Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Digging deep

Good Morning from Brookings, OR!

It is cool and misty today!  We are headed for Portland, OR, where we will get to stay for 3 nights.  This goes along with my blog title.  I feel like all we have done is go, go!  It will be nice to stay in one place and really explore.   I also need to do this with my life; is to focus on one thing and not just stay on the surface with a bunch of things.

This was part of our day yesterday.  We took 299, which is a beautiful route, but they are doing construction and so you have times, when you have to wait for a truck to escort you through certain areas.  The truck in front of me drove faster than me, so I let it be in front of me.

Mari and I made a decision to go down and walk on the beach before we packed up the car and headed northward and I am so glad we did.  After that we headed up 101 to a highway we could head east bound and got to a town called "Drain".  From there we got to the 5 and headed north and got into Portland about 6.  We went through some pretty bad rain on the way.  Residence Inns have appetizers that can be made into dinners on some nights and luckily tonight happened to be one of those nights.  We hung out in the room tonight.  Tomorrow we have nothing planned, but I think Mari and I are going to go explore.  Rory called night, as he was missing us a lot.  The girls and I have decided to extend our vacation one day as I do not want to have 7 hours of driving from Sacramento and then
have to deal with Friday night traffic.

I am tired tonight and headed for bed.  Good night!  Trudi

My kitchen was getting closer.  An historic bridge along 101 in Oregon.

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