and got gas for the car and then headed up to LA. Luckily it did not really rain the whole day. The highest temperature that we saw all day was 54 degrees, and this is in sunny Southern California. :-) We wanted to see Caravaggio and Stanley Kubrick. They were both interesting in their own way. Took some pictures in the Stanley Kubrick exhibit.
We left LACMA about 5:30 and headed home. On the way home, we stopped to get dinner and got home about 7:45 p.m. and it was 45 degrees. Had dinner and did some computer stuff. Need to get to bed, so I will say good night. Trudi

Friday, December 28, 2012

Thank goodness for rest periods

This is a picture of the reception area at Los Angeles Union Station. It is no longer used for people, but they do film things in this area. Good Morning! I am very glad for many reasons that Rory is in Vegas until January 2, 2013. He started this cold on Christmas Day, the girls came down with it, the day after and I started it yesterday. With Rory gone, I can go upstairs and sleep when I want to and I can actually sleep in. I did not get up until 7:15 a.m. It was so nice to have quiet. Mari got up about 30 minutes ago and Marissa is not up as yet. I am going to go take a nap. The only thing on the agenda for today is hair. One thing with this cold, is that I am sleeping like a log. Marissa is now up and not feeling the best. Did house stuff and computer stuff! Yesterday, I felt like I had more energy. I know it is ok to sleep and rest . Had lunch and watched TV with Mari.
Getty Center in Los Angeles, CA After lunch, Mari and I headed out to get hair trims and go to Target, then to Yogurtland. Came home and I took another nap. Mari made dinner tonight, as she had energy and I did not. It was good. We watched TV and then colored my hair. I have been reading a couple of blogs and both authors have talked about coming up with a word for the year. It has been along time, since I have come up with a resolution, but I like the idea of coming up with a word. I believe my word would be "simple". Since Rory has been gone, I have realized that I cannot relax in our room, as there are so many things. As, I now have a Kindle, I am getting rid of my books in our room. I really do need to work on the storage unit, as it is something I keep meaning to do. I feel more relaxed in the living room than any other place. I really need to work on getting my house simple. The only issue is that I live with three other people. Something else, I notice about myself, is that I come up with a schedule for myself and I don't relax and enjoy. I have told myself, I am not going out on photo field trips on Sundays, as I want to get laundry going and I want to make a menu for the week. I could do this on Saturdays and Mondays. I need to relax and enjoy. I am very hard on myself. Going upstairs at 9 and read and then go to bed at 10. Hopefully, I feel better tomorrow, as I really want to go to LACMA. I am starting to get antsy. Good night, Trudi

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A made bed and quiet is peacefulness!

Good Morning! This picture was taken at an art gallery that Mari and I went to on the Winter Solstice!
The title this morning is based on my feelings this morning. When Rory is home, he usually hangs out on our bed and the bed never gets made. I love having a made bed, as I feel things are organized and peaceful. As soon as Rory gets up in the morning, the TV goes on. It was so nice to have quiet this morning, as that gives me peacefulness. Simple, organized and peacefulness is what I live for. Rory likes to collect things. I do not feel comfortable in my own room, as there are so many things in our room. One of my goals for this next year and I really need to stay focused on this goal is to get organized. I am not sure how I will handle our room, but we will see. The girls of us have decided to stay home today, as all three of us seem to be dealing with some version of a cold. Doing my morning computer routine and probably going to take a nap soon. Did get my nap. Really didn't sleep that well. Put some laundry away and got the trash out. Watered plants, took the tree and decorations to the storage unit and the rest of the day is going to be resting(my version). Fall colors in December at Getty Center.
Storm coming in Foothill Ranch, CA-taken on December 17, 2012.
Rested for a little bit and then worked on emails. Decided that starting today, I will not have any emails left over. I am going to deal with each one during that day and get rid of the email. Edited one picture and worked on my travel Making dinner. I like cooking when Rory is not home. I know we are having one of his favorite things, but I am putting chicken in the mac & cheese and not ham. Mari took a two hour nap. Dinner was good. Marissa is not feeling the best. We were going to go out to lunch with a friend, but I told her we were all dealing with colds and because of something she has been dealing with, we put off having lunch. For the best! The girls and I watched TV while we had dinner. My usual schedule for going to bed. Good night. Trudi This is at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where we were supposed to have gone today.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Staycation and things to do!

