Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ultimate blog challenge-Day 3-Mental Illness

Good Morning! Mari has a psychology class on Tuesdays and on the way home we were talking about how our family has been affected by mental illness. To me, there is the person who has the mental illness and the people who have to live with the person/people with the mental illness. My mom dealt with some mental illness, as I remember coming home from playing golf with my dad one day and my mom was having a bout with amnesia. We ended up putting her in the hospital for a short time. I know my mom really did not want kids, but my dad did and so they did have kids. My mom was raised by a two parents who, really were total opposites. My grandfather was a workaholic and alcoholic and womanizer. My grandmother made my mother more like a sister and wanted my mother to get married, but didn't. On my husband's side of the family, my father-in-law was a very mean person and everything from what I have learned, was all about him, which really is the way my husband is as well. When we found out that Marissa deals with Asperger's Syndrome, I found out Rory has it as well. My father-in-law had AS and was very abusive and I really feel it has affected each of the boys in my husband's family. We are coming to realize that Rory deals with AS, as well as OCD, narcissism and I really feel recently, that he deals with being paranoid One of his brothers is paranoid schizophrenia and the other brother is bipolar. Marissa also deals with a lot of anxiety, which makes life difficult for her. Mari deals with general anxiety disorder, but with medication, she is level and I am thankful. I deal with emotional abuse from Rory. If you don't live with mental illness, it is hard to understand all of this and I have had in the past, friends who think my husband is just a normal man, until they really come into my world. The friends who I am the closest to really understand what I deal with and some deal with mental illness as well. I do still believe in the Lord, but have had to step away from the church, because of how people perceived me and my marriage. What I wrote about above has been on my heart for the last day and alot in the past; but now on to my daily routine. Got up about 6:15 and did my morning routine. Mari and I walked up to the park and walked 4 laps around the park and then walked home. Made breakfast and then watched "Face Off". Rory had to tell me every little detail of what was going on with his shooting and money. This becomes very tiresome, to hear all of the details. Today is mainly a day at home. My main goal is to try and get some of the garage organized and take some things to the storage unit.
Something else came up that I realize we deal with. Marissa does not go to school, as she deals with a learning disability of processing and does not really enjoy school. She also does not have a job. I have brought up all sorts of volunteer things, but she does not follow through on them and I can only push to a certain extent. Rory has the same issue of processing. When he was in college, we were dealing with the Vietnam war and he knew if he did not stay in school, he was headed for Vietnam. Rory has a job, but he only goes one day a week and there is a new job coming up and we will see how many days he goes to that and who he gets along with. Rory got a flashlight and will not read instructions and I am beginning to understand that he really does not understand directions, so I have to do it. I deal with a minimal amount of ADHD and I just have to slow myself down and take one thing at a time, not get upset with myself, when I don't do everything on my list. I got house stuff done and took a nap, as I felt like I really needed it. Had lunch. I need to run some errands, Mari has some errands to do and we both want to get out and take pictures. We are going to see what "floats our boat". The organizing may have to wait until tomorrow or Friday. I also want to decorate for fall/Halloween. I got part of the organizing done and it feels so good when I accomplish something. I need to make a storage unit run and a run to Goodwill, but that will be in the next couple of days. I am going to work some more on a box I have tonight, while we watch TV. Got errands done and did take some pictures. My way of relaxing is to get out and take pictures. Having some down time before we start dinner. Mari is making dinner. Watched some TV, then a friend of mine called. Tried to have some alone time, but Rory decided to come downstairs. Mari and I want to watch Ghost Hunters at 9. We will see. After Ghost Hunters I plan to go to bed. Good night, Trudi


  1. I appreciate your vulnerability and open heart as you share your story. You certainly have a lot to handle. Light to you and your family.

    1. Thank you Linda! At times it is alot to handle, but I am thankful for my photography and my being able to explore and my one daughter. It makes life easier.