Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting closer

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful sunny day in Sacramento!  I was outside for a few minutes this morning and it was really nice.  I know it is going to get warmer today, but I was enjoying the coolness of the morning.  We are heading for Santa Clarita today, which is a 5.5 hour drive.  I did not feel like fighting LA traffic tonight after driving all day, so we decided to stop just outside of Los Angeles and then have a two hour drive tomorrow.  I have been having some issues with my back, especially at the end of the day, so this is really a good idea.  Rory called this morning and he was complaining. He has been in Victoria, Canada.  He is going to a museum this morning and then having high tea this afternoon.  He will get on a float plane back to Vancouver and then on a train to Jasper(I think).  He is complaining about having no TV.

Mari decided to take a nap before we left.  Most of the trip, she has slept on the pullout bed and this morning the bed did not want to fold back up.  We got a maintenance man to fix it.  We packed up the car and then walked over to a place we knew that was near the hotel and got lunch.  That lunch ended up being out lunch and dinner.  I knew Marissa was struggling with having to be in a hotel one more day.  She started crying and would not tell us why she was crying.  She just really wanted to go home.  I told her it would depend on my back and how tired I was.  Even before I got to Santa Clarita, I told her we were going to go home.  We stopped at the hotel and told them we were not going to stay and they did not charge us.  We got home about 7:30 and my cat sitter was there.  I texted her from Santa Clarita and told her we were coming home tonight. It is really nice to be home.  Got the car totally unpacked and certain things done.  I am trying to do some things tonight.  I am going to bed at 10.

Driving along I5.

Good Night!  Trudi

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another day, another state

Good Morning!

This is our last day in Oregon, our last day of cool weather.  The girls and I head for Sacramento today.   We will be in California and headed for 90 degree weather.  We are going to go see an old railroad station that has been converted to a restaurant this morning and then head for Sacramento  We may stop  at Shasta Lake.

This was taken a couple of years ago at Rose Hills Cemetery near where my parents are buried.

The girls and I left Medford and went to see the train station and then headed for Sacramento, CA.  We stopped to get lunch and then we also stopped at a vista point to take a picture of Mt. Shasta.

I still like to drive back roads and our drive was on an interstate and some back roads.  Got to Sacramento around 6.  We got the car unloaded and then went to dinner.  Marissa went with us, but it was too noisy, so she came back to the hotel.  Hanging out in the room tonight!  By the time we got to the hotel tonight, my back was killing me.  Very thankful to just be hanging out in the room.

Another  5.30 hours of driving tomorrow and then it will be home.

Good Night!  Trudi

This is part of the old train station in Medford, OR

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finding contentment in my writing, my photography, exploring and being organized

Good Morning!

As usual for our time in Portland and Seattle, it is overcast and somewhat rainy and COOL!

We start our trip home today and our first stop will be in Medford, OR.  Yesterday was awesome in seeing the waterfalls and Mt. Hood and the beautiful country in Oregon and the people we spent the day with.

Mari is a very wise young lady and I need to follow her advice, as well as what is written in the Bible and be content in all situations.  For right now, I need to be content with where I live and be thankful that I can travel and see this beautiful country.  I need to just focus on my writing, my photography, the exploring I can do with my writing and being organized and not focus on the negative.

There is a saying that I want to put out to the world and that is to get out there and explore this beautiful world.  I have met so many people on this trip that have no idea of what is outside their own little area.  Do you realize, how much you can expand your mind, by exploring outside your own little area and how much you can learn?

One more thing I want to learn is the names of flowers and trees.  By coming up here, I have been introduced to more flowers and trees and some of the stories behind the names of these flowers and trees.  I have also started to take an interest in the Native American people and their stories. I was reading this morning a book called "The Main Dish" and it says "The need to tell and hear stories is essential to the species-second in necessity apparently after nourishment and before love and shelter"  I found that interesting.

This was taken from Vista House looking over Columbia River.  Vista House was built in 1917-1918.

I was not able to finish this last night, as we got to the hotel late and we had, not the greatest internet connection.

Originally, we were going to drive from Portland to Medford and stop where we found something.  As I was looking at something yesterday morning, I found that an air and space museum was not too far away and the Spruce Goose was there.  I wasn't sure whether the girls had ever seen it, and it turned out they had not or they didn't remember it, so we went.  Interesting place.  They also had a water park, but we didn't go to that part.  They had water slides coming out of a jet.