This is a picture of a window in Old Town San Diego! Good Morning! I actually did get some pretty good sleep last night, as Rory took NyQuil and slept most of the night. He is off this morning for Las Vegas and will be home a week from today. I get a break for a week from being the servant. Today, the girls and I are going to take down the tree and the house gets cleaned. Of course, I have errands to run. The girls are not up yet and Rory is gone, so I am enjoying the quiet. I am going to go make my bed, because that is one thing I enjoy when Rory is gone, is that I can make the bed every day and it looks neat. Got my morning computer routine done and then took a nap. When I got up, found out that both girls have colds. Going to do laundry and trash, have lunch and run errands. It was nice to be out and about and do things on my own! Taking the tree down today, so had to get the box for the tree and ornaments from the storage unit. Went to Target, Smart and Final, then to Bath and Body, Yogurtland and then Starbucks. Went to a place to get some slides processed. Putting old pictures in a scrapbook. Came home and the cleaners are here. Going to lay down for a little bit. Then get the tree down and the car unloaded.
A calalily on Balboa Island. The tree is down and the car is unloaded and everything is put away. Dinner is made. Rory got to Vegas safely. He sounded very congested when I talked to him and he said traffic was awful. The girls and I watched TV and now we are all doing our own thing. It is nice to be able to go in my own room and not feel constrained or have to put up with the TV or have Rory constantly talk to me, when I go in to our room, or have him want me to do something. I am putting away clothes that I got and getting rid of things that I don't wear. Organizing! Going to do some reading at 9 and turn off the light at 10. Good night! Trudi
Love to take pictures of clouds!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Good Morning!
It is Christmas morning and as usual I got up and 6:30 a.m. and I am doing my usual morning routine. Rory has a cold and he coughed quite a bit of last night. I got some ok sleep. The girls will be up in a while and then we will do presents. Rory is going to make Eggs Benedict and have champagne, the girls and I had eggs and some bread. We will see what the rest of the day brings. Everyone was up about 10:15 and we opened presents. I got some updated versions of Thomas Bros. Maps, which I wanted, even though I have a GPS system. Rory, also surprised me and got me candles, which I liked. I surprised Mari with a Kindle and she was pleasantly surprised. Marissa loved all her earrings and Rory seemed to like what he got. Mari decided to go back to sleep, Marissa is up in her room and Rory is watching TV in our room, so I am getting the living room to myself, which is nice. Had leftover pizza for lunch. Going to finish editing my Christmas pictures.
Bird of Paradise, one of my favorite flowers, at the Getty Center. I am totally enjoying today!!! Nice and relaxing!!! I really feel sorry for Rory, as this has not been the best Christmas for him. For me, it was great-quiet and relaxed. Mari made pizza for the girls of us tonight and Rory had ham, sweet potatoes and peas with onions. I made reservations for the girls and my trip in May. Looking forward to this trip, as we are going some places, I have never been before. Had one little stressful moment, but it worked itself out. Hopefully I will get some sleep tonight. Doing reading at 9 and to bed at 10. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Good night, Trudi This is part of the carousel at The Great Park in Irvine, CA

