Thursday, February 28, 2013

A new decade for me

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful sunny morning and I am enjoying listening to the birds!  Usually on my birthday it rains, so I am enjoying today!  I am turning the big 60!  I wonder what this next decade will have in store for me?

What am I doing today?  My usual computer routine, laundry, taking a trip down to Goodwill and Smart and Final, taking a nap, going walking, getting snack from Starbucks and dinner from a restaurant called Urban and cupcakes from Casey's.  We are eating at home as it gets too stressful to go out with Rory.  Much more relaxed to eat at home and I don't have to cook.

It has been a wonderful day and all of the above things got done.  It is dinner time, so I had better go get dinner together with Mari's help.  I am so thankful to all of the people who wished me a Happy Birthday.  Nice way to start a new year and a new decade for me.  My family got me some history books I wanted and I was surprised by a card that I got in the mail.  Now that a friend of mine is gone, I did not really expect any cards and it was so sweet to get one.

Here are the cupcakes we got:

Dinner was great and so were the cupcakes.  The girls and I watched a movie and now I am doing computer stuff.  Going to do reading at 9 and to bed at 10.  Busy day tomorrow!

Good night!  Trudi

This was taken a year ago!  We did see snow recently!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Food Addiction

Good Morning!

I was doing a challenge and we were supposed to do patterns!

I love to plan and much of the time,  I have a tendency to focus on food.  I need to learn to make a menu and let it go and not keep thinking about it.  I love sweets and I am trying to limit eating sweets to one meal a day.

Mari has school from 10-12 and I am going to go walk at Dana Point Harbor and then going to Trader Joe's and pick up sandwiches for Mari and I.  This afternoon, I am going to take a nap and then get my car washed.  We will see what the rest of the day brings!

Took Mari to school and then went to Dana Point and walked.  Went to Trader Joe's and got sandwiches for Mari and I and some other things.  I feel like a major burden was lifted, when I stopped cooking for Rory. I can get fresh vegetables and make things the girls and I enjoy and eat healthy and not worry whether Rory is going to like what we have.  I got Sweet Potato Tater Tots and Fries.  Came back and picked up Mari and then came home and took a nap, that was interrupted by Rory wanting to know what the mail was.  Went to get my car washed and then came home.  Going to have snack and then work on my virtual concierge blog.  I feel like I got bogged down with going through the lawsuit box that was in the storage unit, as well as working on taxes.  I feel like I now have some freedom.

This picture was taken during my walk today at Dana Point!

Did my blog, posted my daily picture and signed up for a couple of groups having to do with Missions. Put a bill on bill pay and called two of the hotels we are staying at on our vacation.  Made dinner and watched the last part of my "Libery" video.  Doing computer stuff and going to watch "Ghost Hunters" at 9 p.m.  For some reason today, I have been very tired.

Good night!  Trudi

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting back to what works

Good Morning!  It is a beautiful day here!

I did tell Rory last night that he needed to get his own dinners and for the moment he is going along with it.  After watching "Biggest Loser", I need to stop making excuses and get back to what works with my weight loss.  On "Biggest Loser", they have been dealing with fears and my fear is my lack of self-confidence and not feeling good about myself.  That has been the issue I have had with being a docent.  Today I am going to 1000 step beach.

Mari has school today from 10-10.  Marissa has counseling from 3-4 and I am going with her.  If I have time, I want to go to the gift shop at the Mission.  We will see what the rest of the day brings.  Took Mari to school and then I headed for the beach.  Oh my, 1000 step beach is something else.  The stairs are something else.  There are not 1000 steps, but there are a lot.

After I left the stairs, I went over to the mission and went to the gift shop and bought a T-shirt and some books.  Came home, had lunch, took a nap and then Marissa and I went to her counseling appointment.  Rory had gone to the store and got his dinners.  Marissa and I are looking at doing a pet sitting business, so we are going to take some on line classes.  This is something Marissa and I can do together and is really something both of us enjoy and we can start in the near future.  Stopped at Target on the way home.  Need to make dinner for Marissa and I.  This was nice, to make dinner for someone that likes my cooking.  Rory enjoyed his dinner.  I wonder how long this is going to last?

