Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge-Day 6-Pumpkins and Ghosts

Good Morning! Actually got up around 6:20. I told Rory last night that I did not have to get up at 6 and he was saying that he really wants his coffee first thing in the morning. I turned it on when I got up and he was asleep. I guess this means that I cannot sleep in, unless I sleep in the chair downstairs or he goes downstairs and makes his own coffee, which might be an idea, but right now he does not know how to work the coffee maker, even though I have shown him how to do it. This coffee thing is being blown way out of proportion. After Thursday night, I was tired and would have loved to have slept in a little bit. We didn't do much yesterday, so I was ready to get up this morning. Mari and I are not walking this morning, as she and I are going to a ghost walk in Orange. I thought Marissa wanted to go, but she told me a couple of days ago, that she did not. I like going to these ghost walks, as I learn more about the history of the area as well. The other thing we are doing is going to Tanaka Farms and getting a pumpkin or pumpkins. Tanaka Farms is who I get the CSA(Community Sponsored Agriculture) box from at the Farmer's Market I go to on Thursday. Tanaka Farms is having a special day for the people who get the boxes. This will be fun and of course, I am going to take pictures. Made oatmeal in the crockpot last night, so the girls and my breakfast is made, so all I have to do is make Rory's. Doing my morning routine.
Morning routine done. I needed a nap this morning and got one. Close to lunch time, but I have time to edit one picture.
Marissa went to get the mail and found out that when our regular mailman is on vacation, we will not get mail. Interesting! Well, we did get mail. Mari and I went to Tanaka Farms, where they had pumpkins and all sorts of other vegetables. There was a petting zoo and a corn maze and a hay ride around the farm minus the hay. Tanaka Farms is who I get my CSA box from every week. CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. I love getting this box full of fruits and veges every week for $20.00. It is organic produce, but it is like a Christmas present each week. I am learning what to do with other kinds of produce. Tonight, Mari and I are going to a Ghost Walk in Old Town Orange, CA This should be fun. As I don't know what time I will be home tonight and I know I will be tired, I am going to say good night early. Good night, Trudi

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