Friday, May 17, 2013

Headed out and letting go of things that hold me back!

Good Morning!  It is overcast in So. CA this morning and nice and cool and I love it!  The birds are singing!

Yes, she is sleeping and yes, I will miss her!  I cannot let a cat hold me back from traveling and I know she will be well taken care of.  This picture was taken a couple of years ago!

The girls and I are headed for our first stop of a two week trip.  Our first stop is Salinas.  I like staying in Marriott Residence Inns, as they feel like apartments and we get free breakfasts.  We are going to see two missions and Carmel.  The John Steinbeck house is in Salinas and there is an old train station.

I realized when I got up this morning, I really do love a made bed as I like things neat, as it feels less chaotic.  Noise of TV is chaotic.  I like quietness as it is more peaceful!

The girls and I left about 10 and headed for the bank and Trader Joe's and then on the road for Salinas! We stopped for lunch at McDonald's in Agoura.  The traffic going across the San Fernando Valley is so much fun.  LOL!  We turned the GPS on in the car and it took us on a couple of back roads, which was totally enjoyable, instead of staying on 101 all the way up to Salinas.  We did stop at a Starbuckss in San Luis Obispo for a snack and a bathroom break.  Got to Salinas about 6:30.

Marissa was tired, so she stayed at the hotel, while Mari and I went to BJ's.  Now we are back just, hanging out in the room.

Good night!  See you in the morning!


Kitchen remodel day 4

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