Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happiness and joy among the negative

Good Morning!

 I am going to enjoy the coolness of today, because starting tomorrow for the next couple of days we are getting a heat wave and wind; which to us, is called a Santa Ana.

Mari has her first final today.

I am really learning that I do enjoy my life.  I am so blessed to have learned what I really enjoy!  I love my daughters and are very blessed.  I have learned that I enjoy variety and I love to get out and take pictures and share them with others.  Editing and video is something I am going to work with Mari on, over the summer.  I love history and I am very thankful that I can be a docent at the Mission.  I am enjoying writing about the history in different parts of Southern California.  I am hoping I can expand this.  I am so thankful for my health.  Yes, Rory does frustrate me to no end, but I am learning that his frustration is becoming a minor part of my life and I am really trying to keep it that way.  I have lost 26 pounds since July 20, 2012 and I have to be thankful to the many people I have met in my groups.  I have not followed a food plan or exercise plan, but have tried to eat healthy and get out and walk.

Took Mari to school and then headed for a shopping center, where there was a Starbucks and I could check my "Map My Walk" for a walk near there.  I knew I did not have a whole lot of time, so I made it a short walk and then went back to pick up Mari.  One class down.  We went to Sprouts and got sandwiches and then headed home.  Ate half my sandwich and Mari had gotten chocolate chip cookies and I had one and then took a nap.  Wanted to get a nap before the cleaning crew came.  Got some financial stuff done and my picture of the day edited.  Marissa is having some nausea issues and Mari is taking a nap, so Sweet Pea and I are having quiet time in the living room, after the cleaning crew left.  It is so nice to have a clean house.    Found out today that the hop on, hop off tour in Seattle, that we were going to take, was cancelled.  They did refer us to another tour company, which I booked a city tour, as it was going to most of the places we wanted to see.

This is a view across the valley from Laguna Hills, looking up towards the foothills.

Made dinner and Mari and I sat and ate dinner and watched a DVD on Abraham Lincoln.  Having non-TV time until 9, when we are going to watch Haunted Collector.  Rory has been out most of the day.  He does not like being here when the cleaning people are here.  He went to see two movies.

Time to say good night.  Trudi

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