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve, Rainy Day and Monday

Good Morning!
I don't mean to complain, but it is not easy to live with someone who is selfish. We have a fan that runs during the night and this morning, before I was ready to get up, Rory decided to turn it off. After 30+ years of living with him, I have become very used to the fan and I had turned it on me during the night, as I was on the warm side. It doesn't help to say anything to him, as all he does is say he is cold. He also woke me up coughing/gagging about 2 in the morning. We have Claritin, but he does not take it on a regular basis. Minor detail, he wears short sleeve shirts on cold and warm day and just walked out the door without a jacket. It is cold and rainy this morning. A friend of mine invited us to go to the Christmas Eve service today at 1 p.m., so Mari and I are going. There is a song called "Rainy Days and Mondays" and one of the lyrics, says get me down and that is the way I felt, when I first got up this morning. Doing better, since I have had alone time. Doing my morning computer routine. Mari just got up. I took a nap and then did laundry and trash. Going to leave about 12:25 p.m. to get to church. Service starts at 1 p.m. I love Saddleback Church, but I never know how many people are going to be there and Saddleback is a huge church. This is part of the reason I don't go to holiday services, but I thought I would this time. Part of me would like to get back to going to services, but I don't want it to become something more I have to do, plus many people do not understand the people I live with and the disabilities they have. I just need a listening ear, not someone telling me what to do. Plus I feel guilty, when I can't do certain things. The amount of people is chaotic as well.
Went to service and I am really glad I did. Sat with my friend and her two grandchildren. Mari and I are talking about going back to services at Saddleback. Mari had not had lunch before we left for service, so after service, we went to In N'Out to get her a hamburger for lunch and then we went to Yogurtland. Picked up Marissa on the way out. When we got home, Rory was downstairs watching TV. This is what I just love about the holidays, Rory has to be downstairs watching TV and I have no place to go for quiet time. He went upstairs and now I am getting quiet time. Emotions are exhausting. Took another short nap, as I was exhausted. Need to check on the laundry, as Rory wants an outfit for tomorrow. We shall see! He is already packed for his week long trip to Vegas. Want to read a little bit before dinner and the rest of the evening I am going to edit more Christmas pictures. Made dinner and watched TV. On the way home from Yogurtland, we saw some people putting up luminaries, so Mari and I made a quick out to look at them and do some light looking, as they were in our neighborhood. Getting some laundry done for Rory. I am now headed for bed. Good night. Trudi
Christmas tree at Olvera Street in Los Angeles

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Planning Sunday

Good Morning! I took this picture yesterday, when we were down in San Diego in the Gas Lamp Quarters. This was in the doorway of a real estate office.
I am going to start using Sundays as a planning day for the week. I am going to make a menu for dinners and try to buy what I need ahead of time. This will allow me to feel prepared for the week and feel more at peace. Last night when I got home, I was in a good mood, even though Marissa had called and was complaining about Rory. Rory was complaining about his legs. I felt like turning around and walking out the door, but I didn't. I set some boundaries with both Marissa and Rory. We will see how long they last. I need to remember. I am doing my morning computer stuff. The girls and I are going to run errands this afternoon. Mari is going to make some homemade egg nog and wrap presents.
Got morning computer stuff done and laundry and vacuuming done. Need to do trash and watering. Yesterday, when we were in San Diego, I talked to a couple of women, who knew about tour guides and loved history. One recommended Netflix. I went through movies and found some interesting ones this morning. Between the three of us girls, we have 70+ movies in our queue. The other one recommended a house that I could take a tour, as well as taking a tour with the paranormal society. Interesting direction, my life is taking. The girls and I did some errands, which wasn't too bad. Lots of people, but not too bad. Came home and finally took a nap. Got the wrapping paper organized and dinner made. Going to edit Christmas pictures for the rest of the night.
Watching TV while I am editing pictures. Going to read at 9 and go to bed at 10. I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I have also learned I like simple. Chaos is exhausting. Good night. Trudi

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Some fun and some helping!

Good Morning! This is Mari at San Diego Safari Park with a lorikeet.
Doing my morning computer routine. Lately, the stress I deal with has made my muscles feel like they are very uptight. This is not a comfortable feeling. Yesterday, I was doing some exercises to a TV program and found I cannot bend my knee that far back. I am tired of dealing with the pain. Today, Mari and I are going to San Diego to take some pictures. We are taking a friend of mine with us and then we are going to her house and help her wrap presents. Should be a fun day. I am going to need a nap before we go. It was a fun day and I did not get home until almost 10 and I am very tired, so I am headed for bed. Marissa stayed home and was complaining about how tired she was and Rory was complaining about his legs being too dry. Really makes me want to come home. Good night. Trudi

Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm here, are you?

