Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Short school day

Good Morning!

This picture was taken on the one Secret Stairs walk our group did!  I loved the front yard.

Today is Mari's short day at school.  Today at the Mission, we are opening our new gate house and I am going to take a tour of the gate house, while Mari is at school.  Today, my house is getting cleaned and we are getting our hair trimmed and my hair colored.  Rory worked last night and evidently got home around 3.  He will be resting most of the day.

Took Mari to school and then I headed for the Mission.  Walked around and took pictures for a while, talked to the basket weavers, met up with some other docents and then took a tour of the new Gate House.  Interesting all of the work that has gone into it. Came back and picked up Mari  and on the way home picked up some pizza.  YUMMY!  Came home.  Rory is hanging out downstairs, so I am going upstairs and take a nap, which I had better do before the cleaners get here.

Got a short nap, then the girls and I went to get our hair cut and get snack.  Came home and Mari is taking a nap.  When I left to take Mari to school this morning, I knew we were going to stop and get pizza on the way home, so I thought I would be nice and ask Rory if he wanted pizza.  I have to remember to not ask, as he gets picky and I never know whether he is going to like what I get.  He asked for ham and pineapple and an all meat with lots of marinara sauce.  I got exactly what he wanted and he actually liked it.  There are times, if he is in a bad mood, he won't like anything I get, including what he wants.  I feel guilty, if I am not nice.  Today worked out ok, I would have just preferred he not be downstairs when I got home.  I wanted to be able to relax and eat lunch.

After the cleaners left, I decided to take a nap in the recliner, which was nice.  When I went to sleep, the back sliding door was partly open and the kitchen window was open and I was feeling cold.  I closed the door and the window and it was still feeling chilly.  The temperature outside today has been in the low 60's.  I came to realize that the air conditioner was on.  Really?  I am so tired of being cold in my own house, but Rory wants cold clean air, which he thinks he can get from the a/c.  There are days I go around the house in my slippers and a sweater, but my face is freezing.  The a/c is a constant source of argument between us, but so what isn't.  He did turn the a/c off.  Mari and I are making dinner.

I did say something about the a/c being on and he finally told me that he had turned it on because of some of the fumes from what the cleaning people were using.  He went upstairs and blamed me for not letting him know we were home and then I could have turned it off.  I didn't even know it was on.  Anyway, we had a nice dinner, as it was sort of a microwave type dinner.  I am trying to get caught up on blogs tonight and Mari and I are going to watch "Haunted Collector" at 9.

Good Night!  Trudi

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