Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pushing out the walls

Good Morning!

We are having June gloom early!  It was overcast earlier and now the sun is starting to come  out.  The birds were really singing earlier, which was really enjoyable.

Last night I was talking to a friend about fear and stepping outside of the box.  I have been dealing with this as well, especially when it came to being a docent.  When I picked up Mari, she has been dealing with it as well and we were having a similar conversation.  I will write more about this later, as well as my dealings with Rory and his disabilities.

Mari has school from 10-12:30.  After I drop her off, I am headed for Dana Point to walk a different walk than yesterday.  This afternoon, I plan to mainly be at home.

Going through the docent program has helped me to move forward and I am finding that my walking is helping my mood.  I feel like I am much more positive.  When I picked up Mari last night, she was talking about how her teachers are asking her to get outside her comfort zone, when it comes to her graphic design.  I know this is exhausting for her.  With me, I am really going to move forward with my travel interests and my photography and see how I can put them together.  I am going to have to get out of my comfort zone with my photography and learn some new things.  Doing pet sitting with Marissa is interesting to me, but it is not my number one passion.  Don't take me wrong, I love animals.  Repurpose is an interest, but I don't think I would want to make it a business.  I love organizing and planning, but I think that is just a part of me.

This is part of my one walk in Dana Point.  This road leads over the bay to the island.

The VA called this morning and said his paperwork was done and he could come pick it up.  We had been talking about his achilles tendonosis and was it long term and I told him it was and he was asking the nurse who called if it was.  I ended up talking to her.  Government organizations are frustrating.  We had an ultrasound done of his leg and the VA will not accept it.  He has to have an X-ray done, so while he was at his local VA clinic, picking up the paperwork, he was supposed to have an X-ray done and he also wanted to find out about his disability money from EDD. I have not had the time to do this, so he was going to have to go to Santa Ana to get the info.  This morning I was trying to explain that I had to set up a file for him on the computer for disability and I might as well have been speaking a different language, as he did not understand me.  Rory went to the VA and got the paperwork and I guess tried to get an X-ray and they told him, he had to go to some other place to get this done.  He was screaming at me over the phone, that he was going to have to go to Long Beach and sit for hours.  I told him he had three choices, let his leg get worse, be patient or spend lots of money to go back through urgent care.  He went to Santa Ana and got the info he wanted, which was positive and it took very little time and then he went to Long Beach and got an X-ray, which didn't take very much time.  He makes mountains out of molehills.

After picking up Mari, she and I went to Whole Foods and got lunch and then came home.  I got a nap and then Marissa and I went to Yogurtland and came home.  I am now getting to do computer stuff.  It has been an interesting day.

I made dinner and the girls of us watched "Face Off"  Rory decided to turn on the a/c, so now I am having to wear my slippers and sweater inside the house in order to keep warm.  I took his tea up and he is having charlie horses in his legs.  He would be much better off, if he didn't get so stressed.  Doing some things, before "Haunted Collector" comes on.  I am tired and will go to bed after the show is over.

Good night!  Trudi

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