Doing computer stuff and watching a DVD I got from Netflix.  Going to leave at 8:45 to pick up Mari. Will do my reading when I get back and go to bed.

Good night!  Trudi

Monday, February 25, 2013

Planning gives me peace

Good Morning!  It is a beautiful sunny day in So CA and I am enjoying the quiet!  The girls are not up yet and Rory left for a weight class.

This was not taken this morning, but was taken about a month ago, when we had clouds in the morning!

Last night, we had some people come over, who are going to take care of Sweet Pea while we are on vacation in May.  I know this is February and we won't be leaving until May, but it gives me peace to know who is taking care of her.  I like to have menus prepared ahead of time for meals as it gives me peace.  I know I can't schedule everything, but it is nice when I have certain things planned.  My daughters sort of make fun of me with this in a loving way, but sometimes I thinks it gets on their nerves.  In some ways, Rory is worse than me, as he has this tendency to plan everything way ahead.

Today, Mari has school from 4-10 and after I drop her off, I am going to run errands.  I will go out this morning and get stuff for dinner, as I have to make Mari's dinner before she goes to school.  I like Mondays in that regard, as I know when I get home from walking or doing errands after I drop off Mari, dinner is already made and all I have to do is heat it up.

I really got in there and got things done this morning, plus got a nap.  Computer routine done, load of laundry done and some laundry put away.  Went to Trader Joe's to get some things we needed.  Came back, put stuff away and took a nap.  Organizing the car and then had lunch.  Finally finished watching Biggest Loser from last week.  Biggest Loser gives me motivation to stay positive and move forward.  Many people say I am strong, but I don't feel like it.  This morning when I was over at Trader Joe's, I was saying what a beautiful day it was and I need to keep a positive attitude, not my negative attitude.  Rory called, while I was taking a nap and was complaining about having to do exercises.  I decided to not say anything to the girls about it.  He came home while I was watching Biggest Loser and went to sleep on the couch.  He keeps telling me he can't do this and he can't do that and I am tired of it.  You can do anything you put your mind to.  Marissa is looking at taking some on line classes on pet sitting, especially with cats.  I am proud of her.  Better go make a smoothie before I have to take Mari to school.

There used to be homes on this road.  This is a road that was in the Old El Toro Marine Base in Irvine, CA.

Took Mari to school and Marissa went with me.  As usual, we stopped at Starbucks and then went to Smart and Final on the way back up the hill.  We did stop by the storage unit and then came home.  At Rory's class they did exercises and now he is complaining about sore muscles.  We were both out and he wanted some cheese bread, so when I got home I made some for him.  Doing picture stuff at the moment.  In about 10 minutes, going to put dinner on a tray and take it up to Rory.

Lately, I have learned when he is stressed he does not like the food I make, unless it is has a sweet taste or the meat is burnt.  Tonight, was one of those nights.  He keeps saying, he is going to throw up.  I am very tired of this.  I have said this before, but this time, I am going to stick to my guns and he is going to have to get his own food.  I will put it together, but he is going to come up with his own menu.  If it is something that all of us can eat, then I will make it for all of us.  Tomorrow night, I am making chicken fajitas for Marissa and I.  He does not want it.  I am currently down at LCAD picking up Mari.  I was watching Biggest Loser before I left.  Rory wants me to stop hurting his feelings.  It would be nice if we stop hurting my feelings and putting me down.

Going home and going to bed.  Long day tomorrow!

Good  night!  Trudi

This was taken a year ago at Del Mar, CA

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Disturbing dreams

Good Morning!

 It is windy here in Southern CA!  I love the wind, as there is an excitement to it; but it can disrupt sleep as well as disturbing dreams.

Last night I was having bad dreams regarding Sweet Pea.  She was in a box and for some reason, she had been in the storage unit.  She was still alive, thank goodness!  The girls and I are going on vacation in May and I have to have someone come in and give Sweet Pea her insulin shots twice a day.  Sweet Pea is my baby and I always worry that something is going to happen.  Overall, I have a calm feeling  about this group.  Her name is Sweet Pea, but there are times she can be the opposite of that, especially with other people.  Part of me, does not want to go on this trip and the majority of me wants to go.  I like routine and traveling can be anything but.  I  have gotten better about being a little more relaxed.  I had a hard time letting go of the feeling of the dream and along with the wind, I did not have the best night's sleep.

