Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finding contentment in my writing, my photography, exploring and being organized

Good Morning!

As usual for our time in Portland and Seattle, it is overcast and somewhat rainy and COOL!

We start our trip home today and our first stop will be in Medford, OR.  Yesterday was awesome in seeing the waterfalls and Mt. Hood and the beautiful country in Oregon and the people we spent the day with.

Mari is a very wise young lady and I need to follow her advice, as well as what is written in the Bible and be content in all situations.  For right now, I need to be content with where I live and be thankful that I can travel and see this beautiful country.  I need to just focus on my writing, my photography, the exploring I can do with my writing and being organized and not focus on the negative.

There is a saying that I want to put out to the world and that is to get out there and explore this beautiful world.  I have met so many people on this trip that have no idea of what is outside their own little area.  Do you realize, how much you can expand your mind, by exploring outside your own little area and how much you can learn?

One more thing I want to learn is the names of flowers and trees.  By coming up here, I have been introduced to more flowers and trees and some of the stories behind the names of these flowers and trees.  I have also started to take an interest in the Native American people and their stories. I was reading this morning a book called "The Main Dish" and it says "The need to tell and hear stories is essential to the species-second in necessity apparently after nourishment and before love and shelter"  I found that interesting.

This was taken from Vista House looking over Columbia River.  Vista House was built in 1917-1918.

I was not able to finish this last night, as we got to the hotel late and we had, not the greatest internet connection.

Originally, we were going to drive from Portland to Medford and stop where we found something.  As I was looking at something yesterday morning, I found that an air and space museum was not too far away and the Spruce Goose was there.  I wasn't sure whether the girls had ever seen it, and it turned out they had not or they didn't remember it, so we went.  Interesting place.  They also had a water park, but we didn't go to that part.  They had water slides coming out of a jet.

I love back roads, but they take longer to get places, but I still love them.  We finally got to Medford about 7:30 and then we got dinner.  I was really tired last night.

Later!  Trudi

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