Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Good Morning!

It is sunny this morning, with some clouds.

Today, is mainly going to be a stay at home day.  I was going to go to church, but Mari has school work to get done and I don't really want to deal with a whole lot of people.  I will get laundry done, a menu planned for the week, grocery shopping done and  a cake made for Easter.  I have decided to make my daily schedule around my responsibility and being creative, plus doing some writing.  I know I will not be able to do this every day, but I am going to try.  In many areas, I need to get my confidence back and enjoy what I do.

Made breakfast for all of us!  I made bunnies out of cinnamon rolls, which turned out pretty good.  Doing my morning computer routine, took a nap, as I really needed it and then did laundry and vacuuming.  Had lunch, that did not really agree with me.  Made a menu for the week and then Marissa and I went to Trader Joe's.  Target was not open.  Came home and as soon as Rory is done watching "War of the Worlds", I am going to make a lemon cake for dinner tonight.  I am so tired of hearing war movies, but I know that is what he likes.  I am tired of violence.  The TV has been on most of the day and I am tired of it.   I don't want to go up to our room, so I am sitting in the kitchen.  Mari has been really working on school.  I am glad we got to take off yesterday.  I know it helped me and it must have helped her.

I decided I was going to make a lemon bundt cake for Easter. Mari and I made it together.  Got some quiet time.  Made dinner and Mari and I watched a DVR on Eleanor Roosevelt.  Watching "Amazing Race"  Going to do some reading at 9 and to bed at 10.

Good Night!  Trudi

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Field trip to San Diego

Good Morning!

The fog has been coming in and out on little cat's feet.

Today, Mari and I are headed to San Diego to take some pictures of the Hotel Del Coronado, some pictures of the lighthouse in Point Loma and get dinner from a place that Mari and a friend went to, the last time Mari was in San Diego.  Looking forward to this afternoon, as I can get away from the house.

Questions:  How do I set goals? and why does it always have to be an argument with Rory and then have him come to agree with me?  It is exhausting.  When it comes to goals, I feel like I just live one day at a time.  Yes, I want to do something with travel and my photography, but I don't feel like I can do somethings until Mari graduates from LCAD.  In many ways, I feel like I am just floating along the river.

Doing my morning computer routine! Got a nap!  I think I am a frustrated artist.  I have been looking at Pinterest, which inspires me to cook and be healthy and...  Going to do laundry and get lunch and then get us out the door for S.D.  I was talking to the girls about how I feel like I have always had to be the responsible one, even before I was married and in many ways, the creative side in me as been squelched or I never feel like I am good enough.  There needs to be a happy medium between the two. Somehow, I want to make this happen.

Rory had gone to the bank to move money from his account to our joint account to cover some expenses until we get some money from our investment account.  He was making a big deal of it, like he was doing something special.  I got lunch together.  Marissa went to see a friend this afternoon and Mari and I left for San Diego about 1:30.  We headed for Hotel Del Coronado.  Found a place to park, got a snack and then walked around Coronado.  Left Coronado and headed to get dinner in Point Loma and then headed for home.  Mari and I sort of ate dinner driving home.  When we got home, everybody got their dinner and the girls and I watched TV.  Going to edit my pictures, post them and read and go to bed.

Good Night.  Trudi

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday, a tour and animals

Good Morning and Happy Good Friday!

It started out foggy, but the sun is starting to come out!  It is interesting to live up in the hills and watch the fog burn off and move down into the valley/low lands or watch the fog move up into the hills, as on little cat feet.

Today, I am doing a tour at the Mission and today is animal day at Laguna College of Art and Design.  Mari and I are going to that.  They are bringing a zebra and red fox on campus.  Last year, it was an owl and a snow leopard.  The two were very afraid of each other.  We will see what the rest of the day brings.

