Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge-Day 4-Positive news

Good morning! Up at 6 a.m., as Mari has to be at school at 10, which means we have to leave at 9:15. I will not be getting my walking in today as I have a doctor's appointment this morning to check my blood pressure. I am meeting a friend for coffee at 4:30 and going with Mari on an Art Walk tonight in Laguna Beach with her photography class. Rory has a shooting test today at 11. Since July 20, 2012, I have lost 13 pounds and I know my blood sugar levels have decreased.
The suggestion for today from the Ultimate Blog Challenge was that there is more to the news than politics, so I looked at the front page of the Orange County Register and on the bottom part of the front page was a story about a man who had been looking for daughter, since the mother took her to Denmark. On the bottom of the front page of the Local section was a story about an Olympian who with the kids to an elementary school in San Clemente. Yes, there are negative stories in the newspaper and on the news, but I would much prefer to read human interest stories. I watch The Weather Channel every morning and when they were doing their short version of the news, they were talking about a man in London, England, who got his child to eat by turning on a You Tube video. Rory loves to watch the news all day and yet through the newspaper and the computer, I know about as much as he does about the news and I don't have to sit and watch the news all day in front of the TV and I can be more active. We are having pancakes for breakfast this morning, so I had better get to it. The pancakes came out great. There are times when I cook, my self-confidence gets questionable, but the pancakes came out really well. Starting to do my morning routine, but I know I am going to have to finish this later. After I dropped Mari off at school, I decided to go down to the beach and take some pictures before heading for the doctor's. I was watching some seagulls sitting on a small cliff and watching the waves come in. One wave crashed over where they were sitting and they all scattered. I was watching this one seagull come back and stand on the edge of the cliff and kept looking at the water. Finally, the bird took a leap of faith and went down to get some water. I need to learn what the bird already knows to do and that is to take a leap of faith and not be afraid. After a few minutes there, I headed for the doctor's. She was happy with my blood pressure and my weight. There is one part, that she wants me to do and I keep putting it off, due to fear. She wants me to do some lab work in about a month and I am to see her back in 6 months. She wants me to keep on losing the weight and maybe I will be able to get off the blood pressure medication. Went by Trader Joe's and then came home. I am going to take a nap and then get dinner put together. Got my nap, which was nice, made dinner and had a discussion with Rory regarding money(Oh such fun!) We need him to work. I know he doesn't want to, but we can't afford him just getting $1500 a month. Aargh! I went g to the Farmer's Market. I thought I was going to meet a friend of mine for coffee, but that is not going to happen and go thing it did not, as I met Mari at school in Laguna Beach and we walked all over Laguna until about 9. We sat down and ate dinner, but that is the only time we stopped. Overall, it was fun and I did learn some things. I am very tired and I am going to bed. Rory was downstairs when we came home and I just told him, I was going upstairs to bed. Good night. Trudi

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