Good Morning! I guess the world did not come to an end! This picture was taken at Mission San Juan Capistrano.
This morning I was on the verge of tears. I like variety, but I like routine. I want to be a little more creative when it comes to our food, but I am always concerned that Rory is not going to like it and he will start complaining. I want to think outside of the box. I decided to do yoga this morning and I have come to realize how tight, inflexible I am. It did help. My knee and elbow bother me most of the time and now my neck has started to bother me. I am tired of some of the pain; but in many ways, I feel like I am not important to Rory. I just keep going. Right now, I am doing morning computer routine. When my emotions really raise their head, it exhausts me and I really needed a nap. Checked the dryer and the towels are still damp. Did the rest of the trash. Eating lunch.
Watered and cleaned off the patio. Ran some errands with Marissa. I can always talk Marissa into going with me, when I go to the vet, as there is a cat that lives at the vet, who she likes to see. I have the same response when I go to PetSmart, but usually from both girls. For some reason, I was getting into a rotten mood while I was at Trader Joe's. I was really not in the holiday mood. I was nervous about going to a thing with Mari tonight, where her photography teacher is playing. I thought it was a club, it turns out it is an art exhibit. When I got home it was snack time and I asked Mari if she would make something we saw in "Peanut Butter and Peppers". We needed Cranberry Juice and we didn't have any. We went to Target and I also got a sweater to wear tonight, as well as the cranberry juice. Now we are home and going to relax. Rory was supposed to be home about 1 and finally called about 3:45. He is looking for a job, where he doesn't have to use a computer or deal with people. I suggested a courier and he went towards a jewelry courier. Wrong time of year to look for it. I made Rory's dinner and Mari made ours. Trying to convince a friend to go with us to San Diego tomorrow. Finally convinced her. We are going to help her wrap packages. Out the door to head for Laguna and an art show. Well the art show was ok. Not my kind of art, but that is normal. The entertainment and people watching was fun. They had belly dancers as well, as Mari's teacher's band. Ready to head for bed. Good night. Trudi

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunshine, errands, presents and organize

Good Morning! Today is a beautiful sunny day. Right now it is about 47 degrees and it is supposed to get up to 68 degrees. A heat wave! LOL!
This is a rose at Mission San Juan Capistrano. Today is organize day, which means editing pictures, doing something with some older pictures and putting old photographs into a scrapbook. It also means organizing my refrigerator, helping Mari with her room, working on the storage unit and getting rid of the books in our room, as I am not going to be reading books, as I have a Kindle. Never thought I would like the Kindle, but I love it, as I can take it with me everywhere and it is a nice size. We also have errands to do today. Today, I am working on getting Mari's presents wrapped and under the tree. Busy day! I will be making Rory's breakfast and Mari is going to make ours. Doing my morning computer routine. Did my morning house stuff and decided that I was going to take Marissa's bike over to get air in the tires, which we did. Went to the bank and then to Starbucks and then came home. Need to get lunch and then go run errands. After we got home, Marissa went out and rode her bike.
This is at Mission Inn in Riverside. Mari and I left about 1:40p.m. to run errands and got back about 6. I am tired and I am glad Mari felt like making dinner. Got all of the wrapping paper out of the storage unit and we are going to organize it and get rid of some. Went to Target, then to Mission Viejo mall to the Apple Store and Bath and Body. Going to malls at Christmas time is so much fun! LOL! After we left, we stopped and got a snack, then to Trader Joe's, Panda Express to get Rory's dinner as he is not a big fan of fish and then to the Farmer's Market. Had dinner and watched TV with Mari. Marissa has been dealing with nausea all day, which is somewhat typical for her, right before that time of the month. Wrapped some presents. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas-the lights, decorations and tree are up and now there are some presents under the tree. Rory came downstairs, so I came upstairs.
I am tired. Good night. Trudi

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What is my hope?

