Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Being content within myself

Good Morning!

I can tell the sun is out where we are in Vacaville; but I know we are going into rain.  We have a lot of driving to do today.  We are headed from Vacaville to Brookings, OR.  The girls have never been into Oregon.

I like to be at home, but I don't.  I love to explore, but I want to go home.  Don't take me wrong, I am enjoying this trip and all that we are seeing, but I have to find contentment within myself and I am not there.  Rory is fine as I know he made it to the ship.  Sweet Pea is doing ok, as I talked to Lynn, who is taking care of her last night.  The girls are with me and I enjoy their company.  Yesterday, when we were on the train, I totally enjoyed that.  I wanted to go to the castle to see it and learn more about it, but I really didn't want to try the wine.  I wish we could have had our own car and left when we wanted.  There were animals at the rear of the castle, as you exit and the grounds were beautiful, as well as the castle.   Their wines were expensive!  I am really coming to realize I don't like touristy things, but I have to be content and enjoy.  I have a problem having fun, according to the world's definition.

Today would have been my friend's birthday, but as of last November she passed away.

This was taken two years ago in Old Town San Diego.

The girls and I left about 10 from Vacaville and headed for Brookings, OR.  We took 505, which turned into 5.  In Redding, I had made the decision to take 299 west to 101.  It is a beautiful drive, but long and windy.  Then we headed north on 101 and about 7 got to Brookings, OR.  We did make a quick stop in Arcata, to get a snack and put gas in the car.  There is a restaurant across the street from the hotel and that is where we had dinner.  I really tried to keep myself in the moment and just enjoy the drive, which I did, except I got very tired at the end.  I wish Marissa could enjoy this trip!

We are all tired tonight and I think the waves will rock us to sleep tonight!  We are getting some rain.

Good Night!  Trudi

Beautiful end to a long day!

Our kitchen remodel from last year! Almost there!

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