Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another doctor day!

Good Morning!

It is a little cooler today!  YEA!  Rory has an appointment in Long Beach at the VA with the optometrist.  I get a little concerned when the department is called Blind Rehab.  He also has to have some lab work done for vascular medicine.  When Rory has to go to Long Beach, I drive, as that place is huge and Rory has a problem walking long distances.

Mari is off school, well sort of.  In order to raise her grade, her videography teacher wants her to do some extra work.  She is going to work on some things this summer, as a teacher, she had for one class challenged her class to collect some things that inspire them.  She is really going to find out more who she is and that is a good thing.

Yesterday, when Marissa and I went into the vet, Marissa was talking to the receptionist about starting a  pet sitting business.  She did register for the class, but that is as far as it has gone.  I have told her I want to talk to her after she has done Lesson #1.  This pet sitting business is going to have to be hers, as it is really not something that is my passion.  I would help her, of course, but I don't want to have it be me doing all the work.

This was taken two years ago at the Orange Empire Railway Museum.

Mari and I left about 10 to take a walk in Ladera Ranch.  We walked 3 miles and this is one of the flowers I saw on our walk.

Did some laundry and, oh my gosh, since I have the new washer and dryer, how much faster I can get laundry done.  Put the last coat of paint on my patio pot.  Mari and I got home, just in time for lunch and then Rory and I headed out the door about 1 to go up to Long Beach VA.  The lab part took no time at all, but then we had to wait for the eye doctor part.  Met a man, who was a veteran of Pearl Harbor and was 98 years old.  Finally left the VA about 5:30 p.m.  We had decided we were going to pick up dinner at Buca Di Beppa on the way home.  Came home and had dinner and watched TV with the girls.  Doing computer stuff and I am tired.

See you in the morning!  Trudi

A year ago today we started our kitchen remodel.

This was our original kitchen!  Follow along to see the final product!

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