I left the house about 9 and headed for the mission.  I like to get there early, as it gives me a chance to talk to the other docents.  Did my tour.  Today was, of course, Friday and the last day before vacation, so the kids were a little bit wild.  Came home and took a nap and then went down to LCAD and saw the zebra and fox.  Went to get snack and then came home and took my walk.  Mari is taking a nap and Marissa is up in her room.  Just enjoying the quiet time.  Sweet Pea was in Mari's room, sleeping with Mari and then decided she wanted out.  Need to get dinner together.  We are going to make pizza from Naan bread.

The Naan pizza was good and the girls and I watched TV while we ate.  Just having quiet time, which is nice.  Going to do reading at 9 and to bed at 10.  I am tired.

Good Night.  Trudi

This is Sweet Pea in the bathtub.  We have a bucket full of water in there and she likes to jump in and drink from the bucket.  There are times she also sleeps in the bathtub.  We kiddingly say she takes a shower with Mari, but what she really does is sit on the floor or rug, while Mari takes a shower.  I would hate to see her if she did get wet in the bathtub.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I need a break!

Good Morning!  Overcast, cool and somewhat sunny!

A couple of years ago, there were people at Dana Point Harbor that would make stone people.  I have not seen these recently.

Today, I have no place I really have to do!  I do have some grocery shopping that I need to do.  Mari does not have school.  Rory has a meeting with our financial advisor, but I am not going.  I am really tired and do not feel like putting up with any frustration.  My financial advisor knows I am not going and understands.  I am going to go walking later this afternoon.  I think all of last week with Rory and my head going two hundred miles an hour recently and then yesterday and all of Rory's yelling, finally caught up with me.  I was not feeling good last night.  I did sleep well, but I still felt exhausted this morning

Mari is getting pushed at school, which I know she needs, but I know it exhausts her.  Marissa is not handling all of the stuff going on with her dad very well.  She was in tears last night.  She is having a physical next week and after that we will probably revisit getting her SSDI.  Her anxiety level gets very high.

Rory left to get some breakfast and then go to his meeting!  My morning computer routine is done.  Going to do some laundry and take a nap.  The nap helped tremendously and now I am working on my mission blog.  Had lunch and then Marissa and I headed out to do some errands.  Met Rory at the bank and found out about the meeting.  Nothing really new, so I was glad I had stayed home.  I have been really getting upset with Rory for putting literally none of the money he gets into our joint account.  He did give me some money for groceries, but he made a big thing about it.  I calmed down after a while and then Mari and I took a walk around Lake Mission Viejo.  I feel so much better.  I get very uptight when money gets tight, which it is right now and Rory just starts putting things on credit cards.  Aargh!

Having dinner and watching a movie that Mari got from Netflix.  The movie was great!

This is the street outside of our complex.

Rory came down in the middle of the movie, so we watched the rest of the movie on Mari's computer.  I am going to read and go to bed.  I am doing a tour tomorrow.

Good night!  Trudi

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pushing out the walls

Good Morning!

We are having June gloom early!  It was overcast earlier and now the sun is starting to come  out.  The birds were really singing earlier, which was really enjoyable.

Last night I was talking to a friend about fear and stepping outside of the box.  I have been dealing with this as well, especially when it came to being a docent.  When I picked up Mari, she has been dealing with it as well and we were having a similar conversation.  I will write more about this later, as well as my dealings with Rory and his disabilities.

Mari has school from 10-12:30.  After I drop her off, I am headed for Dana Point to walk a different walk than yesterday.  This afternoon, I plan to mainly be at home.

Going through the docent program has helped me to move forward and I am finding that my walking is helping my mood.  I feel like I am much more positive.  When I picked up Mari last night, she was talking about how her teachers are asking her to get outside her comfort zone, when it comes to her graphic design.  I know this is exhausting for her.  With me, I am really going to move forward with my travel interests and my photography and see how I can put them together.  I am going to have to get out of my comfort zone with my photography and learn some new things.  Doing pet sitting with Marissa is interesting to me, but it is not my number one passion.  Don't take me wrong, I love animals.  Repurpose is an interest, but I don't think I would want to make it a business.  I love organizing and planning, but I think that is just a part of me.

This is part of my one walk in Dana Point.  This road leads over the bay to the island.

