Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nature's beauty

Good Morning from Portland!

Another gray day, but we are still out and about!  Mari and I are headed on a Mount Hood tour!  Looking forward to seeing waterfalls and some more beautiful country.  I will miss this place when I get home.  I have learned I am very much a "do" person; but I already knew that.  I need motivated people in my life.  Marissa is staying at the hotel, as we have 4 driving days ahead of us and then we will be home.  She learned yesterday that she cannot have coffee.

This was taken a couple of years ago at an old depot in La Habra, CA.

Oh my gosh what an awesome day!  Mari and I went downstairs about 8:45 and we were picked up a little after 9.  We headed out to see some beautiful waterfalls.  Had lunch and then headed to Mt. Hood.  Got back to the hotel about 6 and went upstairs to get Marissa and came back downstairs and got dinner.  As usual, we are hanging out in the room tonight.  Tomorrow, we really start headed home.  We will be in Medford, OR tomorrow.

Really tired tonight!  Good night!  Trudi

This is part of what we saw today!

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