Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Photo Blog

Happy Halloween! I decided to do something different the next couple of days. Today will be pictures I have taken of Halloween decorations lately and the next couple of days I am going to do "Dia de los Muertos". I will add more pictures to this later today and repost. Have fun today! Trudi

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Want it NOW!

Good Morning! Rory is back! I would love to be able to sleep through the night. I am better at this, than when Rory is home. He coughs and wakes me up. He turns on the A/C, because he can't handle the moisture. He wants it dry and cool. Then he turns off the A/C, because he is cold. He off and on sleeps all day and I don't. I am angry this morning and this is the only place I can unload. Rory doesn't listen and really could care less, because it is all about him. The girls get tired of hearing it, as they live with it as well. My friends know what I live with it and I don't want to constantly talk about home life. I would love to walk away, but I know that would be a stupid idea, as Mari needs to finish school and we can live here cheaper than we could live i an apartment or condo. Today, Mari has school and Rory has to work. When he gets home tonight and I am trying to sleep, he will wake me up and I will probably hear complaining. Better go make Rory's breakfast, so Mari and I can go walking.
Mari and I did a new 2+mile walk. We had to go by the park for this walk and our friend was there, so he ended up going for part of the walk with us. I am glad to know he is ok. Came home and made breakfast and now doing morning routine. I am in a much better mood. Originally, Marissa and I were going to take the train down to Olvera Street and then Marissa decided she did not want to go, so I decided not to go. then a friend of mine texted me this morning and said she might have the day off and wanted to go, so I think I am going. Some other good things have happened this morning. Rory has to work this afternoon, so I had better put his lunch together. After Rory left, I made my lunch and took a nap. Mari and I left at 12:15 to take her to school. On the way home, I went by the store and then came home. Watched The Weather Channel. At 3, made a smoothie and then left to get Mari from school. We decided to go to Orange to find another house that had been decorated for Halloween. Took some pictures and then headed for Party City to get some Halloween earrings for the girls. Got home and had dinner. Mari doing school work, Marissa did dishes and has now headed for her room for the rest of the night and I am doing computer stuff. Want to edit alot of my Halloween pictures and put them in one blog. Watching "NCIS" with Mari. Going to bed at 10. Good Night! Trudi

Monday, October 29, 2012

Today-school, Rory comes home

Good Morning! Woke up at 6:30. It is nice to be able to sleep until I feel like getting up. Did my morning wake-up routine and watching The Weather Channel regarding Hurricane Sandy. I am praying for the safety of all of my friends and family on the East Coast. Mari and I decided not to walk this morning, as she wants to get a paper done for Psychology. Need to get her up and get breakfast. Today Mari has school from 2-10 p.m and Rory comes home today.
Doing morning routine. Normally I would turn the TV off, but leaving it on this morning because of Hurricane Sandy. Took a nap and had lunch. Took Mari to school and then Marissa and I went to Costa Mesa to see some Halloween decorations. After that went to Goodwill, then Peet's Coffee and Smart and Final and the cleaners. It felt nice to accomplish some things, plus have some fun.
Rory got home feeling very tired. Made dinner, watching TV regarding the storm on the East Coast and editing pictures. Hanging out until 9 p.m., when I go get Mari.
Good Night, Trudi