The VA called this morning and said his paperwork was done and he could come pick it up.  We had been talking about his achilles tendonosis and was it long term and I told him it was and he was asking the nurse who called if it was.  I ended up talking to her.  Government organizations are frustrating.  We had an ultrasound done of his leg and the VA will not accept it.  He has to have an X-ray done, so while he was at his local VA clinic, picking up the paperwork, he was supposed to have an X-ray done and he also wanted to find out about his disability money from EDD. I have not had the time to do this, so he was going to have to go to Santa Ana to get the info.  This morning I was trying to explain that I had to set up a file for him on the computer for disability and I might as well have been speaking a different language, as he did not understand me.  Rory went to the VA and got the paperwork and I guess tried to get an X-ray and they told him, he had to go to some other place to get this done.  He was screaming at me over the phone, that he was going to have to go to Long Beach and sit for hours.  I told him he had three choices, let his leg get worse, be patient or spend lots of money to go back through urgent care.  He went to Santa Ana and got the info he wanted, which was positive and it took very little time and then he went to Long Beach and got an X-ray, which didn't take very much time.  He makes mountains out of molehills.

After picking up Mari, she and I went to Whole Foods and got lunch and then came home.  I got a nap and then Marissa and I went to Yogurtland and came home.  I am now getting to do computer stuff.  It has been an interesting day.

I made dinner and the girls of us watched "Face Off"  Rory decided to turn on the a/c, so now I am having to wear my slippers and sweater inside the house in order to keep warm.  I took his tea up and he is having charlie horses in his legs.  He would be much better off, if he didn't get so stressed.  Doing some things, before "Haunted Collector" comes on.  I am tired and will go to bed after the show is over.

Good night!  Trudi

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Busy Tuesday

Good Morning!

We have fog this morning!  This semester, Tuesday is a busy day.  Mari has school from 10-10, which means we leave the house at 9:15 a.m.  After I drop Mari at school, I head for Dana Point to walk my Heritage Park walk.  On the way home, I need to stop by VA to drop some paper work for the doctor to sign.  I also need to find out how to get reimbursed on what we spent last week on Rory's achilles tendon issues.  Then there is lunch and at 2:15, I need to take Marissa to counseling and then it is home for dinner and then about 8:45 p.m. go back to Laguna to get Mari.

This was taken at L.A. County Arboretum a couple of years ago.

We left about 9:25 and got Mari to school on time.  From LCAD, I went to Dana Point and did my walking.  I decided not to come down one hill/road, as I feel it is too dangerous, so I went another way.   On the way home, I stopped by VA and dropped off paper work.  Came home, had lunch, took a nap and then about 2, left to go to Starbucks and take Marissa to counseling.  Marissa's counselor gave her some good suggestion and I hope Marissa puts them into practice.  On the way home, we stopped by the storage unit  Rory had called, while we were in counseling.  I called  him back and told him that I would like to have some quiet time when I get home until dinner.  He went along with the idea.  I am not beating myself up today, as I am not getting much done of my list.  I am getting things done, just not my list.  My project tonight is to try and get my emails into folders, so I can go back and read them later.  I feel it is interesting that both Marissa and I are growing from seeing Marissa's counselor.

Marissa and I put dinner together.  Since I started on My Fitness Pal and I have overall been trying to stick to the calorie count, I have found my meals getting smaller.  It is interesting when you really try to count calories.  Tonight's dinner felt really small, but I am comfortable.  Getting my emails into folders and accomplishing some other things.  It is a nice feeling to not have to push to go somewhere.  I know in 30 minutes I will have to go pick up Mari.  My morning computer routine is finally done.  I am going to see if I can get something done with laundry before I leave.  I am going to bed when I get home.

Good night.  Trudi

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ideas, ideas and more ideas

Good Morning!

Another beautiful day in So. CA.  Lately we have been having some birds coming on to our patio and getting things to build their nests and singing away.  There are times that Sweet Pea will ignore them and their are times, she glowers at them.  If she is out on the patio, the birds stay away.  I love listening to the birds in the morning.