Mari is not going to church and my friend who I usually go with, I have not heard from.  If she goes, I will go, but if she does not, I am going to stay home.  I am going to do things around the house and get our tax stuff together.  I did stay home, got computer stuff done, laundry for the week started and took a nap.  Now I am going to start working on tax stuff.  Oh such fun!   Tax stuff done!  YEA!  The next thing on my list was to go to the storage unit and put away the box for the Trust and go through my bin of seasonal decorations.  The girls and I did that and then we went to Michael's and got some stickers.  The three of us have Mac computers and so we know whose is whose, we have decorated the front with stickers.  The last stop was at Starbucks, of course and then we came home and I put up spring/St. Patrick Day decorations and decorated my computer.

It fell so good to get some things done.  Made dinner.  The people who are going to watch Sweet Pea came over tonight and they seem very nice and competent.  The main person accidentally tripped as she came in the door and fell.  She did not realize there was a step down, which was scary.  She was intent on meeting me and wasn't paying attention.  Not a good start, but the rest of the time was good.  After they left, Rory and I watched Amazing Race and now I am going to read and go to bed.

Good night!  Trudi

 This is part of the building of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A ranch and a mission means a field trip

Good Morning!  It is a beautiful sunny day and the birds are singing!

I am trying to get my computer stuff done this morning, so I can get out of here and go to Leo Carrillo Ranch to meet up with a friend.  We may also go to a mission that is located in Pala, CA.  I will be gone for most of the day.

We did get to Leo Carrillo Ranch and took the tour, which to me was interesting.  Leo Carrillo Ranch was known as Rancho de los Quiotes and was purchased by Carrillo in the 1930's.  It had about 2700 acres and was a place to entertain his Hollywood friend and was also a working ranch.  After the tour we went to lunch at Islands.  We decided to not go to the Mission.  Marcie wanted to go to San Diego Botanical Gardens, but I was not thrilled.  It would have cost me $14 for a short period of time and I did not feel like putting out that amount of money, so I drove home and stopped at Trader Joes.  I was tired, so I decided to take a nap.  Now I need to make dinner.  Mari is still out with her friend.

Mari came home for dinner and the girls of us, sat and talked with no TV.  Doing my computer stuff.  Going to read at 9 and to bed at 10.

Good Night, Trudi

Friday, February 22, 2013

Errand day!

Good Morning!

Fishing at Dana Point Harbor a couple of years ago!

Today is George Washington's birthday!

I actually have to be no place today, so today is going to be errand day!  Mari is having a friend come over and help her interview me for a class that Mari is taking.  Should be interesting!  I woke up with a very bad ache in my neck.  Rory turned off the fan and turned on the coffee before 6.  I was going to complain, but that would have been a worse start to the day.  Rory and I talked about doing property auctions.  I am really going to have to set boundaries with this.

I did my normal computer routine and the last load of laundry for the week.  I did some other things I needed to do and then decided to run some errands.  The girls and I are taking off in May to go up to Seattle and I need to find someone to take care of Sweet Pea.  Yesterday I saw the phone number for someone that does pet sitting and I called them.  They were $5.00 more than I have paid in the past.  I had someone that took care of Sweet Pea, but this last time, I was not thrilled.  One of my errands was going into PetSmart to get food and I asked one of the people in the store for a recommendation, which he gave me.  I called them and they charge the same price as the previous pet sitter I have had.  So far I have been impressed.  Came home and had lunch and then Mari's friend came over and we did the filming.  Marissa and I did a couple of errands and came home.  Need to get dinner and then we are watching TV.  My goal for this weekend is to get tax stuff together.

Mari made Rory's dinner and I made ours and then the girls and I watched Ghost Adventures.  I am going out with a friend tomorrow and Mari is going out with her friend.  Just hanging out tonight.  Doing my reading at 9 and going to bed at 10.

