Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunshine, errands, presents and organize

Good Morning! Today is a beautiful sunny day. Right now it is about 47 degrees and it is supposed to get up to 68 degrees. A heat wave! LOL!
This is a rose at Mission San Juan Capistrano. Today is organize day, which means editing pictures, doing something with some older pictures and putting old photographs into a scrapbook. It also means organizing my refrigerator, helping Mari with her room, working on the storage unit and getting rid of the books in our room, as I am not going to be reading books, as I have a Kindle. Never thought I would like the Kindle, but I love it, as I can take it with me everywhere and it is a nice size. We also have errands to do today. Today, I am working on getting Mari's presents wrapped and under the tree. Busy day! I will be making Rory's breakfast and Mari is going to make ours. Doing my morning computer routine. Did my morning house stuff and decided that I was going to take Marissa's bike over to get air in the tires, which we did. Went to the bank and then to Starbucks and then came home. Need to get lunch and then go run errands. After we got home, Marissa went out and rode her bike.
This is at Mission Inn in Riverside. Mari and I left about 1:40p.m. to run errands and got back about 6. I am tired and I am glad Mari felt like making dinner. Got all of the wrapping paper out of the storage unit and we are going to organize it and get rid of some. Went to Target, then to Mission Viejo mall to the Apple Store and Bath and Body. Going to malls at Christmas time is so much fun! LOL! After we left, we stopped and got a snack, then to Trader Joe's, Panda Express to get Rory's dinner as he is not a big fan of fish and then to the Farmer's Market. Had dinner and watched TV with Mari. Marissa has been dealing with nausea all day, which is somewhat typical for her, right before that time of the month. Wrapped some presents. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas-the lights, decorations and tree are up and now there are some presents under the tree. Rory came downstairs, so I came upstairs.
I am tired. Good night. Trudi

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