Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Want it NOW!

Good Morning! Rory is back! I would love to be able to sleep through the night. I am better at this, than when Rory is home. He coughs and wakes me up. He turns on the A/C, because he can't handle the moisture. He wants it dry and cool. Then he turns off the A/C, because he is cold. He off and on sleeps all day and I don't. I am angry this morning and this is the only place I can unload. Rory doesn't listen and really could care less, because it is all about him. The girls get tired of hearing it, as they live with it as well. My friends know what I live with it and I don't want to constantly talk about home life. I would love to walk away, but I know that would be a stupid idea, as Mari needs to finish school and we can live here cheaper than we could live i an apartment or condo. Today, Mari has school and Rory has to work. When he gets home tonight and I am trying to sleep, he will wake me up and I will probably hear complaining. Better go make Rory's breakfast, so Mari and I can go walking.
Mari and I did a new 2+mile walk. We had to go by the park for this walk and our friend was there, so he ended up going for part of the walk with us. I am glad to know he is ok. Came home and made breakfast and now doing morning routine. I am in a much better mood. Originally, Marissa and I were going to take the train down to Olvera Street and then Marissa decided she did not want to go, so I decided not to go. then a friend of mine texted me this morning and said she might have the day off and wanted to go, so I think I am going. Some other good things have happened this morning. Rory has to work this afternoon, so I had better put his lunch together. After Rory left, I made my lunch and took a nap. Mari and I left at 12:15 to take her to school. On the way home, I went by the store and then came home. Watched The Weather Channel. At 3, made a smoothie and then left to get Mari from school. We decided to go to Orange to find another house that had been decorated for Halloween. Took some pictures and then headed for Party City to get some Halloween earrings for the girls. Got home and had dinner. Mari doing school work, Marissa did dishes and has now headed for her room for the rest of the night and I am doing computer stuff. Want to edit alot of my Halloween pictures and put them in one blog. Watching "NCIS" with Mari. Going to bed at 10. Good Night! Trudi

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