Monday, October 22, 2012

Immerse yourself

Good Morning! I was ready to get up at 6 this morning. Got up and did my morning routine and for some reason, I am more relaxed today than I was yesterday. Something I took away from Saturday was that in order to become a tour guide or to learn anything, you need to totally immerse yourself in it. I remember when my sister moved to Paris, she may have known some French, but by living there she became fluent in French. This is what I want to do is immerse myself and learn as much as I can about different areas. Photography is, for me, a way to relax. As I said, yesterday, my new motto is "learn and share". I was sharing with Marissa, the idea of immersing yourself in what you love and things will come your way. Today is a school day for Mari. Monday, she is in school from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. I have decided I am going to only run errands on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, which will give me more time to immerse myself in learning and sharing. This will also mean I will have to plan meals ahead of time and not make meals on a day to day schedule. Need to get Rory's breakfast and then Mari and I are going walking at 8.
Mari and I did our walk without our walking buddy. There is a woman who comes to the park with her sheltie, who brings his frisbee. This morning, they had an extra one along-it was a one pound pomeranian. She was so cute and small. The sheltie loves to drop the frisbee off where everyone gets a chance to throw the frisbee. Came home and had breakfast and watched "Too Cute". Doing my morning routine. Rory had an appointment with our financial advisor this morning, so I decided to take a nap after he left. In the middle of my nap, a friend texted me and wanted to know if I wanted to have lunch, which we did and that was nice. Took Mari to school and then Marissa and I ran an errand. Came home and put away groceries. Now I have some "me" time.
Read an old email that I had saved and did some writing. Edited one picture. I did call my friend who is ill and the last few days have not been good. Watched "No Reservations" with Marissa, while we ate dinner. Having some alone time until 9 p.m., when I leave to go pick up Mari. When I get home I am going to bed. Good night. Trudi

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