Thursday, March 7, 2013

Preserving history

Good Morning!

When I woke up this morning, I was not the most up person in the world and my post was going to be that my mood was like the weather, but then I got to thinking about yesterday at the Mission, when I was taking a tour of the new Gate House and how there has been a decline in the amount of people who visit historical sites and to me that is sad!  I would like to take videos of old places or old houses and put it on here or YouTube or wherever  else I can put it.  I hate when I hear that old buildings are torn down.  I am not saying we have to keep all the old buildings, but certain ones need to be restored and kept.  I want to also be a part of historical societies, which I am doing and learn as much as I can about historical places.  I need to make the time to work on this and stop letting other things getting in the way.  I know I have responsibilities as a wife and mom.  I know I need to take care of myself.  I want to have the energy to do these things.

Today, the girls and I have nothing planned, so a good time to work on my historical stuff.  Rory has a dentist appointment.

After I wrote this post, I got some energy, which I didn't have at the beginning.  Overall, I think the weather is affecting my energy.  Got my computer stuff done, did laundry and continued to work on a budget for this year.  I know a little behind the times.  Took a nap, finished up my Victorian times for my virtual concierge blog, had lunch, ran errands and then went back to the canyons and took some pictures.

I was just reading someone else's blog and they were talking about how long can you not complain.  It is a pastor who started this.  The person who was writing this could not make it through one morning without complaining.

Mari and I decided we were not going to plan much for this weekend, as we have been going non-stop the last couple of weeks.  Worked on my pictures, made dinner, colored my hair and just relaxed.  Going to do some reading and then to bed.

Good Night.  Trudi

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