Monday, March 25, 2013

Ideas, ideas and more ideas

Good Morning!

Another beautiful day in So. CA.  Lately we have been having some birds coming on to our patio and getting things to build their nests and singing away.  There are times that Sweet Pea will ignore them and their are times, she glowers at them.  If she is out on the patio, the birds stay away.  I love listening to the birds in the morning.

This is what Mari and I saw on a walk we took last week at Dana Point.

Yesterday became an idea day.  I am still going down the same path I have been going, but more fine tuning it.  Marissa and I are still going to take a class on how to start a pet sitting business after I finish a budget for us.  I still going down the path of either being a tour guide or tour director.  I am staying with being a docent at the Mission.  I have had so many compliments on my photos, that I am thinking how I could sell them.  I am also going to start researching how to repurpose things.  All this was going through my head when I was trying to take a nap yesterday afternoon and also about 2 a.m. this morning.  I should have come downstairs and written all of this down, so it was out of my head, but I didn't, so I am dragging this morning, well sort of!  Today, I am going to focus on going through the box I brought home from the storage unit.  Mari has school from 4-10 p.m and I am going to go walking at Balboa.  In regards to my blogs, I am going to work on Big Cities, Small Towns, railroads and of course, the missions and old churches.  I will also continue to take other classes on line.

This morning, I got my morning computer routine done, a load of laundry going and some laundry put away.  Rory had a dental appointment.  I took a nap and was actually able to sleep, as I finally turned my head off.  Worked on some disability stuff for Rory.  Will work on the rest of it tomorrow.  Had lunch and made dinner, so that Mari can take dinner to school. Worked on a box from the storage unit and now going to work on some pictures.  Mari has promised me that this summer, she will show me how to do photoshop, so that I can really do something with my pictures.

Mari and I left about 3 and went to Starbucks and then to the cleaners and then, I took her to school.  A poster and a post card that I had had framed were ready to be picked up.  They turned out awesome.  From there, I went to Balboa Island and walked.  On the way home, I went to Smart and Final and got some things we needed and then came home.  Finally got to eat dinner about 7:45 p.m.  Mari texted me about 8 and said class was getting out early, so I headed back for Laguna.  Came home and I am now finishing up my day.

Overall a good day and I got done what I was supposed to!  It is not all about me!

Good night!  Trudi

My title for this picture is construction without noise.  At this point we were getting very tired of the fans.


  1. Sounds like you're really making progress Trudi, your mind is pulling you in a great direction. Very exciting thinking about all those possibilities :) Love E

  2. Thank you Elaine! Oh definitely! I feel growth in myself.