Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday is a field trip day

Good Morning! This morning I awoke to overcast and dreary. It is slightly wet outside. Doing my usual morning stuff! Mari and I are doing a different walk this morning. There are a long flight of stairs at the school near us and then we will walk around the hill. Today our field trip is a horror movie tour put on by a tour company we have come to know called Dearly Departed. If you are in or come to the Los Angeles area, look them up. They do great movie tours and you do get to hear and see some of the history of Hollywood. Rory has to work today. Better get myself moving and get Rory his breakfast.
The pictures the last few days have been from Julian, CA; which is a small town in San Diego County, CA, which is worth visiting. Mari and I did our walk. It was a new walk for us. When we took the stairs walk a few weeks ago, I decided that it would be good for us to work some stairs into our exercise, so that is what we did. I didn't realize there were two sets of stairs at the school that we could do. The rest of the walk was up and down hills and was probably close to two miles. Came home and made breakfast. We need to be out of here by 11, so made Rory's lunch. We have to help him with his shoes and then we are gone. Going to stop at a bagel place and get lunch and some coffee at Starbucks. After we got lunch we headed for LA. I had decided to park at Hollywood and Highland and then we had to walk over to where the tour was. Hollywood and Highland was, as usual, very crowded. Got to see Brian, who has been our tour guide for all of the tours we have gone on with Dearly Departed. It was a great tour and got to see alot of Los Angeles and Pasadena. I hated to see it end. We got back around 5 and then headed back to the car. We were all hungry, so we stopped at In N'Out Burger for dinner. After eating healthy for awhile, I have found out what I can and can't eat. I had to stop and get dinner for Rory at Panda Express. I am really tired tonight and I was glad to get home. Will post pictures of the tour as time goes on. Good night. Trudi

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