I love back roads, but they take longer to get places, but I still love them.  We finally got to Medford about 7:30 and then we got dinner.  I was really tired last night.

Later!  Trudi

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nature's beauty

Good Morning from Portland!

Another gray day, but we are still out and about!  Mari and I are headed on a Mount Hood tour!  Looking forward to seeing waterfalls and some more beautiful country.  I will miss this place when I get home.  I have learned I am very much a "do" person; but I already knew that.  I need motivated people in my life.  Marissa is staying at the hotel, as we have 4 driving days ahead of us and then we will be home.  She learned yesterday that she cannot have coffee.

This was taken a couple of years ago at an old depot in La Habra, CA.

Oh my gosh what an awesome day!  Mari and I went downstairs about 8:45 and we were picked up a little after 9.  We headed out to see some beautiful waterfalls.  Had lunch and then headed to Mt. Hood.  Got back to the hotel about 6 and went upstairs to get Marissa and came back downstairs and got dinner.  As usual, we are hanging out in the room tonight.  Tomorrow, we really start headed home.  We will be in Medford, OR tomorrow.

Really tired tonight!  Good night!  Trudi

This is part of what we saw today!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day and working our way home!

Good Morning!

As usual for this trip, it is overcast and supposed to rain. The girls and I are headed for Portland, but we are going to make a stop in Astoria, OR.  Originally, we were going to go around The Olympic Peninsula, but it would have been an 8 hour drive plus 3 hours to get to Portland, OR.  Too long!  This idea is shorter.

I know today is Memorial Day, but it is kind of strange to celebrate a holiday, when you are on vacation.  We will see what kind of memorials we can find today.  I know Portland is having their Rose Festival and Seattle is having a music festival.

The girls and I left Seattle and headed for Astoria, OR.  I stopped to get gas and had a slight scare with the car.  I had plugged in the charger and it indicated the battery was low.  I should have not plugged in the charger before I started the car.  Everything is fine!  Last night, I heard from the woman who is taking care of Sweet Pea and she stated everything was good, but Sweet Pea is not eating very much.  The house is probably warmer than she is used to and I know when it is warm, Sweet Pea does not eat as much.  During the night, I was focusing on it too much and I felt very sad. We stopped at a truck stop for lunch and then headed down the road for Astoria, OR.  I very much enjoyed Astoria, as they have quite a few Victorian homes and just an interesting historic old town.  I have really found on this trip that I like two lane roads, rather than interstates.

This is remnants of an old dock in Astoria.

Got into Portland, OR about 6.  Got our room and got the car unloaded.  Mari and I walked over to get dinner.  Came back, ate dinner and watched TV.  Hanging out as usual in the room.  Rory called and he was frozen.  He had gotten wet on the boat, as he went out on a lunch cruise and Vancouver is having rain.  It was nice while he was on the cruise, as he could only call me periodically, today I have talked to him twice.  I am sorry he got cold and wet.

Going to head for bed in a little bit, as Mari and I have to be up early, as we are taking an all day tour out to Mt. Hood and waterfalls.

Good Night!  Trudi

My kitchen is done and I love it!  Our microwave died before we left on this trip and I have to get a new one when we get back.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Something new

Good Morning!  Seattle is wet!

We are going on a city tour today!  Sweet Pea is doing well!  Rory gets off his cruise tomorrow!

The area we are in is an up and coming area that they are redoing.  The building across the way from us is old and it looks like they are restoring it.  One thing I liked about Portland is that they do not normally tear things down, but restore them, which I like.  I know there are some buildings not worth saving.

This is the view I have from my room in Seattle!

The tour bus picked us up around 9:35 and we headed out to see Seattle!  We did get to see the Space Needle and Pikes Place Market and quite a bit of Seattle.  It was a good tour.  They gave us an hour at the Space Needle and two hours at Pikes Place.  At first I was wondering what we were going to do for two hours, but two hours is not enough.  We got back to the hotel about 4 and we have been hanging out in the room.  We decided to do Lean Cuisine for dinner, which was fine.  I actually took a nap this afternoon, which I have not done since we left.  Tomorrow is another driving day.