This is what Mari and I saw on a walk we took last week at Dana Point.

Yesterday became an idea day.  I am still going down the same path I have been going, but more fine tuning it.  Marissa and I are still going to take a class on how to start a pet sitting business after I finish a budget for us.  I still going down the path of either being a tour guide or tour director.  I am staying with being a docent at the Mission.  I have had so many compliments on my photos, that I am thinking how I could sell them.  I am also going to start researching how to repurpose things.  All this was going through my head when I was trying to take a nap yesterday afternoon and also about 2 a.m. this morning.  I should have come downstairs and written all of this down, so it was out of my head, but I didn't, so I am dragging this morning, well sort of!  Today, I am going to focus on going through the box I brought home from the storage unit.  Mari has school from 4-10 p.m and I am going to go walking at Balboa.  In regards to my blogs, I am going to work on Big Cities, Small Towns, railroads and of course, the missions and old churches.  I will also continue to take other classes on line.

This morning, I got my morning computer routine done, a load of laundry going and some laundry put away.  Rory had a dental appointment.  I took a nap and was actually able to sleep, as I finally turned my head off.  Worked on some disability stuff for Rory.  Will work on the rest of it tomorrow.  Had lunch and made dinner, so that Mari can take dinner to school. Worked on a box from the storage unit and now going to work on some pictures.  Mari has promised me that this summer, she will show me how to do photoshop, so that I can really do something with my pictures.

Mari and I left about 3 and went to Starbucks and then to the cleaners and then, I took her to school.  A poster and a post card that I had had framed were ready to be picked up.  They turned out awesome.  From there, I went to Balboa Island and walked.  On the way home, I went to Smart and Final and got some things we needed and then came home.  Finally got to eat dinner about 7:45 p.m.  Mari texted me about 8 and said class was getting out early, so I headed back for Laguna.  Came home and I am now finishing up my day.

Overall a good day and I got done what I was supposed to!  It is not all about me!

Good night!  Trudi

My title for this picture is construction without noise.  At this point we were getting very tired of the fans.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Relaxation day before back to normal

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful sunny day in Southern California!  Today is going to be a somewhat relaxing day.  I have things to do, but it is going to be done in my time.  I have been dealing with very sore muscles, especially my back.  I have a feeling all of the stress from this last week has gone to my back.  Not fun!

Got my morning computer work done, laundry started for the week, vacuuming done and menu for the week done.  I have started looking more at pinterest lately and it is giving me some creative ideas.  I have also come up with some ideas of how to continue my other blogs.  Eating the other half of my seafood cobb salad from yesterday for lunch and then I am going to take a nap and then run some errands with Mari.

The other day Rory and I were talking about where we live.  He feels like we live in paradise and I will agree we live in a nice, quiet place.  I just feel that I have to drive everywhere I go.  I would love to live  in a place where the average temperature is about 75.  I really don't like the heat of So. CA  My dream place would be in a place where there was green, near water, in walking distance of public transportation, restaurants, shopping, etc.  I am going to be interested to see what we see in May when we go up to Oregon and Washington.  The rain doesn't bother me, as well as the colder temperatures.

Mari and I had fun this afternoon.  We went to the Container Store to get some ideas for some projects she is doing at school.  Then we went to Best Buy to get Rory a camera and me, a video camera.  Got Mari a snack and then headed back to Trader Joe's and then came home.

Made dinner and watched "America Unearthed"  Interesting program!  Now watching "Amazing Race"  Doing my reading at 9 and then to bed.  7-8 more weeks until vacation and summer break for Mari.  One day at a time!

Good Night!  Trudi

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A parade for today

Good Morning!

I am up early this morning, as I thought I had to be out of the house by 8:20 to catch a train to San Juan Capistrano.  I thought the train was leaving Irvine at 9:01, instead it leaves at 9:30, so I can leave the house at 8:45 and be there on time.    I am taking a 15 minute train ride, so that I can leave my car in Irvine and not have to walk several miles to park the car and get to the mission.  The train station in San Juan Capistrano is about 5 minutes from the mission.  Yes, it is costing me $10 each way, but so worth it.  The parade starts at 11 and the docents are having lunch after the parade, right near the train station. Coming back, there is a train at 2 and 3.  The docents are in the parade.  Today, should be fun!  I am so ready for that!

