Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A relaxed, nothing day

Good Morning! I was tired of being in bed this morning, so at 6, I did get up. Not feeling the greatest, but I did do my exercises and my morning routine. Got Rory's breakfast and Mari got up around 7:40. We did our walk up to the park and did see our friend. He had decided to change his appointment to this afternoon. There was a little boy at the park, who we have seen before and he decided to walk/run with us. Mari and I had seen this little boy and his mom at Target awhile ago. Came home and had breakfast and doing morning stuff. Feeling very tired, so as soon as Mari gets done in the shower and dressed, I am going to take a nap. Today is pretty much a nothing day and I think all of the emotion yesterday, exhausted me. Got up and did my morning stuff. A neighbor of mine needed some help by using my fax. Had lunch and watched TV. The girls had DVR's "Hot Set", but Rory stopped the taping, right as they announced the winner, so we did not get to see who won. GRRR! Marissa and I went out and ran an errand. Mari stayed home and studied. Rory went out to lunch and then to a movie. As usual, he called and wanted to know what the mail was. Having alone time to edit pics and put pictures in albums. I love doing this!
Tonight for dinner I made turkey with cranberry dressing and rice with fresh vegetables. The girls and I thought it was good, but I always get a little concerned when I give Rory things like this. Some days he is fine with certain foods and somedays, he is like he was tonight. He came out of our room and said, "he felt like he was going to throw up and was this the turkey from last Thanksgiving. This really makes me want to cook and make something enjoyable. My confidence in my cooking is low. I, also, have a problem dealing with the time it takes to make certain things. This is something I have to fight. Watched TV with the girls while we had dinner and now having some quiet time, before I watch Ghost Hunters with Mari at 9 and then to bed at 10. Good night, Trudi

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