Good Night!  Trudi

Seattle Space Needle

Mari and I in Seattle!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Actually seeing it for myself!

Good Morning!

The sun is actually out today and there are clouds.  We are leaving Portland today and headed for Seattle, WA.  On the way up, we are going to stop at the visitor center for Mt. St. Helens.  On May 18, 1980, I was in Spokane, WA at a convention and I was on the last plane out of Spokane, because we were headed for Idaho and then Los Angeles.  It will be interesting to see the real thing.  Last night, right before I was headed for bed, Mari tells me to look out the window and there were fireworks.  They are having the Rose Festival here in Portland this weekend.

This was taken at the Portland Rose Garden in Washington Park yesterday.

This was taken a couple of years ago!

The girls and I left about 11 to head for Seattle!  We stopped to get gas.  Found out that in Oregon, there are no self-serve, somebody pumps your gas for you.  It is ok, but not thrilled with that.  We also stopped to get a sandwich at a place we saw last night, when we were walking to get gas.  I like Portland, as there are a lot more coffee places than just the chain coffee places.  Headed up 5 and stopped to see Mt. St. Helens.  Interesting area!

On the way back, we stopped at this place that had cobbler, plus got our dinner and a jacket.  Hit the road for Seattle.  It is definitely a big city; whereas Portland has more of a small town feel, Seattle, definitely has a big city feel.  I will let you know my overall feel after tomorrow.  We are taking a city tour.  The girls have their own room, with their own beds and no one has to sleep on the pull out couch.    Hanging out in the suite tonight, as normal.

Good night!  Trudi

Friday, May 24, 2013

Being open to what is around me!

Good Morning!

Another gray day in Portland!  There is an open area that is across the way from us and there are Canadian geese munching on the grass.  Today, we are doing two tours.  One is called Shanghai Tunnels and the other is a city tour.  Looking forward to both, as they will be different in their own ways.

I have to remember there is beauty in nature and there is beauty in the concrete jungle.  I have to remember that people are people and God made them all!  I like sharing what I see with other people, so I have to remember to take pictures of a variety of things.

There is art work all over Portland and this is one of the pieces I saw yesterday.

The girls and I left about 10 and headed for downtown to meet up with a tour.  Got there on time.  The tour was good and was about the history of Portland and some underground parts.  Total walking tour.

After this tour, we headed over to get some lunch and then to the Embassy Suites to meet up with another tour.  This was a driving tour and took us all over the city of Portland.  Interesting in its own way!  We were dropped off at our hotel and then Mari and I walked over to get some dinner for us and came back to the hotel.  We are hanging out in the room tonight.  I totally enjoyed today!

Good night!  Trudi

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Good Morning!

It is overcast and rainy in Portland this morning and it is going to be nice to be in one place for a couple of days!  On our next trip we are going to one place and stay put for 5-7 days.  Mari and I are going to Old Town part of Portland and doing some exploring.  Marissa will probably stay around the hotel.  I know we want to go to Voodoo Donuts and there is a haunted pizza place.  We are leaving the car at the hotel and take public transportation.  It will be nice to not have to drive for a few days.

This is a picture of my dad with the girls many years ago.  This is a person I miss very much.

Rory was able to call this morning on his cell phone. Last night he called and was very unhappy, as he was missing us tremendously.  He had won $300 at poker.  You know the definition of insanity, well that is what I feel like I do with Rory, but I have to remember he is not going to change, as he is content with how things are.  He keeps remembering how things were at the beginning and he misses that.  Last night, I thought he could talk to him about what needs to change for me to be happy and this morning, when he was talking about poker, I knew nothing would be different.  He wants us to be like him and I can't be.

Anyway, Mari and I left about 11 and took the trolley into downtown Portland.  We found Old Town Pizza and had pizza for lunch.  Old Town Pizza is supposed to be haunted and is over the top of the Shanghai Tunnels, which we will see tomorrow.  We then walked to VooDoo Donuts and then to Pioneer Square.  We both got tired about that point and we were both not feeling well, so we decided to go back to the hotel.  Both of us took a nap.  It is nice to just hang out today and not to have to be driving constantly.

