Friday, October 19, 2012

Physical and Emotional Exhaustion

Good Morning! Actually got to lie in bed this morning until 6:50. Mari and I have decided that on Fridays we are not going to walk and be able to sleep in. I told Rory that I would turn on the coffee maker after 6:30 and he said if he really needed to have coffee, he would go downstairs and make coffee. He did not get up. My sleep last night was not the most restful. I have not been physically tired, as most of what I have been doing lately is sitting and doing some writing for my other I have been doing driving and errands and housework, but not enough to get me physically tired. Living with two people, who have disabilities is emotionally draining and dealing with noise a lot is draining and also having to deal with my reaction to a friend, who I have not been close to over the last few years is draining. Writing is a way for me to get what is in my head out of my head, but then when I am asleep, alot of my dreams, I am also doing. I have really never been an active person. I love getting out and taking pictures and that is my way of relaxing. I would love to do more photo walks, like what I did last weekend. That is very therapeutic for me. Today is relatively a nothing day. The girls are going to a movie this afternoon and then we are meeting up with a friend for dinner. Looking forward to that. While the girls are at the movie, I am going to do some errands. Rory is doing his own thing.
Doing morning stuff, but I don't have to do laundry, as it is all done. Marissa does her own. I do Mari's, as school takes most of her time. I took a nap, as I needed one. Got trash done and watering plants done. Now to get lunch. The girls and I had lunch and watched TV and then had some quiet time before I took them to a movie. I was getting frustrated with Mari for not working on school and with Rory for how he handles money and other things. Dropped the girls off at the movie theater and then ran my errands. I got everything done, which I was surprised at. Came home and put stuff away and then went to pick up the girls. We were supposed to meet a friend for dinner, but she could not meet it, so the girls and I went to Islands for dinner. Came home and watched our usual Friday night programs. Rory is not home yet and his dinner is made. He gets so frustrated when things do not go according to plan. Lately this has happened alot and he will go to the casino or walk shopping malls or .... Tonight will hopefully be my usual routine of reading at 9 and then to bed at 10. After the girls came out of the movie and we were going to wait for my friend, before we found out she was not going to make it, we went to Old Navy and I got some jeans that were one size lower and then I came home and checked my email and found out that a medical test I had run came back negative, which I was happy about. I did talk to my friend who has cancer and they are going to get her a hospital bed for downstairs. Good night! Trudi

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