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Learning who I am

Good Morning! It is a beautiful sunny morning and I am thankful for the beautiful morning. Mari and I are going walking at the lake this morning and then grab oatmeal and coffee from Starbucks. It is peaceful here this morning. I will be praying for all those on the East Coast who are dealing with Hurricane Sandy. Yesterday, while driving home from San Diego, I realize, I like to travel, because I can find out who I am and do two things I really enjoy and that is learning and exploring. I can do my dream in bits and pieces and I don't really need to do it all in one piece. My dream has been to explore the United States, all the small towns and the big towns. There are times, I just want to run away and escape. My little trips are my way of being able to escape the things I have to deal with on a daily basis. I come back with a better perspective. Today the girls and I are going to get hair cuts and Mari is going to color my hair tonight. The girls, also want Halloween earrings, so we will go by Party City. Rory is headed for Big Bear. It is nice to have a break from him.
Well, things have already changed. Mari decided she really wanted to focus on school and not to go walking. I made breakfast and Mari is working on school. We watched "Too Cute" and now a program on crashing planes. Interesting! We are going to get our hair cut. Without Rory here, I can get a whole lot done. I need to change our bed and am looking forward to getting some pictures edited and some computer stuff done. A day I enjoy. I also need to go look at some walking routes, as we are going to change from doing our park walk, as I have gotten bored with going eight times around the park. Overall, I like variety. I am curious what happened to our walking buddy. I may or may not ever know. My morning chores of laundry, trash and watering plants are done, plus the bed is changed and I put up the new wind chime I got yesterday. I did and didn't need a nap, but I took one anyway and slept for about an hour. Made lunch, as I am trying to make sure Mari gets as much time to do school as she needs. She is really being good and working at it. I am proud of her. Time to write my other blog and put that up and then edit some pictures. Mari and I went out to get our hair trimmed. I checked out the mileage on a walk I want to do and also went to Target. Came home and called my friend who is ill. In the next week, they are moving her to a 24-hour care facility, which is the best idea for my friend. Going to make dinner in a little while. Dinner done. It is so easy with the three girls of us. I made hamburgers with English Muffins and Sweet Potato Fries. Dishes done and hair color done. Girls watching TV and I am editing pictures.
Watching "Amazing Race" and then going to bed at 9 and read and turn off light at 10. Good Night. Trudi

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Where are we going?

Good Morning! It is a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and overall, it is quiet in my house. Rory worked yesterday and came home on the angry side, which is not exactly fun to deal with, especially when he wakes me up at 1 a.m. He has a tendency to put people down and that is what he did at work yesterday and got into trouble with a supervisor. I am glad he is going away for a couple of days. He really does not want to work and he is constantly complaining about his legs hurting. I keep telling him he should just quit, but then he would hear from me about his irresponsibility of spending money and he doesn't want to do that. He wants his "play" money. Mari and I are going out on a field trip, but I am not sure where we are going. We are not doing our walking this morning, as we will be walking later. After I do my computer stuff, I will get the girls and my breakfast together, as I have already gotten Rory his coffee and bagel. He knows that if I feed him breakfast, he will not get going as fast, so this is his way of getting going earlier.
Made breakfast and Rory got out the door about 10. Had to help him with his luggage, plus he didn't think to tell me where the car was. Sometimes I will make comments, but the majority of time, I feel like it is not worth it, as it just becomes an argument. Now the girls and I have the weekend to ourselves. The girls are watching TV and I am upstairs doing some computer stuff and about to take a nap. Mari and I are going to Old Town San Diego this afternoon.
Mari and I left about 12:30 and went to get lunch and then went to get food for the car and then headed for San Diego. I was concerned that traffic would be heavy, but, thank goodness it wasn't. Went to Old Town and walked around and took pictures and totally enjoyed. I bought some earrings and a new wind chime and some books. We started home about 4:30 and got home a little after 6. Made dinner. It is so nice to make dinner for the three of us, as the girls usually like whatever I make. Watched TV. Having quiet time. I am going to bed at 9 and do some reading and then turn off the light at 10. It will be nice to sleep by myself. Good night. Trudi

Friday, October 26, 2012

What happened to...

Good Morning! It is Friday, which means Mari does not have to be at school. We have decided we are going to walk today, since we did not walk on Wednesday. When I got up this morning, I was really tired of the bed and I could not get comfortable. Rory was awake and as I was getting ready to get into the shower, he has to show me what he wants for Christmas. I dread the holidays and have ever since my dad got sick and died. The four of us are together all the time and for me Thanksgiving and Christmas days are just like any other day. What happened to the excitement of spending the holidays with family. Thanksgiving becomes all about the food and Christmas becomes all about the food and the gifts. With Christmas, I love going around and looking at all the lights, so that is one part of Christmas I do enjoy. I love the music and the decorations. With Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all I have, but I really would like to not make it all about the food. I was also looking forward to the wind, but the Santa Ana winds were sort of a bust. We had a little bit of it last night, but no big deal. Mari and I were going to Hollywood Forever Cemetery tomorrow, until I found out, you have to pay $10 per person to get in. I can go see Dia de los Muertos for free in other places. We have decided we are either going to Julian or to Old Town in San Diego and see Day of the Dead. I had better get Rory's breakfast and then get Mari up at 8 and go walking. I am going with a friend today to give her support while she has a mammogram. Rory is working and then he is going away for the weekend.
Mari and I did our walk at the park. I am wondering what happened to our walking buddy, as we have not seen him all week. Came home and made breakfast. I have gotten some of my morning routine done and now I am going to go take a nap. Got up in time to make the rest of Rory's lunch and coffee and help him with his shoes before he left for work. Had lunch and watched TV. Finished my morning routine and left at 1:50 to take my friend to get the mammogram. Luckily, everything is fine. We went to Trader Joe's and then came home and picked up the girls and went out for Thai food. I am going to go upstairs and read at 9 and to bed at 10. Overall, it was a fun time out with my friend. Good night, Trudi