I left about 8:45 and headed for Irvine train station.  The train was on time and got to San Juan Capistrano about 9:50.  Walked over to the mission and met up with the other docents.  We walked over to where we had to get in line for the parade.  There were lots of horses in the parade, as well as kids.  The parade was fun.  I have never been in a parade before and this was fun.

After the parade, the docents went over to a nearby restaurant and had lunch.  It was an enjoyable day.  After lunch I walked over and waited for the train to take me back to Irvine.  Stopped by Trader Joe's on the way home and got stuff for dinner.  Came home and took a nap.  Rory has been out all day and so far nothing has happened, that I am aware of.  The girls and I had dinner and we are watching TV.

Going to read at 9 and turned off the light at 10.

Good Night.  Trudi

Friday, March 22, 2013

It is a do things at my pace day!

Good Morning!

We had fog earlier, but we have sun with some clouds and the birds are singing!  I did not get up until 7 this morning and I really have no place to go or anything to do.  I always have house stuff and my own projects and that is the kind of day it is going to be.  Rory has a headache and is in a lousy mood!  He got upset with me for sleeping in till 7.  He has a headache, but will not take anything, unless I give it to him.  Made pancakes this morning for the girls of us and doing my morning computer routine.  Rory has gone out for breakfast and then is headed to get our tax return and then going to a movie.  Mari and I are going to Balboa to go walking today.

Got my morning computer routine done and laundry is done for the week. YEA!  Attempted to take a nap, but Rory called and had to tell me all of the things that went on at the tax preparer's office.  What do I do with my frustration at him?  This has been a week of to much togetherness!  He wants to walk normal, but I know he won't be.  I know it is hard when everything hurts.  My knee hurts as well, but I live with it.  Need to make lunch for the girls and I.  I am really tired of the complaining from Rory.  Luckily, I will be gone most of the day tomorrow, as I am going to be in the Swallows Parade in San Juan Capistrano.

Made hamburgers for lunch and watched part of Kitchen Nightmares.  I DVR'd this program for awhile and then asked Marissa to stop taping it for me and I am glad I did.  I get tired of the yelling and screaming.  I get enough of it at home, I don't need it on TV as well.  Working on some financial stuff and going to do some typing on my missions blog.  Mari and I are leaving at 2 to go walking at Balboa Island.

Mari and I did leave around 2 to go to Balboa Island to go walking.  On the way, I got a phone call from Rory that after he had picked up the taxes he went over to Manhattan Beach to have lunch and when he was getting up from the table he dropped his check book and a young man ran over to pick it up and steal it.  Rory got into a fight with him, but did get the check book back.  The young man tried to attack him with a knife and also bite his ear.  Evidently this is happening quite often, as there is a gang that is going after older people and stealing purses, check books, wallets, etc.  They picked the wrong person with my husband.  The young man was arrested and taken to the hospital.  The police stated that this has happened before.  Rory told me on the phone that he was going to go home and get sick.  Mari and I heard this about 3 and emotionally had to deal with this until about 6, when we got home and heard the whole story.  Rory was in a much better mood when we got home.  I had decided to stay home tomorrow, but Rory told me not to.  I never know with him what kind of mood he is going to be in.

We all had dinner together and watched Ghost Adventures.  Rory went upstairs.  Now Mari is working on homework, Marissa is doing dishes and I am doing computer stuff.  I am going to work on emails until 9 and then read and go to bed at 10.

In many ways, I am glad it is Friday, as it has been a crazy week.

Good night.  Trudi

More of our construction a year ago!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Good Morning!

We have sun this morning and the birds are singing!

