Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day, new things and when does it stop?

Good Morning!

It is bright and sunny with some heat clouds around and the birds are singing!

During the night last night, Rory woke me up and told me something was wrong.  We have a sleep number bed and I don't change the level on my side of the bed, but he changes it morning and night.  The battery in the remote went out and we did not have a 9 volt battery to replace it.  Wonderful!  So Rory had to sleep on a hard bed and I got to sleep on my nice comfortable mattress.  He was complaining for part of the night.  This afternoon after we have brunch, I am going to go run some errands with Mari.

This morning, around 9 a.m., my new washer and dryer came and the guys were really nice and now, I have a new washer and dryer.  Me very happy!  I have not had a new washer and dryer for a very long time.

We are leaving in a little bit to go to brunch.  I would really like to go with just the girls, but Rory wants to go and so Marissa is staying home and I accept that.  I know it is uncomfortable for Marissa when Rory goes out with us, but after Thursday, I will have the girls to myself, for about three weeks.  YEA! Rory does not take the girls out to buy me anything, so I usually do not get anything from the girls.  According to the girls, he got me something.  I really do not want anything, either.  The hard part with going out is we have to pick places that Rory likes.  There are places around that I would like to go to, but I know Rory won't accept.  The Sunday we get back,  the girls and I are going out for brunch to a place we want to go and Rory would not want to go.

Rory did get me some room spray and some small candles and a candle holder.  I am starting to redo the back patio in shabby chic and the candle holder fits perfectly in shabby chic!  We left about 11:30 and went to brunch.  Brunch was outside and it was very warm today.  We got champagne mixed with fruit juice and they had cheese and crackers to start.  The rest of the food was good and healthy.  After we ate, Rory decided to go home, as he was too warm and he really did not like the food.  It was nice to just sit and listen to music and drink some wine.  Dessert was served and then Mari and I left.  Such a nice afternoon and Mother's Day.  We came home and Mari got some things together and then Mari and I went to run some errands.  We got dinner while we were out and came home.  The girls and I are watching "The Impossible"

I did get the battery for Rory and we have a new washer and dryer.  Now I have to work on the microwave.  Going to get some more laundry done tonight.

Headed for bed at 10.

Good night!  Trudi

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