Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Doctor, cleaning and preparation

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful sunny morning and the birds are singing!

This was taken 2 years ago at sunset with clouds.

Today, Mari has a doctor's appointment, then we are going walking and get lunch.  This afternoon, the house is getting cleaned and then tonight, the people who are taking care of Sweet Pea, while we are gone are coming over.  I may go down to Sears and buy a microwave this afternoon, so that it can be delivered after we get back.

Mari and I left here around 10 and headed for the doctor.  Mari had her appointment, but we also discussed Marissa.  Marissa deals a lot with anxiety and the doctor feels like I should give her more responsibilities and there would be consequences for not continuing them.  She asked if Marissa had a pet and we said no, except for the computer.  Marissa has a tendency to do things for awhile and then reverts back to what she was doing before.  I feel like the doctor was asking what Marissa's reason for living was?

After the doctor appointment, Mari and I took a walk and then got lunch and then headed home.  After lunch, I tried to take a nap, but I had two interruptions, one was the painter, as they are painting the outside of our buildings and I was wondering when they were going to get to our building and the other interruption was Rory, wanting to know what the mail was.  I finally gave up and got up and got some things done.  The cleaners are here.

Argh!  When is Rory leaving?  I know he is nervous, but he is also not enjoyable when he is that way!  The cleaners were here this afternoon and threw away a 99% used tube of GelCam and he had fits because he could not find it.  Luckily Marissa found the tube in the trash can.  I know the cleaners were trying to be nice, but he has things planned to the nth degree.  He has a whole new tube of GelCam.  He still has fits, because he thinks someone took a beige jacket that supposedly his dad gave him.  I don't remember the jacket at all.

We have had dinner and watched some TV and now we are waiting for the cat sitter to get here.  Cat sitter has been here and gone.  Now I am just hanging out for the rest of the evening.  Going to make some crock pot oatmeal, before I go to bed.  I am tired tonight!

Going to watch Haunted Collector at 9 and then to bed.

See you in the morning!  Trudi

Continuation of kitchen remodel!

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