Rory and I are headed for the VA doctor this morning.  We got the results back from the other test that was done and it indicated Rory has achilles tendonosis.  What I read of achilles tendonitis, I believe Rory had that for a couple of days.  I am hoping I get to do something other than doctors today, that would be nice.

Got my computer routine done this morning and worked on some laundry.  We left about 10:45 this morning and headed for the VA.  The nurse wanted me to say why we were there, short and to the point and I just said, I was going to finish what I was saying, but in a polite manner.  When we saw the doctor, she listened to me and examined his leg and Rory got a referral to orthopedics.  I know I will have to go with him as he forgets half of what gets said.  Today was a much better day than the last two.  I really feel like we made some progress.  Got a sandwich from Subway and headed home.  I took a nap and then Mari and I headed for Dana Point to take a walk.

After we took our walk, we headed for a smoothie place and then we headed back to Target and got stuff for dinner.  Made dinner, watched the rest of my John and Abigail Adams movie and now I am working on computer stuff.

Going to read and go to bed.  I will be glad to have almost nothing tomorrow.  Rory is a difficult person to be with as much as we have been together for the last three days.  I am thankful we are finally moving forward with this.  I need to take care of some financial issues tomorrow and we did put Rory on disability with both jobs.  I feel like I learned some things about Rory that I sort of knew, but have not really noticed.  I feel like I am more and more the caregiver and I am thankful for the relationship I have with my daughters.

Good night.  Trudi

This is what my living room looked like a year ago, when we had a plumbing issue in the master bath, which is directly above the living room.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What is it?

Good Morning!

Much better night sleep than the night before!  YEA!  The sun is out this morning and the birds are singing!

Today we go back to get an MRI for Rory and hopefully find out what is going on.  I did some research last night and I have a feeling we are dealing with VDT(Very Deep Thrombosis).  I am probably making more of an issue than he is.  He is more interested in picking up our taxes.  The rest of the day will be getting grocery shopping done.  Tomorrow Rory has a doctor appointment.  Depending on what happens, I am going to get out Friday and take pictures and just relax.

I got my morning computer routine done and took a nap and then Rory and I headed to get an MRI of his foot/leg.  Found out that was not the correct test, so we had to go to another place to have the right test done.  It was the place we had gone last night.  Fortunately, it is not a blood clot and now we have to find out exactly what it is.  While Rory was in getting the MRI, I went to get lunch for both of us.  Then we came home and then went to the other place and got the correct test.  After the test was done and while we had to wait for the CD to take to the doctor tomorrow, I walked down to Starbucks.  Rory had the CD by the time I got back and we came home.  The cleaning people were here and Mari and I went over to Target and got some things we needed.  Came home.  It was nice to be out with Mari and have an enjoyable conversation, that is natural and free flowing.  Conversation with Rory is usually about the news and money.  The last two days he has been wearing swim trunks and a T-shirt and Croc sandals.  I asked him why he did not wear sandals with what he usually wears.  He does not like sandals and with long pants he wears socks and walking shoes.  He does not understand why women do not wear socks with sandals.  We have been having an issue with him forgetting things, but I am learning that this has been going on his entire life and his dad would beat him with a belt.   Better get dinner.  Had a nice low calorie dinner with a glass of wine and 2 pieces of cinnamon graham crackers.  Mari and I watched part of a movie about John and Abigail Adams.  I love early American history and find it interesting to learn more about the people.  Mari and I were talking about a project she is doing at school.  In many ways, Mari is having a hard time accepting herself.  At 9, Mari and I are going to watch "Haunted Collector", which I enjoy.

Good night.  Trudi

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nice to have support

Good Morning!  Overcast and dreary and I did not have the best sleep!

Marissa has counseling today and that is the only thing planned.  I am going to walk Balboa Island while Marissa is in counseling.

