Sunday, May 5, 2013

I like people; but overall, I think I like doing things on my own!

Good Morning and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We are supposed to get rain later today through Tuesday.  I love the rain, but I know it can cause issues on the road, especially people who think they can drive the same speed, as when it is dry.  :-(

This is my Mom and Dad on my wedding day; which is July 16.  I must have made a copy a couple of years ago.

I do really enjoy talking to other people, but when I am in the mood to take pictures, it is hard for me to be social.  I really think that is what happened yesterday.  Many of the buildings, I have seen and I really wanted to get moving and take pictures and not stand around and drink lemonade, when we had just started walking.  I believe that some of this has to do with how I was treated as a child, by others and I don't mean my parents.  I much more enjoyed the tour on my own and I am glad I did it that way. Yes, I would have enjoyed having Mari or Marissa with me.  I learned something yesterday.

Today is my normal Sunday schedule!  Starting a week's worth of laundry and making a menu for all of this week and the week following, as we are leaving on vacation the week following.  I know Mari has some things to do out for school today.  Mari has two finals on Tuesday and then she will be down to one class.

One load of laundry started, nap and menu made until we leave.  Need to make a list for errands and put clothes in the dryer.  There are some issues that Marissa has and I want to help her, but she lets me help her for awhile and then she quits.

Did a little bit of work on patio and then Mari and I went to Trader Joe's and then for a walk.  I love Map My Walk.  Came home, made guacamole, put groceries away and worked on the computer.  Need to start dinner in a little bit.

Made dinner and Mari made margaritas.  Mari colored my hair and now we are watching the end of Amazing Race.  After this going to go to bed.  Busy day tomorrow!  Concerned about Rory, as he is having some problems breathing tonight.

Good Night!  Trudi

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