Good night!  Trudi

This is my remodeled master bathroom!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Acceptance of me

Good Morning!

A little more relaxed day!  YEA!  I have a docent meeting to go to today.

As I was making breakfast, I was going through a spiral notebook that had been sitting on our breakfast bar forever.  I threw away some of the pages, but when I got to one page, I could not throw it away as it really says who I am.  My dream is to be a travel photographer, to explore and to learn.  I love history!  I enjoy helping others, to live simply and to be financially responsible.  I do enjoy helping others, but I have to remember not to enable them.  I know when things become chaotic, it affects my eating and spending.  My marriage is based on Rory's need for someone to take care of him and I fell into that role.  Rory has never been financially responsible and that has always affected us and I see that looking back.  I felt he was one person who accepted me for me and he did.  I could be classified as a codependent and I know that.  I do not want to enable people any more and I am tired of being the caregiver.  I do not mind being Mari or Marissa's chauffeur, as it is helping all of us financially.  If we had to buy a car for Mari, the payments for all the needs of a car would fall on us, as I do not want Mari to have a job while she is in school.  I want her whole focus to be on school and she is doing that.  Marissa deals with so much anxiety and I really do not know where her life is going.  I want the best for both of my daughters.  I need to keep this list in front of me all the time, as I feel like I am trying to constantly find things that make me happy and I really have it in front of my face.

I love my little girl and this is what she is doing right now and what she does best!  This was taken two years ago!

Got my computer routine done this morning, as well as a load of laundry done.  Took a nap and then did some work on the box from the storage unit and got it done.  YEA!  Rory is looking at getting into property auctions.  We have a realtor that we trust and he sent me an email to Rory regarding a conversation that Rory had with him.  I know that this could be a business for us, but not something I really want to do, but we need some income or eventually the inheritance money is going to run out.  I do know the real estate industry better than Rory.  I told him he needs to learn how to use the computer, which he does not want to do and we need to go to a class on property auctions, but he does not want them to be at night.  He keeps putting up walls and I am not going to do all of this, as it is not really my thing and I told him that.  I left about noon to go to my docent meeting.  Interesting meeting and I really enjoyed it.  I am going to join a couple more groups.  One is a historical society and the other is CMSA, which has to do with the missions.  We had a speaker who is a Native American from the tribe surrounding Mission San Juan Capistrano.  On the way home, I went to Trader Joe's.  Will need to make dinner in a few.

Dinner made and watching a DVD from Netflix.  More history!  Going to read at 9 and to bed at 10.

Good Night!  Trudi

Picture taken at Chapman University in Orange, CA last year.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Moving on to better days!

Good Morning!  To a better day!

Last night I scheduled 3 tours for the month of March at the Mission.  Today, Mari has school from 10-12 and tonight Mari and I are going to the President's List reception.  Last semester, Mari made the President's List at school as she got all A's.  I am very proud of her.  While Mari is at school, I am going to Dana Point and walk.  The house is getting cleaned today.  The picture is of the chapel at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Mari and I left about 9:15 to get her to school.  I needed to get gas in the car.  Got Mari to school close to 10 and then I went to Dana Point Harbor to walk.  Since Mari and I are going out tonight, I needed to get Marissa and Rory some dinner, which I did, plus I got Rory lunch from MacDonald's.  Went to LCAD to pick up Mari and then went to Panda Express to get Rory dinner and Mari went to Jersey Mikes to get she and I sandwiches.  As I was trying to find a parking place, I saw this dog.

Came home and took a nap and now I am getting to do house stuff.  House cleaners are here.  Mari took a nap and I had to wake her up so we could go to the reception.  Drove down to Laguna and had appetizers.  The president of LCAD spoke for a couple of minutes and then they gave away door prizes.  Mari did not win anything, so we came home.  One of those dinners, where you think you are hungry, but you are not.  Going to spend the rest of the evening, watching TV and doing blogs.  At 9, Mari and I are going to watch Ghost Hunters,  whether it be in the living room or my room.  Then at 10, I am headed for bed.  I am tired.