Good Morning! This picture was taken on 12-21-2010 at Mission San Juan Capistrano.
The devotional I was reading this morning was on Romans 15:1-13 and the last question after reading the verse, asked me: What is my hope? I had to think for a minute. I would like to hope that Rory would become a believer and be a loving and helpful husband. I would like to hope that Marissa can move forward and have an enjoyable life and that she can continue with this idea of starting ROP. The hope for me is that I can continue to move forward with this idea of having an historical walk tour company. It is cold and windy here and the sun is out! Doing my morning computer routine! Took a nap. This is my hope for Rory and for Marissa, is that they can find something to do that they can find happiness and joy. Rory does not enjoy going to the docks on Wednesday and his mood is hard to deal with before he goes. I, also, do not sleep the best, when he is gone on Wednesday nights. When he is gone on trips, I do not have a problem sleeping. He wants to wait until March, when he can talk to our financial advisor and our accountant, before he makes a decision. I told him he is procrastinating and there is no reason for him to wait. After the first of the year, he could find a career counselor and move forward. He really does not want to work. He does not want to deal with computers or people. I really hope he can find something, he can look forward to doing. This picture was taken a year ago at the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. If you live in the area and have never seen the Festival of Lights. Go!
Made lunch! We had empanadas from the Farmer's Market that I go to on Thursday afternoons. YUM! Will get more of these. Doing house stuff and then going to do financial things. The heater is fixed. Nothing really wrong, just getting things up to code. Budget is done for 2013. Going to make my smoothie and start filing. Oh such fun things to do! Rory left for work, as he is working from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Filing is done. Talked to the lady at Mission San Juan Capistrano regarding the docent program and I am attending the orientation class on January 8, 2013. I am excited. Made dinner and the girls and I watched TV. Talked to a friend. Marissa and I got into a conversation regarding Asperger Syndrome and the shooting and what people are saying. I still go back to the premise that people do not understand this diagnosis and the young man who killed the people in Connecticut had more involved than just AS. Going to do some reading at 9 and to bed at 10. Good night. Trudi

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A rainy day

Good Morning! This is my sun for today, as we have rain today
A friend of mine asked me last night to call her at 6 to make sure she was up, as she had a interview this morning at 9 and of course, I said yes. When I came downstairs, she had texted me and told me she had been up since 4. Praying that this interview goes well. Rory and I are not on the same page, when it comes to this tragedy in Connecticut, but so what else is new. Doing my morning routine and Mari has a psychiatrist appointment this morning. Rory is going into his routine mode, which is really getting annoying. Had breakfast and now I had better get myself going. Mari and I left about 9:45 for Dana Point. It was raining on the way down and we saw one overturned car on the way down. Met with Mari's psychiatrist and then went to Starbucks and then headed for Trader Joe's through Laguna. Came home and now I am going to eat lunch and take a nap. It was nice to talk to Mari's psychiatrist about Marissa and how she took away the guilt I quite often feel. Marissa has to make her own decisions and get past the fear. While the girls and I were eating lunch and watching TV, Rory came downstairs and was trying to hang out with us. The routine is changing and he is bored and he, really does not know how to interact with us. I tried to take a nap, but even that was not relaxing and I couldn't relax. Doing some routine. I really do need to work toward a goal with my exercise. The weight is going down; which I am thankful for, as I am down 21 pounds. This is my home and I really feel like I am being pushed out the door. I have house stuff to do every day, during the school year, I have Mari to take to school and help. I need to exercise and I need to make sure Rory has food. How much time does that take and what else can I do that I am not in this house. I need to rest as well. How much time do I waste? Mari and I got out and walked and it felt so good to walk in the cold air! It sounds like my friend has a new job and I am so excited for her. I have been wanting to talk to Mari about my idea of being a tour guide and she brought up the idea of being a docent. I am going to get in touch with the San Juan Capistrano Mission to see how I can do this. I decided to post part one of my history of San Diego during the Victorian times in my other I did not want people to read one VERY long paragraph, so I am going to break this post into little bits. Mari and I are going to go down to San Diego on Saturday and take pictures. I really need to start using my time wisely and figure out what is important. Talked to my friend and then Rory wanted to talk. I am going to move forward with what I want to do. Mari made dinner tonight, which was really nice. Watched TV. We also looked at something for Marissa to do. Going to watch "Dangerous Grounds" at 9 p.m. then I am going to bed. Me tired! Good night! Trudi

