Sunday, March 10, 2013


Good Morning!

This picture was taken at Crystal Cove near Newport Beach in December, 2012.

To write about me is hard!  Yesterday when we were at the festival, we were looking at some clothes that a vendor was selling.   This woman sells clothes, but she, also, makes clothes that will exactly fit her clients.  The cost is not prohibitive.  I like much of what she has.  I have a tendency to buy clothes or anything else I want cheaply.  We were looking at some other things and what I bought for Mari and Marissa cost more than the thing I bought.  I have always been hard on myself with money.  I have always taken care of everybody else first before I take care of myself.  I am going to look into the clothes the woman has, as she does have a web site.

Today is church and we are getting a late start.  I woke up at 6:20 and it was dark outside and I did not feel like getting up, so I slept until 7.  We are meeting a friend at church and then going out to lunch with her, so that Mari and she can discuss business.  Today is also putting together a menu for the week and getting the food we need.  Doing this last week, seemed to work.  The only thing, I have to figure out is lunches for the girls.

Went to church and sat in the cafe, which has become my favorite place to sit.  Afterward, went to Red Robin for lunch and now I am home.  Need to check the bank account, do laundry and put my menu together for the week.  Hopefully, I can get the marketing done or it will have to wait for tomorrow.I did get the menu and most of the marketing.  The time change is being strange.  I went to Target about 5 p.m. and it felt earlier.  Put groceries away when I got home and then made dinner.  We are watching a program that Mari had DVR'd.  When I was doing laundry, Rory was watching TV.  Sometimes I feel like he lives in la la land.  He loves to talk about when the girls were little and there are times he remembers things in ways it did not happen.  He loves watching the program "Dragnet".  What is very sad is that he really does not know how to communicate with us.  His main topic of conversation is money or the past.  He would have loved for time to stay in the 1950's to early 1960's.

At 8, I am going to watch "The Bible".  Rory does not understand why Saddleback Church is making a big deal of this mini-series until I told him that Pastor Rick was involved with the making of this, plus I feel it is important to a Christian and the church.  It definitely is worth watching!  Last week he asked me if it was a game show.  There are times I really don't understand him and I really question some time my reason for marrying him.  Was he that different, when I first met him?

From 8-10, I am going to watch "The Bible" and then go to bed.

Good night.  Trudi

Fillmore train station taken a year ago.

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