Good night!  Trudi

Mari and the dog!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Good Morning!  We have a rain storm coming today!

This was taken two years ago at Forest Lawn in Cypress, CA.  I love cemeteries, as they are an interesting place to take pictures.  I love statues and it is interesting to see old gravestones and recent gravestones with pictures on them.

Today Mari has school from 10-10, Marissa has counseling from 3-4 and Rory goes back to the doctor for a follow-up and I am going to the Mission to get measured for my hat and get my official badge.

I live by lists and now I am starting to make a list of things that I need to work on about myself.  I realized on Sunday, that I am selfish and yesterday, I realized I don't accept people for who they are.  I want people to accept me for who I am, but I don't accept people for who they are.  I do not like this about myself.

Rory found out that the doctor at the VA put down that he has diabetes and now he feels that he will not be able to work.  The other day he went over to a shopping center and walked around and then he tried to find his car and couldn't.  He called me and said he could not walk anymore.  Knowing all of this, I do not know how he would work anyway.  He works with prisoners in a hospital and he works at the docks and has to sometimes stand for 8 hours.  He usually needs the next day or two or three to recover.  I guess my feeling is when is he going to accept the truth and deal with it.

It was nice to get out of the house.  Took Mari to school and then went to the Mission and got my hat.  On the way home, picked up Sweet Pea's insulin.  I have had lunch and I am going to take a nap, then get out of here.  Rory is in a rotten mood and he is downstairs.  So much fun!  NOT!  Well, I did not get a nap, as I had a major argument with Rory, as he was feeling sorry for himself, that the doctor wrote down the truth.  I told him I am fed up with his living in la la land and that our marriage is done, unless he does something to turn it around.  Marissa and I left about 1:45 and went to Target, but before we did that, I told him what I do and that maybe he should look into something like the programs-Storage Wars, Baggage Battle or Property Wars.  I got a call from him later that he had contacted a broker who we have dealt with and that I feel is reputable and the broker is going to look into where we can buy properties and turn them around.  I agree that he cannot work and maybe for a small amount of money this might work.  We shall see!  Rory is more the gambler than I .  I am not counting on anything.  Took Marissa to counseling and Mari texted me and said her second class was cancelled, so after Marissa got out of counseling, we picked up Mari and went to Trader Joes and then came home.  I am exhausted.  Made dinner and hopefully the rest of the evening will be a little more peaceful.  Very little got done on my list today and it was a very emotionally draining day.  No TV is going to be watched tonight, at least in the living room.  At least I thought so!  Rory, just came down!

Hopefully going to read at 9 and go to bed at 10.  Good night!  Trudi

Chapman University taken one year ago.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Holiday Monday

Good Morning!

Nothing is really planned for today.  Mari does not have school today.  We do have errands for this afternoon.  Not the best night's sleep last night, so I know I will be taking a nap.  I did take a nap and slept so hard, I was not quite with it, when I woke up.  Did my computer stuff and a load of laundry.  Did some organizing.  Eating lunch and then we are going to run errands.

Mari and I left about 1 and I went up the street and took a picture of a tree in bloom.

After I did this, we went to Target, then to Laguna and ran a couple of errands and then to Goodwill, where I found my red jacket for $5.00 and then to the bank and then to Jamba Juice.  Came home and doing my afternoon stuff.  Going to do tax stuff and then make dinner.

Rory decided to come down.  He walked quite a bit for him yesterday and is having problems with his legs today.  He is dealing with diabetic neuropathy.  He got tired of the bed, so he came downstairs and sat in his chair, which does have vibration and heat.  I was working on taxes and he started making all sorts of comments about what we can write off, that I don't feel like we can.  I am glad we have a really good tax guy.  I am so tired of Rory's irresponsibility!!!  He has always been like this and I get more tired of it everyday.

Made dinner and I have been watching TV.  Going to turn off the TV and read at 9 and hopefully go to bed at 10.  Rory came down at 8:45 and I am going upstairs and read and do computer stuff.  After I moved my stuff, I went into the bathroom and Rory had Mari get him some Perrier water and open the slider.  Mari was doing school work and I could have done it, but he needed right now.  He asked me not to say anything and that is the problem, I can't say anything.  ARGH!