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Getting out of the comfort zone

Good Morning! My alarm is the coffee maker that awoke me a little after 6. Got up and did my morning routine. Rory had decided to sleep in this morning. I really don't enjoy this time of year, because I go to bed, when it is dark and get up when it is dark. I like the cooler mornings and the leaves changing color, although we have not really seen much of that yet. We are supposed to get our Santa Ana winds tonight and tomorrow, which in a strange sort of way, I find exciting. Mari has school today from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. I will go walking at Dana Point Harbor after I drop her off at school, then I will go to Trader Joe's. This afternoon, I am going to take Mari her snack and dinner and go to the farmer's market and then Target. I did not go anywhere yesterday and really felt like I accomplished something. I am going to use Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays as my errand days, so that means I have to schedule dinners and the foods we need.
Got Mari to school and did my walk at Dana Point and then went to Trader Joe's and got dinners for the next few days. Came home and had lunch and now I am going to take my nap. Over the last few days, I have been having the word "learn" coming at me. I, also, heard a saying this morning that I found interesting-"Fail to plan, then plan to fail" The other saying I heard that I found interesting was "Show me your friends and I will show you your future." After I took my nap, I made dinner for all of us and a smoothie for Mari and I. Left at 3 to take Mari her smoothie and dinner. On the way back stopped at the farmer's market and Target. When I walked in the house, Rory was downstairs watching TV and asked if I wanted help. Most of the time, it is easier to just do it myself, which is what I did. I was able to somewhat organize the refrigerator as well. Got the rest of my morning chores done and then we got dinner together for the three of us. Marissa and I watched TV. She did dishes and I am doing stuff on the computer. Unless, Mari calls me earlier, I will leave at 9, to go pick her up from school. After talking to a friend this afternoon I am not sure what we are doing this weekend. We were going to Hollywood Forever Cemetery to see Dia de los Muertos, but it costs $10 per person to get in and I am not sure if I want to spend that much money. I want to talk to Mari and see what she wants to do. I have some ideas for a change, but we will see.
Good night. Trudi

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Doing my best and not feeling guilty

Good Morning! Rory worked until 2:30-3 a.m. and made it home about 4 and to bed about 5. I decided not to get up at 6, but get up when I felt like it. I did my morning routine, but Mari and I decided not to go walking. Made breakfast for all of us. While Mari and I were eating breakfast, we watched "Face Off" and "Hot Set". Rory is in major pain from working last night. He said he was having problems feeling his feet, while he was driving home. He slept from 5 a.m. until about wish and then wanted coffee. I know he will be off and on sleeping most of the day today, this is typical for after he works a day. I am doing the second part of my morning routine. Today is mainly a stay at home day. The cleaners are coming sometime today. I feel more awake today. I am going to try to step out of my comfy box and learn Photoshop Mari is going to help me over Thanksgiving break. I also found some learning websites that I am going to take advantage of. I want to move forward with something regarding travel. I like the idea of being a tour director/tour guide. I like writing a daily blog and continuing to write my virtual concierge blog and learning about my area's history. I got my Kindle today, so I have something new to learn, which I am looking forward to.
Had lunch and watched TV! The cleaners came while I was having lunch. Went back over the websites I heard about yesterday and decided I am going to use YouTube, Lynda and I was going to take a nap, but that got interrupted. Going to make a smoothie and then edit some more pictures.
Time to make dinner. Talked to my friend who is ill, still doing pretty well. Monday, I was very concerned, but she got platelets yesterday and is resting today, so she sounds better. The girls and I watched TV, while we ate dinner. After dinner, Marissa did dishes, Mari went back to doing homework and I talked to another friend. Doing my own thing until 9 and then I will watch Ghost Adventures with Mari and then to bed. Good Night. Trudi

