Friday, May 10, 2013

Fighting for my life!

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful sunny day and the birds are singing and I am fine physically!

Today is home in the morning and then, the girls of us are headed for Laguna later this afternoon.  Last night, I decided to start the pet sitting class that Marissa and I are doing and realized that, if we were to do a pet sitting business, I would just be doing the same thing I do at home, but with pets of other people.  I don't mind being a caretaker for my family and my own cat, but to do it, for others, is not really what I want to do.  Where I really want to go is being a tour guide and exploring history and possibly some writing.  I have a feeling that if we were to do this, I would be the main person doing this and that is not what I want.  I want this to be a partnership.  Rory, also tries to control my life and I have enough of that.  I feel like I have always done what everyone else wanted me to do and now, I would really like to do something I want to do.  I am doing that with my docent program and I know, I have a responsibility to my family.  I know Marissa likes animals, but is this something she would do and stay with.  I don't know!  I have asked Marissa not to read my blog until she does the first chapter and we can really discuss this.

It has been an interesting start to a day!  I decided I was going for a walk right after breakfast.  Mari went with me and we decided to go to Ladera Ranch.  I know the phone reception is not great in certain areas of Ladera Ranch and when I looked at my phone it said no service.  So we decided to go across the way to another shopping center and still no service.  We kept driving and still no service.  I said forget it and we went to an AT&T dealer and I told the woman behind me, about it and she asked me if I ever turn off my phone, which I don't and really don't know how.  I do now!  Turned the phone off and turned it back on and all fixed!  Mari went to Starbucks, while I was in AT&T, so I went over and met up with her.  A woman was in Starbucks and I started talking to her and found out that she knew the people who are going to take care of Sweet Pea, while we are gone and she gave a positive review.  YEA!  Came home and dropped Mari off and told Marissa I was going to Target and she decided to go with me.  When we turned onto Bake from Portola Parkway, there was more traffic than normal and I thought there might be an accident, but didn't think to much about it.  We went into Target and I was looking for something, two sheriffs  came walking down the main aisle, definitely looking for someone and found out later that the traffic jam was from a hit and run accident and one of the people in the accident had been seen running towards Target.  Exciting day!  Came home, making and eating lunch and then going to take a nap.  Let's see what else the day brings!

Got my nap and when I got up, Rory was downstairs.  I decided I was going to call Rory's mom, as today was her birthday.  This is something else I deal with and that is feeling like I belong.  My mom and dad are deceased and my sister and I do not speak.  I have relatives on the East Coast, but we don't really keep in touch and Rory's family, really doesn't keep in touch.  For awhile, Rory's sister was coming out to see his mom, but now that has stopped.  I have friends, yes; and I have two wonderful daughters, but in regard to family, I don't really feel like I belong anywhere.

I working on my patio and want to do the colors of the pots in blue and green and possibly do the decor in shabby chic.  I finally got to spray paint one pot, at least one coat of paint.  We then left for the bank, as Mari needed some help with some money.  The graphics design department was having a get together at Treasure Island in Laguna, but Mari needed to stop and see a teacher before we went.  As we were getting on the 133, we saw an overturned cement mixer truck on the opposite side of the freeway.  After Mari's get together, we were meeting a friend for dinner, which was enjoyable.

Sears is supposed to be delivering my washer and dryer tomorrow.  They were supposed to call tonight to confirm what time tomorrow they would be delivering the machines and they never called.  I called Sears and somehow my order had fallen through the cracks.  I told them it was an emergency and they are telling me it will be delivered tomorrow.  I really hope so!  I really feel like I have been battling a lot of things lately.  I am exhausted tonight.  I am really glad I had an enjoyable afternoon and evening.  Rory was telling me how he would have done it and why did I not wait for him to go with me to choose the washer and dryer and why I did it so quickly.  When the washer goes out and you are leaving on vacation in about a week, don't you go order it, like now.  Argh!

See you tomorrow, I am going to bed!  Trudi

This is the way I feel tonight-I look to the Lord!  This was a statue at the park we went to this afternoon.

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