Good night!  Trudi.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Good Morning!

I woke up feeling like it is just another day.  I am trying to work myself out of this feeling, by being grateful for all I have.  I am happy for being a docent, but not that excited.  I wish I could be excited about something.  I did enjoy yesterday, but today is just another day and I don't like feeling this way.  It is another day of the TV going non-stop or so it seems.  One thing I am grateful for is the support I have on this group and the support I get from my daughters.  When I told my husband about my becoming a docent, it was like so what and he moved on with talking about what he wanted to talk about, which was his trip.

Today Mari and I are going to church and the rest of the day is mainly around home.  I do have some errands to do.  I am so glad I went to church.  I do serve, but I am selfish and I need to get past this.  As usual, Pastor Rick spoke to me.  I need to honor God with my serving and I am very blessed, that I don't have to have a paying job and I can stay home and do things for my family.   Mari and I went to Sprout's after service and got some things we needed and then came home.  Ate lunch and now I am going to go take a nap.

"Repurpose Tree" at Saddleback Church

Had my nap and now I am getting some things accomplished.  Getting a box of papers organized from the lawsuit we had against my step mother-in-law.  Edited and posted my picture of the day and made a smoothie for Mari and I .  The next thing I am going to do is edit and post the pictures of the mission I took yesterday.  Did my mission pictures and started working on taxes, as our appointment is on March 2.  Made dinner and I am going to watch Amazing Race at 8.  At 9, I am going to read and go to bed at 10.

Of course I am dealing with issues with Rory and Marissa.  Good Night!  Trudi

P.S.  Rory wants to talk to me before I go to bed!  He has something on his mind and I hate when he does this right before I go to bed.  I do a wind down routine for a reason.  Argh!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A light came on

Good Morning and it is a good morning!

Several lights came on this morning and I don't mean literally.  Rory and I were watching a TV program and they were talking about kids and passions.  Rory wanted to go into the army, but he had no real support.  His dad wanted him to be an entrepreneur and that is definitely not Rory!  I, always, wanted to go into travel, but ended up going into appraising.  Now I am having that opportunity.  I want Mari to finish her education, which is about 2 more years and then I am going to take a class on tour directing.  At this point in time, I know I cannot afford to be away from home for more than a day, so my docent tours are perfect for me at this time.  I told Rory, he is getting his support from me, but he needs to do his side, which is work and provide for us.  I don't think he can do that, especially with his health the way it is and his lack of motivation.    I can't do both of being a supporter and a provider.  I, also, do not believe that most kids really know what they want to do in life.  They are special kids if they do.

The other light that went on is regarding what I eat.  I need to cut back on the amount of sugar I eat.  I know that when I get stressed, I turn to food and especially sugar.  I have read that having diabetes, which I do not have, can cause tiredness and I agree with that.  I want to have energy, so I am really going to try to cut back on the sugar and I know that is going to be hard.

This morning I am going to do house stuff and then Mari and I are going out to Mission San Fernando and take some pictures.  I also want to go by Glendale train station and see if I can find a cemetery that is near Burbank airport.  Now that I am a docent, I feel like I can sort of get a schedule in my life, which is what I want.

Computer stuff done, laundry done for the week, nap taken and some organizing done.  Had lunch and now we are headed out for some fun.

Mari and I went to Mission San Fernando and took some pictures.  When the girls and I went up to Cambria and part of the trip was on the train, I saw this cemetery near Bob Hope Airport, which is in Burbank, CA.  I went looking for it and found some an interesting building, so we took some pictures and then went to Glendale and found an old railroad station that I had seen on the train as well.  Took some pictures as well and then headed for home.  Had dinner.  I am tired.

Good night!  Trudi

Friday, February 15, 2013

Final tour

Good Morning!

Today I do my final tour as a docent trainee.  I have done my tour the last two days to my daughters and they went well.  Mari videotaped my tour and Marissa was a good tourist and asked good questions.  Marissa is going to a movie today with a friend and Rory is going to make reservations for a trip he is going to take while the girls and I are driving to Seattle.

