Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A rainy day

Good Morning! This is my sun for today, as we have rain today
A friend of mine asked me last night to call her at 6 to make sure she was up, as she had a interview this morning at 9 and of course, I said yes. When I came downstairs, she had texted me and told me she had been up since 4. Praying that this interview goes well. Rory and I are not on the same page, when it comes to this tragedy in Connecticut, but so what else is new. Doing my morning routine and Mari has a psychiatrist appointment this morning. Rory is going into his routine mode, which is really getting annoying. Had breakfast and now I had better get myself going. Mari and I left about 9:45 for Dana Point. It was raining on the way down and we saw one overturned car on the way down. Met with Mari's psychiatrist and then went to Starbucks and then headed for Trader Joe's through Laguna. Came home and now I am going to eat lunch and take a nap. It was nice to talk to Mari's psychiatrist about Marissa and how she took away the guilt I quite often feel. Marissa has to make her own decisions and get past the fear. While the girls and I were eating lunch and watching TV, Rory came downstairs and was trying to hang out with us. The routine is changing and he is bored and he, really does not know how to interact with us. I tried to take a nap, but even that was not relaxing and I couldn't relax. Doing some routine. I really do need to work toward a goal with my exercise. The weight is going down; which I am thankful for, as I am down 21 pounds. This is my home and I really feel like I am being pushed out the door. I have house stuff to do every day, during the school year, I have Mari to take to school and help. I need to exercise and I need to make sure Rory has food. How much time does that take and what else can I do that I am not in this house. I need to rest as well. How much time do I waste? Mari and I got out and walked and it felt so good to walk in the cold air! It sounds like my friend has a new job and I am so excited for her. I have been wanting to talk to Mari about my idea of being a tour guide and she brought up the idea of being a docent. I am going to get in touch with the San Juan Capistrano Mission to see how I can do this. I decided to post part one of my history of San Diego during the Victorian times in my other blog-gypsymomvirtualconcierge.blogspot.com. I did not want people to read one VERY long paragraph, so I am going to break this post into little bits. Mari and I are going to go down to San Diego on Saturday and take pictures. I really need to start using my time wisely and figure out what is important. Talked to my friend and then Rory wanted to talk. I am going to move forward with what I want to do. Mari made dinner tonight, which was really nice. Watched TV. We also looked at something for Marissa to do. Going to watch "Dangerous Grounds" at 9 p.m. then I am going to bed. Me tired! Good night! Trudi

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