Thursday, May 9, 2013

Last tour for May and hopefully some peacefulness this afternoon

Good Morning!

 It is a beautiful sunny day and the temperatures are heading upward.  UGH!  I do much better with the mid 70's and the temperatures this weekend are supposed to be in the 90's.

I am doing my last tour today, before we leave on vacation.  This afternoon, I plan to do some things around the house and Mari and I may take a walk, using Map My Walk.  Rory is going to be doing his own thing and going to a wine class tonight.

An egret at Dana Point.  I, also, saw one flying across the tollway yesterday, as I was driving to the Mission.

Went to the Mission and did my tour.  I actually saw a swallow and a swallow's next near Serra Chapel.  Stopped by Goodwill on the way home and dropped off some books.  Came home, had lunch, got a nap, put away laundry.  So looking forward to getting my new washer and dryer on Saturday.  Did some financial stuff and then Mari and I took a walk in Mission Viejo.  Came home.  Mari is making dinner and I am doing filing and some computer stuff.

Much more relaxed day and it felt good to get some things done.  We had nothing around here for dessert, so Mari and I decided to go out and get cupcakes from a place that we have been wanting to try.  YUMMY!  Just enjoying the quietness of the house until Rory gets home.

I am going to bed around 10.

Good Night!  Trudi

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