I am sorry, but I need to vent some frustration I have been dealing with, with Rory.  Rory has been going to a class called "Move" at the VA on Monday mornings.  Long Beach VA is the main campus for VA and there are lots of people there and they do have valet parking.  Rory will not use the valet, as he is afraid someone will steal something out of his car, so he has to park a ways away from where he needs to go.  He really cannot walk very far, so, when he gets home, he complains to no end and when he walked in yesterday, he said he heard something pop and I thought he was talking about his foot, as he was really having problems walking, more than usual.   He went upstairs and laid down the rest of the day.  He came down last night and he wanted me to look at his left foot and it was very swollen.  He had also called our local VA office and they would not X-ray his foot for about 2 weeks.  I told him I would call his telephone advice nurse this morning, which I did.  She his going to get in touch with his doctor and get an order for an X-ray of his foot to be done in Long Beach.  Last night we tried to call the VA and I just sat on hold.  I finally got to the point of saying, why I was holding on to the phone, when Rory should be doing this, but he wasn't interested, so why should I.  Once the order is gotten for the X-ray, then Rory will have to go back to Long Beach, which he does not want to do and he said I have to go with him, as he will not park at the valet.  I told him, I would not go.  He is going to park his car someplace and get a cab to take him to the VA.  Overall, Rory does not want to take care of himself.  He is planning to go to work tomorrow at the docks, where he has to stand for 8 hours, then it will take him 2-3 days to recover.

I am really thankful to have Maggie(telephone advice nurse) for support.  I am also thankful for my daughters, who I know get fed up with what is going on around here.  I am also thankful for friends who "get it" with what I live with.

Here is to a more positive day!

One more question?  For those who watch "Biggest Loser", did anyone have a problem with what Danni looked like?  I was proud of how much weight she lost, but I did not like how she looked like.

Rory did go to Urgent Care and they are concerned that he may either have a blood clot or a torn Achilles tendon.  We are going at 5 p.m. to have a CT scan.  Earlier this afternoon, I had to battle the VA to get reimbursed and to get an appointment with his primary care provider.  Such a fun afternoon! NOT!

After we left Urgent care, we stopped to get Rory some lunch and then to Starbucks.  I drove my car over to Urgent Care and then drove Rory's car home and then I had a neighbor drive me back to get my car.  Luckily, he was taking his son to Tai Kwon Do(sp?), which was right near where my car was.  We left about 4:15 to go down to have the CT Scan and found out that they had ordered it has two ultra-sounds and the doctor had ordered a CT Scan.  Rory never had either one done and we go back tomorrow for an MRI.  Came home and the girls had made dinner.  Ate dinner and have spent the rest of the evening doing computer stuff.  Had a Kahlua and cream as well.  I have not had one of those in a long, long time.

Going to do reading at 9 and to bed at 10.  My photo of the day was taken from my iPhone and is on FB and is of the Urgent Care office.

Good night!  Trudi

Monday, March 18, 2013

A break from the usual week

Good Morning!

It is a gloomy morning, but I am in a good and positive mood!  It helps to get away and spend time with a friend and have some fun!

Mari is on spring break this week, which is nice.  I know I have some house stuff to do today and tonight the girls and I are having dinner with Rory's nephew and his wife.

I have decided that for my 365 photo project, I am going to stick with taking pictures of churches, doors and windows and roads.

 The above picture is from Old Town Orange.

Yesterday, I found out how hard it was to get snacks that are healthy.  I could find no yogurt parfait or healthy snack bar.  Loads of ice cream, popcorn, churros, etc.  Things I like, but I wanted something healthy.  My friend's grandson got a kid bag that contained a hot dog, cut up apples and animal crackers.  That looked healthy, with the exception of the hot dog.  I wish the zoo and amusement parks had a way of getting healthy snacks.  There were some bags of trail mix, but not where we stopped.  I guess I need to learn to take things with me.

Something else I am dealing with is control or being selfish.  I need to learn to compromise and not always try to get my own way.  When I live with someone, who is very selfish, this is very difficult.  I feel like I don't know where I am being controlling or selfish and when it is acceptable.  The other day, I was reading "What in the World am I here for?" and Rick Warren was talking about our driving force and I realize, I just want to be accepted, so I have a tendency, which I am trying to work on not doing all the time, is to just give into what others want.  Mari has also brought up that I have a tendency to do a lot of planning and I need to learn to go with the flow.