Well, I don't know if it was so much fun to just hang out and do nothing.  I felt very depressed.  Also being in downtown Portland, there is a lot of homeless people; but, I am learning that in most big cities, there are many homeless people.  Seeing that many was very depressing.  As I said recently, I need to be content in all situations.  I really would like to know what God wants me to see in this trip.  I want to see the beauty in nature and I want to escape reality on this trip.  I need to accept people for who they are.  I have been seeing the beauty in nature, especially along 101 and the coast.  In many ways, I do not want to deal with reality.

After I got up from my nap, the girls and I went downstairs, to the "market" and got snacks.  We have been having issues with the internet at the hotel, so we decided to watch TV and I got hooked on a program.  About 6, Marissa and I walked over to a restaurant and got dinner and brought it back.  We watched TV for most of the evening.  Right before I went to bed, Mari and I had a discussion about what we saw in downtown Portland.  Where I live in Orange County, the amount of homelessness I saw is not in my face all the time.  We did have someone come up to us and ask for money and he was going to give us his umbrella.  I did give him some money and I told him I did not want the umbrella, as he was the one who needed it.

Now that I think about it, this was an appropriate sign for today!

This was a building we saw in Port Orford!  It is old and I love the architecture.

Good Night!  Trudi

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Digging deep

Good Morning from Brookings, OR!

It is cool and misty today!  We are headed for Portland, OR, where we will get to stay for 3 nights.  This goes along with my blog title.  I feel like all we have done is go, go!  It will be nice to stay in one place and really explore.   I also need to do this with my life; is to focus on one thing and not just stay on the surface with a bunch of things.

This was part of our day yesterday.  We took 299, which is a beautiful route, but they are doing construction and so you have times, when you have to wait for a truck to escort you through certain areas.  The truck in front of me drove faster than me, so I let it be in front of me.

Mari and I made a decision to go down and walk on the beach before we packed up the car and headed northward and I am so glad we did.  After that we headed up 101 to a highway we could head east bound and got to a town called "Drain".  From there we got to the 5 and headed north and got into Portland about 6.  We went through some pretty bad rain on the way.  Residence Inns have appetizers that can be made into dinners on some nights and luckily tonight happened to be one of those nights.  We hung out in the room tonight.  Tomorrow we have nothing planned, but I think Mari and I are going to go explore.  Rory called night, as he was missing us a lot.  The girls and I have decided to extend our vacation one day as I do not want to have 7 hours of driving from Sacramento and then
have to deal with Friday night traffic.

I am tired tonight and headed for bed.  Good night!  Trudi

My kitchen was getting closer.  An historic bridge along 101 in Oregon.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Being content within myself

Good Morning!

I can tell the sun is out where we are in Vacaville; but I know we are going into rain.  We have a lot of driving to do today.  We are headed from Vacaville to Brookings, OR.  The girls have never been into Oregon.

I like to be at home, but I don't.  I love to explore, but I want to go home.  Don't take me wrong, I am enjoying this trip and all that we are seeing, but I have to find contentment within myself and I am not there.  Rory is fine as I know he made it to the ship.  Sweet Pea is doing ok, as I talked to Lynn, who is taking care of her last night.  The girls are with me and I enjoy their company.  Yesterday, when we were on the train, I totally enjoyed that.  I wanted to go to the castle to see it and learn more about it, but I really didn't want to try the wine.  I wish we could have had our own car and left when we wanted.  There were animals at the rear of the castle, as you exit and the grounds were beautiful, as well as the castle.   Their wines were expensive!  I am really coming to realize I don't like touristy things, but I have to be content and enjoy.  I have a problem having fun, according to the world's definition.

Today would have been my friend's birthday, but as of last November she passed away.

This was taken two years ago in Old Town San Diego.

The girls and I left about 10 from Vacaville and headed for Brookings, OR.  We took 505, which turned into 5.  In Redding, I had made the decision to take 299 west to 101.  It is a beautiful drive, but long and windy.  Then we headed north on 101 and about 7 got to Brookings, OR.  We did make a quick stop in Arcata, to get a snack and put gas in the car.  There is a restaurant across the street from the hotel and that is where we had dinner.  I really tried to keep myself in the moment and just enjoy the drive, which I did, except I got very tired at the end.  I wish Marissa could enjoy this trip!

We are all tired tonight and I think the waves will rock us to sleep tonight!  We are getting some rain.

Good Night!  Trudi

Beautiful end to a long day!

