Thursday, October 18, 2012

From hot to cold

Good Morning! Yesterday, where I live in Southern CA, it got to 100 degrees and this morning I woke up to overcast and coolness. Typical of fall, which shows the change from summer to winter. In Southern California this time of year, we usually get our Santa Ana winds, which can be hot, dry winds coming off the desert near Nevada and Arizona. Quite often these winds can cause wild fires. In 2007, I lived through one of those wildfires. It started in the canyon behind us and worked itself around our hill. It was very scary and we thought we were going to be evacuated. Today is Mari's long day at school. After I drop Mari off at school, I am going to go walk at the lake with a friend or go down to Dana Point and walk. Today is the Farmer's Market and I hope they have the Indian food both again.
After I dropped Mari off at school, I went to Dana Point and walked the island, which is about 2 miles. I love being by the water. While I was walking, Rory left me a message that he would be gone for the rest of the day. He wanted to get some peace in his head. I headed for home and stopped by CVS and got Mari a brace for her wrist. Came home. Marissa and I will have a nice quiet afternoon. We left about 3:45 and went to the Farmer's Market and got my Indian food and my CSA box, then we went to Peet's coffee and then to pick up Mari, then to Trader Joe's and then to Casey's cupcakes to celebrate the end of Mari's midterms. It is so nice to have Mari home tonight. She is making dinner. Rory came home about the time, we were serving dinner and I asked him if he wanted what we were having or did he want a "Hungry Man' TV dinner. He can get very picky at times and I get very tired of dealing with his food issues. I asked him if he wanted a cupcake, as there are times, he wants store bought cupcakes over Casey's. This time he chose Casey's. The girls and I ate dinner downstairs and watched TV and he went upstairs to eat in our bedroom. Just having quiet time. Will read at 9 and go to bed at 10. I am tired tonight. Good night. Trudi

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