Monday, December 17, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

Good Morning! This is a piece of wall art that I took a picture of on Hollywood and Western in Hollywood, CA. Being the organized person I am, I have a project for each day this week. Today, I am working on getting Rory's gifts together. Tomorrow Mari has a doctor's appointment and if it is not raining I want to go walking after the appointment. Wednesday, we have someone coming over to work on our heater and Rory will probably work. Thursday, we are doing our study and I am going to work on Mari's gifts. Friday is Marissa and getting Christmas dinner together. Not sure what the weekend will bring. Doing my morning computer routine. Found out something interesting this morning, that a friend of mine is not getting the emails I am sending her. Did laundry and trash. Since it rained last night and is supposed to rain tonight, I am not watering plants. Need to finish vacuuming and then the girls and I are going out and run some errands and Christmas errands. Got all of my errands done and had some fun with the girls, which was nice. When we got home, Rory was downstairs, watching TV. Lately he has been spending a lot of time downstairs, which is driving me nuts. Now that the tree is up, he keeps asking when are we going to get presents under the tree. He has asked all three of us at one time or another. After we got things put away, I asked him to go upstairs, as I wanted some time to do my own thing. I really don't enjoy being in my own bedroom. He also keeps asking when is it going to rain. Who knows? Didn't really get anything done, as a friend called. She has an interview tomorrow and is very nervous. Made dinner and watched TV with the girls. Got some pictures put in a scrapbook. I am struggling with an issue. I cannot fathom what the parents of those 20 children are dealing with at this point and I felt very sad all day Saturday. I also cannot fathom what the families of the adults who were shot are dealing with. Yes, I have lost loved ones, but fortunately they were not shot. With my dad, it was very difficult, as he dealt with dementia after a fall. I also wonder how the brother and father of the shooter, feel, as they lost two family members. The minor issue is gun control, which I feel yes, needs to have stronger control, but, there is another issue and that is mental illness. I deal with two people who have autism spectrum disorders and not many people understand this. Mental illness needs to be further addressed in the medical world. Both my husband and daughter deal with the mental illness issue and they look like typical, "normal" people, but they are not. My daughter deals with major fear and cannot seem to get past it. My husband has a hard time dealing with other people and I have a feeling, he could have been similar to this young man (the shooter) at one time. He talks about getting into fights with other men many times. I have a friend, who has dealt with a son who has a brain injury and has been in and out of hospitals many times. He is in for three days and then released. He is put on meds. My daughter is on Zoloft, which calms down some of the anxiety, but not all. My husband is not on any meds. He thinks he has a mild case of "Asperger Syndrome". Yea Right! The young man who shot all these people had a mental health issue, that does not sound like it was dealt with. Something triggered this and we may not ever know what that was. The mother of this young man does not sound like she wanted to deal with her son's issues or illness. Getting a few things done. Going to read about 9 and then go to bed at 10. Good night. Trudi

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Good Morning! Mari and I are headed out on a photo walk in Old Town Orange. I have been to Old Town Orange many times, but I can always find things to take pictures of. That is the main thing for today. This week is going to be a week of getting ready for Christmas. Lately I have found some exercise programs and realize that Yoga might help with getting me more flexible and being able to relax. Better get out the door. Our photo walk in Old Town Orange was great. Met some new people. We did some Christmas shopping while we were out. Stopped at Trader Joe's and then came home and took a nap. I think the weather is making me feel tired. Doing my morning computer routine at 3 p.m. Already got laundry separated. This is a rose I shot on our photo walk.
Got one load of laundry going and trash emptied. Did not water plants, as we were getting misty rain. Made dinner about 5:45. Mari slept about 3 hours. Had dinner and the girls and I sat and talked. Rory came down about 7:30. Luckily, I was doing some budgeting at the kitchen table. Going to go up and read at 9 and to bed at 10. This is a picture I took at the mission in Oceanside, CA
Good Night. Trudi