Friday, May 24, 2013

Being open to what is around me!

Good Morning!

Another gray day in Portland!  There is an open area that is across the way from us and there are Canadian geese munching on the grass.  Today, we are doing two tours.  One is called Shanghai Tunnels and the other is a city tour.  Looking forward to both, as they will be different in their own ways.

I have to remember there is beauty in nature and there is beauty in the concrete jungle.  I have to remember that people are people and God made them all!  I like sharing what I see with other people, so I have to remember to take pictures of a variety of things.

There is art work all over Portland and this is one of the pieces I saw yesterday.

The girls and I left about 10 and headed for downtown to meet up with a tour.  Got there on time.  The tour was good and was about the history of Portland and some underground parts.  Total walking tour.

After this tour, we headed over to get some lunch and then to the Embassy Suites to meet up with another tour.  This was a driving tour and took us all over the city of Portland.  Interesting in its own way!  We were dropped off at our hotel and then Mari and I walked over to get some dinner for us and came back to the hotel.  We are hanging out in the room tonight.  I totally enjoyed today!

Good night!  Trudi

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