Our kitchen remodel from last year! Almost there!

Monday, May 20, 2013

A train, a castle and some wine tasting

Good Morning!

A beautiful sunny day, a nice hotel room and nice people!

Headed out for the Napa Valley Wine Train today.  This should be fun!  We are going to the castle as well.  Marissa is staying at the hotel, as this is not her thing.  I dealt with some depression last night, when I found out that we are in for some rain and possible snow tomorrow, as we head for Oregon.  I can handle the rain, but I get a little freaked out with snow.  I am a native Southern California girl and not used to snow.  Also, I was looking at how long it would take us to get to Brookings, OR, plus dealing with rain/snow and started to get upset.  I think I have found an easier route than trying to get back to 101 and feel better.  If I am a traveler, how can I let some rain, do me in.  I am also dealing with some history, when I did not calculate distance real well and Mari and I did not get to take the trip we had planned.  The trip was great, but in some ways, I don't want this trip to change.

Wall art in Morgan Hill, CA

Mari and I left about 9:30 and headed for Napa and the Napa Valley Wine Train.  Went on board and the train left about 11:30 and headed for St. Helena. After that we got on a bus and went to a castle and took a tour and Mari tasted some wine directly from the barrel.  Mari and I decided to not go through the tasting and went outside and walked around.  We didn't realize that Mari had left her purse at a place we had been sitting, until we got back to the train station in Napa.  The driver called the winery and someone had turned in her purse and so we headed back to the winery to get her purse.  The driver had us follow him to the route we were to take.  On the way back, we stopped at Target and got Marissa some dinner and since we had some left overs from lunch, we got somethings to go with it.  Came back to the room and are watching the coverage of the tornado in Oklahoma.  It seems like such a different day than it was this morning.  Rory is on the cruise ship in Alaska, Mari and I were on a wine train and Marissa has been at the hotel all day watching TV.

I am tired tonight and it has been a good day for us.  Praying for the town of Moore, OK.

Good night, Trudi

Stairs leading up to the entrance

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Headed north again!

Good Morning!

 Another sunny day.  The girls heard the rooster again this morning and I am listening to the birds singing.  We are headed north into warmer weather, but only for a couple of days.

This is from a previous trip to Monterey.  This was taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Our travels today will take us to the John Steinbeck House, which is here in Salinas.  From there we are going to make a stop in Gilroy; which is the garlic capital of the world and then we are headed for Vacaville, CA.  We are going to stop at the Jelly Belly Factory, unless we find something else to see.

We left about 10 and went over to the John Steinbeck House.  It was closed, but there was a man doing some work and he let us in and showed us around.  Beautiful Victorian house.  After that we hit the road for Gilroy and went to a place called Gilroy Gardens, which is a theme park and not for us.  In the meantime, we had seen this old barn, which had antiques and so we stopped there and I ended up buying a couple of things and Mari bought one.  Marissa stayed in the car while we went into the Steinbeck house and also, when we went into the barn.  From there we went to Morgan Hill, which is  an area we have stayed in before, on our trips up the coast.  We went through there downtown area and found a place to have lunch.  After that we hit the road for Vacaville.  Got to the hotel about 3:30 and they were not ready for us; so we went to a Jamba Juice and got a smoothie and went to a place called Wing Stop and got dinner, then came back to the hotel. There is a place near our hotel called Nut Tree Plaza.  When my parents and I used to drive from San Francisco to Sacramento or Lake Tahoe, I can remember stopping at this place for a meal.  It is very different now.    Talked to Rory and he is currently in Orange County and he will get to Anchorage early tomorrow morning.  He is not a really happy camper, but so what else is new.  The girls and I are going to hang out in the room for the rest of the evening.  A nice relaxing evening, with no one above us, jumping up and down.

Good night!  See you in the morning!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Touring today in Carmel, Soledad and Salinas

Good Morning from Salinas!

It is nice and cool!  There are some clouds around.  The girls heard a rooster this morning.  It is so funny, when we are home, the girls don't get up until about 8:30; but when we are on vacation, they are up at 6:30.

Marissa has decided to stay at the hotel today.  Mari and I are going to see the Mission in Carmel and do some touring in Carmel, then go to the Mission in Soledad and then see the old train station in Salinas.  I am going to take Mari to a place that I went to with my parents, a long time ago, for lunch, called The Tuck Box.  I hope the food is as good as I remember or maybe it was just the good memories.

