Friday, October 5, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge-Day 5-Respect and a nothing day

Good Morning! Mari and I decided last night that we were not going to go walking this morning, as we walked for about 4 hours last night all over Laguna Beach. Rory and I have a coffee maker in our bedroom and Rory likes to turn it on around 6 a.m. I told him last night, that I did not have to get up at 6 and I would turn it on when I got up. He turned it on about 6:20 a.m., which he said was late. LATE, you are kidding me! One day, I can sleep a little later and I don't get to. He sleeps all the time; well not all the time, but a lot! He has no respect for me, even though he says he does. It has to be all about him. UGH! Currently, I am downstairs just having quiet time, but every time Rory comes out of our room, I wonder if he is going to start talking and about what. Sometimes we are watching TV and he has no respect for talking over whatever we are doing. All he cares about is himself.
Today we have nothing planned, except for taking Sweet Pea to the vet, to have her blood sugar tested. Mari and I need to work on her finances for her next school year and she needs to sign her health insurance. There are some other things I want to do, but nothing scheduled. YEA! The Ultimate Blog Challenge recommended we talk about how teachers influenced me. I have always had an interest in learning. There were several teachers that positively influenced me and some that had negative impacts on me. Growing up, the kids in the neighborhood put me down, so adults were safer. In high school, I would go into a Spanish teacher's classroom and have lunch. When my girls came along, they were in public school up until 5th grade. We did Kindergarten and 1st grade in Los Angeles and that is when we realized Marissa had a problem with school. I fought the L.A. School District over one summer and got Marissa into Special Education. In L.A., she would have been in Special Ed. until 3rd grade and then she would have been mainstreamed. We moved to Orange County and Marissa was in Special Education until 5th grade, until I decided to homeschool. I am glad we did this until the girls graduated from high school. In some ways, our homeschooling has caused Mari problems in getting into colleges. Mari was ok in Kindergarten, 1st-4th grade. Mari had teachers that she liked and not liked. When she got to 5th grade, she had a teacher that she had some issues with and that is when we decided to homeschool. A friend of mine had recommended homeschooling to me. At first we used Christian Liberty Press for the girls curriculum, but it got too much for me, as I was also working at the same time. After that I decided to base their schooling on their interests. I did found Alpha Omega, which was a good curriculum. Now Mari is going to LCAD and getting her degree in Graphic Design. It took about four years of going to Saddleback College to figure out what she wanted. I know Mari is in the right place. Marissa went to Saddleback College for awhile, but found that school was too hard for her. Now she is staying home and not doing school or work. I have made recommendations, but she needs to follow through and does not. I know she deals alot with anxiety and it is scary to look into something new. Some of us can work through this and some cannot. While I was out running errands, I was thinking about teachers and learning and one thing I have learned about myself is, that it is hard for me to go back to school, with all that I have on my plate. I have found out that I can learn by getting out there and exploring or doing research on the internet. I am learning much about history and sharing that information on my other I got my usual house stuff done and then I needed a nap. Had lunch and now I am going to go over to the storage unit and put some things away and get our Halloween decorations out. Then I need to go to Target and get an air pump for Marissa's bike and a tripod for Mari, as Mari's broke last night while we were in Laguna. Took Sweet Pea to the vet at 3, which is something she really doesn't like and then brought her home and ran some other errands. Gas prices have really gotten insane. Usually our Arco station is less than the Mobil station that is near us, but today, the Mobil station is 4 cents less than the Arco station. Groceries put away and just having some quiet time. Going to edit pictures until dinner time. So tired of hearing Rory complain about what he can't do. He has no motivation to work at getting better and doesn't see any reason why he should work. Frustration to no end!!!
Steak and salad night for Rory and the girls of us are having pumpkin raviolis with a turkey meat sauce. As soon as we sit down for dinner, the girls of us have four ghost shows to watch, but we only watched two. Getting tired, so at 9, I am going to do my reading and go to bed. Good night! Trudi

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