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Am I willing to learn and change

Good Morning! Got up at 6 and did my morning routine. When I first came downstairs, I didn't think we were going to go walking, as we were getting a heavy duty mist, but now it has quit and it looks like the sun is trying to come out. Yesterday, I was reading another blog and she was writing about the teachability index. How teachable am I and how open am I to change. In many ways, I have gotten used to my little routine right now and I like it, but in some ways, I know this is going to have to change. Am I willing to learn something new and am I willing to step out of this box. I am having to look at priorities. My first priority, is to help Mari get through school and we have enough money, for me to be able to stay home. I would love to be able to do something from home, like write a blog about traveling and places to go and be able to make money from it. I, also know, I have to take care of Rory and Marissa. When someone has Asperger Syndrome, they look like a normal person and people don't understand the disability. It is emotionally draining on the family, as it is with ost illnesses. I know what my dream would be and can I do it and be a responsible person? Mari does not have class today, so we are going to be home at least part of the day. Mari wants to get out and take pictures. Rory is working tonight from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. I worry about him driving home that late at night. He has a tendency to fall asleep while driving. Mari and I did our walk and then came home and I made breakfast. Did morning routine and got a nap. My body did not like the bad food I fed it over the weekend. We had lunch and now I am doing "me" time. I can tell what the subject of the day for me is today-Where am I going, besides being wife and mom. What can I do at home to make some money and really enjoy what I do? Mari and I left about three and went to Old Town Orange to take some pictures. We had a good time. Stopped at Trader Joes to get some stuff for dinner. Came home, made dinner and watched TV. Rory called and was complaining his back hurt and he is having to stand. I gave him some sympathy, but I also told him to either go on disability and lose his "play money" or keep working and not have me telling him, he is spending too much money. Mari and I are going to watch NCIS and NCIS LA and then I am going to bed Good Night. Trudi

Monday, October 22, 2012

Immerse yourself

Good Morning! I was ready to get up at 6 this morning. Got up and did my morning routine and for some reason, I am more relaxed today than I was yesterday. Something I took away from Saturday was that in order to become a tour guide or to learn anything, you need to totally immerse yourself in it. I remember when my sister moved to Paris, she may have known some French, but by living there she became fluent in French. This is what I want to do is immerse myself and learn as much as I can about different areas. Photography is, for me, a way to relax. As I said, yesterday, my new motto is "learn and share". I was sharing with Marissa, the idea of immersing yourself in what you love and things will come your way. Today is a school day for Mari. Monday, she is in school from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. I have decided I am going to only run errands on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, which will give me more time to immerse myself in learning and sharing. This will also mean I will have to plan meals ahead of time and not make meals on a day to day schedule. Need to get Rory's breakfast and then Mari and I are going walking at 8.
Mari and I did our walk without our walking buddy. There is a woman who comes to the park with her sheltie, who brings his frisbee. This morning, they had an extra one along-it was a one pound pomeranian. She was so cute and small. The sheltie loves to drop the frisbee off where everyone gets a chance to throw the frisbee. Came home and had breakfast and watched "Too Cute". Doing my morning routine. Rory had an appointment with our financial advisor this morning, so I decided to take a nap after he left. In the middle of my nap, a friend texted me and wanted to know if I wanted to have lunch, which we did and that was nice. Took Mari to school and then Marissa and I ran an errand. Came home and put away groceries. Now I have some "me" time.
Read an old email that I had saved and did some writing. Edited one picture. I did call my friend who is ill and the last few days have not been good. Watched "No Reservations" with Marissa, while we ate dinner. Having some alone time until 9 p.m., when I leave to go pick up Mari. When I get home I am going to bed. Good night. Trudi