No calls from Rory or home, so hopefully no news is good news!

This was the last time I came to Carmel with Mari, Brenda(a friend of mine in Northern CA), Valerie(who is no longer with us), me with longer hair and Marissa.  This was taken along the 17 mile drive.

After I posted this, I took a nap and when I got up, Mari was taking a nap.  When Mari woke up, Rory called and told me that a volcano had blown up in Alaska and he was not sure how it was going to affect his flight tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Mari and I left about 10:30 and headed for Carmel and the Mission.   It is interesting to see the differences in California.  We are seeing so much farm land.  The Mission at Carmel is where Father Serra is buried and it is a beautiful Mission.

After the Mission, we went into the downtown part of Carmel to have lunch at Tuck Box.  Walked around town a little bit and then headed for Soledad to that Mission.  What a difference.  This Mission is in the middle of farm land and not as magnificent.  It is very simple!  On the way back, we stopped at Starbucks and then headed for the old train station in Salinas and then back to the hotel.  I still enjoy Residence Inn's, because of the size, but at this one, we have been having some issues, such as plumbing and we have a very noisy neighbor upstairs.  They do not walk softly.  Got some dinner from Red Lobster, as none of us felt like going out or eating heavy.

Having a relaxing evening in the room, with our friends upstairs, walking heavy.

Good night!  See you in the morning!  Trudi

More kitchen remodel!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Headed out and letting go of things that hold me back!

Good Morning!  It is overcast in So. CA this morning and nice and cool and I love it!  The birds are singing!

Yes, she is sleeping and yes, I will miss her!  I cannot let a cat hold me back from traveling and I know she will be well taken care of.  This picture was taken a couple of years ago!

The girls and I are headed for our first stop of a two week trip.  Our first stop is Salinas.  I like staying in Marriott Residence Inns, as they feel like apartments and we get free breakfasts.  We are going to see two missions and Carmel.  The John Steinbeck house is in Salinas and there is an old train station.

I realized when I got up this morning, I really do love a made bed as I like things neat, as it feels less chaotic.  Noise of TV is chaotic.  I like quietness as it is more peaceful!

The girls and I left about 10 and headed for the bank and Trader Joe's and then on the road for Salinas! We stopped for lunch at McDonald's in Agoura.  The traffic going across the San Fernando Valley is so much fun.  LOL!  We turned the GPS on in the car and it took us on a couple of back roads, which was totally enjoyable, instead of staying on 101 all the way up to Salinas.  We did stop at a Starbuckss in San Luis Obispo for a snack and a bathroom break.  Got to Salinas about 6:30.

Marissa was tired, so she stayed at the hotel, while Mari and I went to BJ's.  Now we are back just, hanging out in the room.

Good night!  See you in the morning!


Kitchen remodel day 4

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Good Morning!

It is overcast and cool this morning!

Taken two years ago at Dana Point Harbor!

This morning I am taking Rory to the airport and he is headed for Las Vegas.  He will be gone for three weeks, but not to Las Vegas for three weeks.    I have a docent meeting at the Mission.  I love these meetings as I get to learn more about the Mission. Today, we are going to have one of our members talk about the Great Stone Church.

Left about 9 a.m. and took Rory to Orange County Airport.  On my way back, I went by the vet to drop off Sweet Pea's used syringes.  After that I went to Target and then to the cleaners and then got sandwiches for the girls and I.  Came home and took a nap, had lunch and then went to my docent meeting. I love my docent meetings and I feel like I learn so much.  One of our members talked about the construction of the Great Stone Church, the earthquake and the reconstruction efforts.  There are stories about different parts and some of them are true and some of them are not.

This is the Great Stone Church behind the plant!

This is my picture of the day!

After the tour, we went to Sarducci's for appetizers and drinks.  Came home and had dinner and just spending a nice quiet evening with the girls.  Marissa is struggling with the trip.  She has a hard time with the waiting.  I am trying to tell her to keep busy and not focus on waiting or the trip.  As soon as I finish with some computer stuff, I am headed for bed.

See you tomorrow!  Trudi

Last year-Day 3 of kitchen remodel!