Friday, March 8, 2013

Relationships and history

Good Morning!

Last night, I caught up on reading blogs.  Something I read really hit me-"Real love is based on respect, compromise, care and trust.  I really don't have any of that in my marriage.  Some of what I don't have is because of both of our histories.  What Rory was raised with and what I was raised with.  Respect, Rory really doesn't respect anybody and compromise, it has to always be Rory's way.  Care-Rory tries to be caring, but he really doesn't know how.  Trust, in some ways, I can trust Rory and in some ways I can't.  We are on totally two different planets when it comes to finances.  I have stayed put because of the girls and now, because of money.  I don't know if I really knew what relationships were, when I met Rory.  I still am concerned about relationships.  I seem to keep relationships at arms length.

Today, we have nothing planned, but I thought we might start going through the history books I got for my birthday and seeing if we can find some of the places in the books.  Doing computer stuff.  It's raining off and on.

Working on laundry or as a friend of mine says-Mt. Laundry".  Got a nap and I have been sleeping like a log lately.  Working on budget.  We have had hail.  Running around taking pictures like crazy!  We were going out and take pictures, but I will have to see, with the rain.

Had lunch and started researching a new mission for my mission blog.  I figured out that with the rain and not knowing when it was coming and going, we would stay home.  The only thing I had to do was get syringes for Sweet Pea, plus we got frozen yogurt.  Came home and I am working on putting pictures in albums.  Rory had gone to a movie and came home while I was doing pictures.  Mari and I made dinner and then we watched Ghost Adventures and Dead Files.  While we were at the vet, I was asking the technician how stress could be affecting Sweet Pea and her diabetes and he said definitely.  I really wonder if it is really healthful for the girls, Sweet Pea or me to be staying with Rory.  Rory is not a bad person, just very needy and very selfish.  I feel like I have been taken advantage of, but I know in some ways I have done this to myself.

At 9 going to read, if I can stay awake and at 10 go to bed.

Good Night!  Trudi

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