Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time ticks on!

Good Morning!

The sun is out this morning!  We did get some more rain last night.  Mari and I are going to run a couple of errands and then go to the Whale Festival in Dana Point.  Never been to this before, so I do not know what to expect.  Really need to work on my history stuff, as that is what I really enjoy and get  some energy from.  Here at home, I feel really pulled down.

Don't forget to spring forward tonight!

Got my morning computer stuff done, plus a load of laundry, took a nap.  I am feeling achy in my legs today.  Left about 12ish and headed for Jersey Mike's  and then Target and then to Dana Point for the Festival of the Whales.  We decided to take the shuttle.  We were going to take a historic home tour, but the walk uphill would have been too much for both of us and I did not know what the parking would be like, so we walked, mainly the harbor.  It was enjoyable just being out.  Stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home.  Finally took some Motrin and I am feeling better.  Doing my pictures and computer stuff.  Better get to making dinner.

As we were starting to eat dinner, Mari brought up that maybe I might be dehydrated, as I have been feeling dizzy and have been more tired than normal.  I have been drinking water, but probably not enough.  I told her my symptoms and she agreed.  Mari is watching a Netflix movie, as we have a rule in this house that we have to have Netflix movies back within 48 hours.  Mari and I sort of stick to that rule and Marissa watches her movie as soon as she gets it.  Marissa and I were talking about the relationship that she and I have versus the one that Mari and I have.  I had forgotten that I bought tickets to see the Princess Diana exhibit on the Queen Mary.  Luckily it is for this coming Friday.  Then I had to find the receipt.  Mari and I are going to church tomorrow and meet up with a friend.  Chris, my friend, wants Mari to do some work for her, as it goes along with Mari's major.  I have been reading blogs tonight and now I am doing my own.  Time ticks on!  Don't forget to change your clock!

Going to do reading at 9 and to bed at 10, which will really be 11

Good night!  Trudi


  1. Ah yes, the Time Change.... And my oh my, Sweet Pea looks, well, WILD! (ha ha). Love E