Got a load of laundry started.  One is in the dryer and one more is in the washer.  Worked on budget, one month more and I will be done with last year.  Worked on typing Pala mission and Mari and I got a walk in of 3 miles.  Getting ready to get out the door to run some errands and have dinner with my husband's nephew and wife.  We have met them once, when we were in Alexandria, VA.

This was taken on the walk, Mari and I did this afternoon.

Went to the gas station, then to the storage unit to get the wreath for Easter.  Then we went to Target and then to the dinner.  It was so nice to see Randy and Roxanne and we had a great dinner.  On the way home we went to Trader Joe's and then to McDonald's to get a burger for Rory.  Came home and put Rory's dinner together.  Now I am doing computer stuff and watching Biggest Loser.

After this I am going to bed.

Good night!  Trudi

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day and off to the zoo

A top of the morning to all!

Mari and I were in Shasta, CA two years ago on March 17.  Love old barns.

Mari and I are going to the San Diego Zoo with a friend and her grandkids.  They are taking the train down early and we are going to meet them.  I like taking the train, when we go up to LA, plus it is sort of chaotic to get from the train station to the zoo, so I am taking my car.   I put corned beef in the crockpot for Marissa and Rory and maybe us, as I am not sure what time we are going to get home.

Mari and I left around 11 and stopped by Starbucks to get sandwiches and something to drink.  Then headed for San Diego.  Caught up with the three of them and walked around the zoo.  I am not used to being with a 6 -year old boy with a lot of energy.  We, still had a good time.  Left the zoo about 5:15 and took them to the train station and then headed home.  We had corned beef.  Enjoying the quiet!  After I do this and my picture, I am going to read and go to bed.

Good night, Trudi

Olvera Street

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Home and relaxing

Good Morning!  Did not get up until 7.  It was nice to know that I did not have to go any place this morning.

Doing computer stuff this morning!  Today is mainly going to be a day at home.  Mari wants to go to Whole Foods in Tustin to look for some things for a project for school. Laundry is all done for the week, took a nap, worked on budget and my mission project.  Had lunch and then Mari and I went to Whole Foods.  Oh my goodness, I should have never gone in there!  Went to Casey's and got cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day.  Came home and took a walk.  Need to make dinner.

This is a rose from our walk:

Good dinner and a cupcake and watched TV with the girls.  Catching up with my reading of blogs and then at 9, going to do my other reading and go to bed at 10.

Good night!  Trudi

Friday, March 15, 2013

A queen and a princess

Good Morning!  It is going to be a little cooler today.

This was taken two years ago along the Northern California coast.

Mari has a doctor's appointment this morning and the girls of us are going this afternoon to the Queen Mary in Long Beach to see the Princess Diana exhibit.  This is something Marissa wants to do.

I got my morning computer stuff done and Rory had decided he was going out for breakfast and for the day, since we were going to be gone for the afternoon.  I started to get tired and decided I was going to lay down for about 30 minutes until we had to leave for Mari's doctors appointment.  Rory called to inform me that the tax returns would not be ready until next week.  I really didn't care, as I figure they will be ready, when they are ready.  Went back to sleep for a little while and then took Mari to the doctor.  The doctor went over her lab results and put her on thyroid meds.  Now she just have to see what works.  Came home and had lunch and found out that Rory's nephew is coming out here and the girls and I are going to see them on Monday.  Then we headed for Long Beach and the Queen Mary.  Mari has been very tired lately and she slept most of the way up.  Went through the exhibit, which was interesting.  Got snack and came home.  I was really tired, so I took a nap and then made dinner.  Rory is still not home, so it is peaceful in the house.  Watched TV and had dinner.  Going to finish this and go to bed.

A friend of mine wants to take her grandkids to the San Diego Zoo on Sunday and we have been trying to figure out how to do this on the train and then get to the zoo from the train station.  I have learned when things get frustrating, they are not meant to be.  I have a solution and I called her and left a message, so I will see what she thinks.

Good night, Trudi