Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Good Morning!  It is a beautiful morning!

Mari and I were in San Francisco two years ago.  The earthquake in Japan took place two years ago yesterday.  I remember driving up the coast and not being able to go on Highway 1 due to Tsunami warnings.

Today, I have to leave at 9:15 to take Mari to school, from there I go to Dana Point and go walking, then home about lunch time.  I am going to try and take a nap, as my sleep last night was not the best.    I leave at 2:15 to take Marissa to counseling.  We usually get home about 4:30 ish.  I have a tendency to expect myself to do the same amount on these type of days, as on days when I have hardly any errands or chauffeuring to do.  I have to remember what people told me when the girls were babies; is to be content if I just get one thing done during the day and I have to remember that on Tuesdays.  I am hard on myself and I need to not be.

Took Mari to school and then went to Dana Point and did go walking.  I am beginning to understand my pedometer more and I am using My Fitness Pal.  Thank you Theresa.  Did come home for lunch, watched part of My Biggest Loser and then took a nap.  Got a load of laundry done and I may just make my goal of getting the laundry done by Wednesday.  Rory had gone to the store to get his food, so Marissa and I had to help him get it out of the car and Marissa and I  put it away.  Need to leave to take Marissa to therapy.

One of the blogs I read, the girl was talking about how relationships take work and that is so true.  Most things in life take work.  I really don't believe that Rory and I have worked on our marriage, our relationship and it shows.  I don't think either one of us had a really good example of a strong marriage. I may have had the better example, as my parents stayed together and worked at things together and took care of each other.  I know my Dad had an affair, but overall, they loved each other.  I know Rory's parents divorced when he was 19 and I now know that his Dad had Asperger Syndrome and was very much a dictator and was physically abusive.  Rory has Asperger Syndrome and does not really know what a relationship is.  He really does not want to be close to people.   The three girls of us have become his caregiver in many ways and we all hate it.  Rory is trying to find something else to do to earn money and we were talking about it today and he does not really want to work at it.  He wants to put things on me and I will no longer accept that.  I know he deals with health issues, but most of those are caused by his laziness and lack of motivation.  

After Marissa and I got back from counseling, we made dinner and watched the rest of The Biggest Loser.  Doing computer stuff until I leave to pick up Mari at school.  I am going to do some reading when I get back and then go to bed.  

Good night,  Trudi

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