Friday, March 1, 2013

Doctors and school

Happy Friday!

Mari and I have already been to the lab to have her blood drawn.  This was part of the physical she had about 3 weeks ago.  I waited to have breakfast with her and we went to Bruxie's.  They have waffles and waffle sandwiches, which are yummy!  I have a friend who does not like waffles, but likes this place.  Did and doing my usual morning routine.  Going to have lunch and then this afternoon, we have to take Sweet Pea to the vet for a visit and a shot.  That is so much fun.  Tonight, Mari and I are going to LCAD to listen to a speaker on Typography.

I took Sweet Pea to the vet.  She talks to me all the way to the vet's office.  They gave her a rabies shot and then checked her glucose level.  She hates that.  The doctor did tell me that she could be growing out of the diabetes, which I would be happy about.  We shall see.  On the way home, Sweet Pea does not really talk to me.  While I was driving home, I saw some horses, so decided to drop Sweet Pea off at home and then go back and take pictures.  Did my picture of the day and this is the one I liked the most:

Better get dinner going, as Mari and I need to leave in an hour.

Mari and I went to LCAD to hear a speaker who is a Graphic Designer and teacher and who was talking about typography.  Interesting speaker, but we were sitting outside and it was chilly!
They did have food.  Got home, gave Sweet Pea her insulin and then came upstairs to bed.  Finishing this and going to do my reading and go to bed.

Good Night.  Trudi

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