Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day and working our way home!

Good Morning!

As usual for this trip, it is overcast and supposed to rain. The girls and I are headed for Portland, but we are going to make a stop in Astoria, OR.  Originally, we were going to go around The Olympic Peninsula, but it would have been an 8 hour drive plus 3 hours to get to Portland, OR.  Too long!  This idea is shorter.

I know today is Memorial Day, but it is kind of strange to celebrate a holiday, when you are on vacation.  We will see what kind of memorials we can find today.  I know Portland is having their Rose Festival and Seattle is having a music festival.

The girls and I left Seattle and headed for Astoria, OR.  I stopped to get gas and had a slight scare with the car.  I had plugged in the charger and it indicated the battery was low.  I should have not plugged in the charger before I started the car.  Everything is fine!  Last night, I heard from the woman who is taking care of Sweet Pea and she stated everything was good, but Sweet Pea is not eating very much.  The house is probably warmer than she is used to and I know when it is warm, Sweet Pea does not eat as much.  During the night, I was focusing on it too much and I felt very sad. We stopped at a truck stop for lunch and then headed down the road for Astoria, OR.  I very much enjoyed Astoria, as they have quite a few Victorian homes and just an interesting historic old town.  I have really found on this trip that I like two lane roads, rather than interstates.

This is remnants of an old dock in Astoria.

Got into Portland, OR about 6.  Got our room and got the car unloaded.  Mari and I walked over to get dinner.  Came back, ate dinner and watched TV.  Hanging out as usual in the room.  Rory called and he was frozen.  He had gotten wet on the boat, as he went out on a lunch cruise and Vancouver is having rain.  It was nice while he was on the cruise, as he could only call me periodically, today I have talked to him twice.  I am sorry he got cold and wet.

Going to head for bed in a little bit, as Mari and I have to be up early, as we are taking an all day tour out to Mt. Hood and waterfalls.

Good Night!  Trudi

My kitchen is done and I love it!  Our microwave died before we left on this trip and I have to get a new one when we get back.

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