Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What is it?

Good Morning!

Much better night sleep than the night before!  YEA!  The sun is out this morning and the birds are singing!

Today we go back to get an MRI for Rory and hopefully find out what is going on.  I did some research last night and I have a feeling we are dealing with VDT(Very Deep Thrombosis).  I am probably making more of an issue than he is.  He is more interested in picking up our taxes.  The rest of the day will be getting grocery shopping done.  Tomorrow Rory has a doctor appointment.  Depending on what happens, I am going to get out Friday and take pictures and just relax.

I got my morning computer routine done and took a nap and then Rory and I headed to get an MRI of his foot/leg.  Found out that was not the correct test, so we had to go to another place to have the right test done.  It was the place we had gone last night.  Fortunately, it is not a blood clot and now we have to find out exactly what it is.  While Rory was in getting the MRI, I went to get lunch for both of us.  Then we came home and then went to the other place and got the correct test.  After the test was done and while we had to wait for the CD to take to the doctor tomorrow, I walked down to Starbucks.  Rory had the CD by the time I got back and we came home.  The cleaning people were here and Mari and I went over to Target and got some things we needed.  Came home.  It was nice to be out with Mari and have an enjoyable conversation, that is natural and free flowing.  Conversation with Rory is usually about the news and money.  The last two days he has been wearing swim trunks and a T-shirt and Croc sandals.  I asked him why he did not wear sandals with what he usually wears.  He does not like sandals and with long pants he wears socks and walking shoes.  He does not understand why women do not wear socks with sandals.  We have been having an issue with him forgetting things, but I am learning that this has been going on his entire life and his dad would beat him with a belt.   Better get dinner.  Had a nice low calorie dinner with a glass of wine and 2 pieces of cinnamon graham crackers.  Mari and I watched part of a movie about John and Abigail Adams.  I love early American history and find it interesting to learn more about the people.  Mari and I were talking about a project she is doing at school.  In many ways, Mari is having a hard time accepting herself.  At 9, Mari and I are going to watch "Haunted Collector", which I enjoy.

Good night.  Trudi

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