Saturday, October 27, 2012

Where are we going?

Good Morning! It is a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and overall, it is quiet in my house. Rory worked yesterday and came home on the angry side, which is not exactly fun to deal with, especially when he wakes me up at 1 a.m. He has a tendency to put people down and that is what he did at work yesterday and got into trouble with a supervisor. I am glad he is going away for a couple of days. He really does not want to work and he is constantly complaining about his legs hurting. I keep telling him he should just quit, but then he would hear from me about his irresponsibility of spending money and he doesn't want to do that. He wants his "play" money. Mari and I are going out on a field trip, but I am not sure where we are going. We are not doing our walking this morning, as we will be walking later. After I do my computer stuff, I will get the girls and my breakfast together, as I have already gotten Rory his coffee and bagel. He knows that if I feed him breakfast, he will not get going as fast, so this is his way of getting going earlier.
Made breakfast and Rory got out the door about 10. Had to help him with his luggage, plus he didn't think to tell me where the car was. Sometimes I will make comments, but the majority of time, I feel like it is not worth it, as it just becomes an argument. Now the girls and I have the weekend to ourselves. The girls are watching TV and I am upstairs doing some computer stuff and about to take a nap. Mari and I are going to Old Town San Diego this afternoon.
Mari and I left about 12:30 and went to get lunch and then went to get food for the car and then headed for San Diego. I was concerned that traffic would be heavy, but, thank goodness it wasn't. Went to Old Town and walked around and took pictures and totally enjoyed. I bought some earrings and a new wind chime and some books. We started home about 4:30 and got home a little after 6. Made dinner. It is so nice to make dinner for the three of us, as the girls usually like whatever I make. Watched TV. Having quiet time. I am going to bed at 9 and do some reading and then turn off the light at 10. It will be nice to sleep by myself. Good night. Trudi

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