Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tis the season for home tours

Good Morning!

It is a sunny morning with some wind and much cooler temperatures.  YEA!

Today, I am taking an historic home tour in Tustin with a meet-up group.  Mari wants to get school work done and this is not Marissa's thing, plus I am leaving too early for her.  Not sure what Rory is doing.  Today is Kentucky Derby day and Mari is going to make Mint Julep's tonight.  I just have to remember to get mint.

I have a friend who I am concerned about.  We, mainly text back and forth and the last time I talked to her on Monday, she told me she was hating her life.  Much of what we talked about, we have talked about many times.  I texted her on Wednesday and did not hear back and I texted her yesterday morning and emailed her last night and have not heard anything, so far.  Her name is Chris.  Please pray for her and I will keep you posted.  She texted me this morning and she is fine!  YEA!  I

I left about 9:15 and headed for Tustin.  I was in my photography mode and not in my being social mode and the group frustrated me, so I took off and did the tour on my own.  There are day I can be in both.  I did enjoy the homes and the gardens and I walked quite a bit.  On the way home stopped and got a salad at Chipotle.  YUM!  Rory has taken off for the day, Marissa went to a movie with a friend, Mari was doing school and I took a nap and then finished laundry.  After we get back from vacation, I really want to start doing some container gardening.  Did some reading on that, worked on my pictures and now I need to get dinner going.  Mari is going to make Mint Juleps.

Dinner was easy and good.  Mint Juleps were a little strong, so we added some 7-up.  Watched TV for awhile and now we are just hanging out.  Rory called and had been in San Diego for the day.  I wish I could believe him with what he says he does.  When he calls, he has to know what the mail is.  I usually put his mail on his chair in our bedroom.  I told him he could look at it when he gets home.  He has to know and I just told him, it was mostly ads, which it was.  Argh!

Going to do some writing on a blog, make Rory's TV dinner and spend some time upstairs, before I go to bed at 10.

Good night!  Trudi

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