Tuesday, May 7, 2013

God's way, not mine

Good Morning!

Today is Mari's last Tuesday for this semester.  Marissa and I are seeing Marissa's counselor today.

Last night as I was driving to pick up Mari, I was complaining to myself that I had not gotten anything done, that "I" had wanted to get done, but when I looked back on the day, I had gotten things done and things that God had wanted me to do.  I had taken Rory to the VA and kept him company, which he appreciated.  I had taken Mari to school and picked her up.  I had made meals for my family and cookies for Mari for school.  I do surrender my day to God every day, but I still want to do things my way.  Today, I am going to try to remember to do things that God wants me to do and not necessarily what I want to do.  God does take care of me.  Last night as I was driving down the 133, I saw this cloud with a distinct "T" in the cloud.  Just a reminder to me!

A rose at the Huntington Library taken a couple of years ago!

Took Mari to school and then headed for Dana Point/Laguna Niguel to take a walk, which was really nice.  The weather, right now, is really weird.  I had sun while I was taking my walk and on the way home, I got rain.  From where I was, it took me about 45 minutes to get home.  Eating lunch, going to take a nap, finish a load of laundry and take Marissa to her counselor.

Good session with Marissa's counselor.  When I got up from my nap, Rory had left and decided not to leave a note.  He called on the house phone about 3:30 and said he would be back between 7 and 8.  Marissa and I are getting some quiet time and I need to start dinner.  Going to watch one show and other than that I am going to do computer stuff and things around the house.  Sometime tonight, I am going to have to go to Laguna and pick up Mari.

Mari texted me about 7:20, that she was getting out of class shortly, so I headed down to Laguna.  Got home about 9 and Rory was still not home.  I am tired and ready for bed.  Mari is done with 3 of her 4 classes.  YEA!

Good Night!  Trudi

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