Thursday, March 28, 2013

I need a break!

Good Morning!  Overcast, cool and somewhat sunny!

A couple of years ago, there were people at Dana Point Harbor that would make stone people.  I have not seen these recently.

Today, I have no place I really have to do!  I do have some grocery shopping that I need to do.  Mari does not have school.  Rory has a meeting with our financial advisor, but I am not going.  I am really tired and do not feel like putting up with any frustration.  My financial advisor knows I am not going and understands.  I am going to go walking later this afternoon.  I think all of last week with Rory and my head going two hundred miles an hour recently and then yesterday and all of Rory's yelling, finally caught up with me.  I was not feeling good last night.  I did sleep well, but I still felt exhausted this morning

Mari is getting pushed at school, which I know she needs, but I know it exhausts her.  Marissa is not handling all of the stuff going on with her dad very well.  She was in tears last night.  She is having a physical next week and after that we will probably revisit getting her SSDI.  Her anxiety level gets very high.

Rory left to get some breakfast and then go to his meeting!  My morning computer routine is done.  Going to do some laundry and take a nap.  The nap helped tremendously and now I am working on my mission blog.  Had lunch and then Marissa and I headed out to do some errands.  Met Rory at the bank and found out about the meeting.  Nothing really new, so I was glad I had stayed home.  I have been really getting upset with Rory for putting literally none of the money he gets into our joint account.  He did give me some money for groceries, but he made a big thing about it.  I calmed down after a while and then Mari and I took a walk around Lake Mission Viejo.  I feel so much better.  I get very uptight when money gets tight, which it is right now and Rory just starts putting things on credit cards.  Aargh!

Having dinner and watching a movie that Mari got from Netflix.  The movie was great!

This is the street outside of our complex.

Rory came down in the middle of the movie, so we watched the rest of the movie on Mari's computer.  I am going to read and go to bed.  I am doing a tour tomorrow.

Good night!  Trudi


  1. The thing about rough days is just getting through them. Well done. Love E