Thursday, March 21, 2013


Good Morning!

We have sun this morning and the birds are singing!

Rory and I are headed for the VA doctor this morning.  We got the results back from the other test that was done and it indicated Rory has achilles tendonosis.  What I read of achilles tendonitis, I believe Rory had that for a couple of days.  I am hoping I get to do something other than doctors today, that would be nice.

Got my computer routine done this morning and worked on some laundry.  We left about 10:45 this morning and headed for the VA.  The nurse wanted me to say why we were there, short and to the point and I just said, I was going to finish what I was saying, but in a polite manner.  When we saw the doctor, she listened to me and examined his leg and Rory got a referral to orthopedics.  I know I will have to go with him as he forgets half of what gets said.  Today was a much better day than the last two.  I really feel like we made some progress.  Got a sandwich from Subway and headed home.  I took a nap and then Mari and I headed for Dana Point to take a walk.

After we took our walk, we headed for a smoothie place and then we headed back to Target and got stuff for dinner.  Made dinner, watched the rest of my John and Abigail Adams movie and now I am working on computer stuff.

Going to read and go to bed.  I will be glad to have almost nothing tomorrow.  Rory is a difficult person to be with as much as we have been together for the last three days.  I am thankful we are finally moving forward with this.  I need to take care of some financial issues tomorrow and we did put Rory on disability with both jobs.  I feel like I learned some things about Rory that I sort of knew, but have not really noticed.  I feel like I am more and more the caregiver and I am thankful for the relationship I have with my daughters.

Good night.  Trudi

This is what my living room looked like a year ago, when we had a plumbing issue in the master bath, which is directly above the living room.

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