This morning I did my usual computer routine and made reservations for the girls and I on the wine train in Napa, as well as changed a reservation on our trip.  Did laundry, took a nap, had lunch and then the girls left for a movie with a friend of Marissa's.  I left for San Juan Capistrano and met up with Julie at Starbucks, which is across the street from the mission.  Did my final tour and I am now officially a docent.  Still need to find a red jacket or scarf.  On the way home, I stopped at Trader Joe's and got some things we needed.  Talked to Rory on the way home about his trip.  Told him I became a docent and all he wanted to talk about was his trip and there was no congratulations.  That is typical Rory, all about him!  Mari and I made dinner and watched some TV and now I am just doing computer stuff.

Winter trees in Ladera Ranch
Reading at 9, bed at 10.  Good night.  Trudi

Door at Mission San Juan Capistrano

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Good Morning!

No scheduled items for today!  Mari is making pancakes this morning for all of us!  I got the girls earrings for Valentine's Day and I am going to get Rory some candy.  This afternoon, I am going to give my tour to Marissa and tomorrow is the big day when I give my tour to Julie, my mentor.

Picture from Dana Point two years ago.

Today was a good day!  I know I am very much a do person and when I get things accomplished, I feel good.  A load of laundry got done and put away!  I took a box to the storage unit, got candy for Rory and shoes for my docent uniform.  Continued to look for a red jacket, with no luck.  Went to Target for some things and to the cleaners.  Came home and had lunch and took a nap.  Marissa and I went to the Mission.  She was a great "tourist".  Went to Starbucks and then found an old cemetery, which used to belong to the mission.  The mission is surrounded by office buildings.  Came home.  Now I need to make dinner.

This picture was taken while we were at the Mission this afternoon.

Rory and I were having a discussion about gifts.  I got him a box of candy and a card, which I know he would like.  I did not get anything from him.  He asked me this morning, if I wanted anything and I said that it was ok.  Part of this I know has to do with Asperger and part of this is just him and how he does not understand people and it is all about him.  I am trying to learn that when I give people gifts, it is not what I want to give them, but what they want.  I don't ask for jewelry from him, because I don't like what he has gotten me in the past.  I like jar candles, which he knows and I love history, but not just basic history, but special history.  I feel like saying, do some research on finding special things, but he does not get this.  It gets frustrating!  I told him ask the girls, but the girls really don't want to talk to him, because he only talks about him or money or what he happens to be watching on TV or remembrances of them in the past.  I understand there reluctance to talk to him.

Made dinner and watching one of my DVD's from Netflix on The Founding Fathers.  It is interesting to hear what these people are really like.  It goes back to my love of history.  After this movie is over, I am going to do computer stuff!  Read at 9 and go to bed at 10.

Good Night!  Trudi

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gone for the day

Good Morning!

I am mainly out and about today!  Mari has to be at school at 10.  I am going down to Balboa and walk and then come back and pick up Mari and go have lunch with my mentor.  Mari wants to tape my tour, so we are going to do that and then go find some earrings for her as a present for Valentine's Day.  I feel relaxed today.  Oh yes, we are going to get cupcakes for tomorrow.

It was a very enjoyable day!  I did get Mari to school by 10 and then I went to Balboa Island and did my walk.

This is what I saw on my walk!  Went back to Laguna and picked up Mari and then the two of us went to San Juan Capistrano and met my mentor and went to lunch.  After lunch, Mari and I went over to the Mission and I gave her a tour and she videoed the tour.  When we were done, we came back to the car and then walked over to Los Rios, to get a snack and then to a store, to get her some earrings for Valentine's Day.  On the way home we stopped by Casey's Cupcakes to get some cupcakes for tomorrow.  I was so tired by the time we got home.  Mari let me take a nap in her room.  It was a very enjoyable day.  I need to get dinner.

Made dinner and now we are just hanging out.  Going to watch "Ghost Hunters" at 8, do my reading at 9 and go to bed at 10.  I don't have to get up at 6 tomorrow morning.

Good night!  Trudi

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A day of celebrations

Good Morning!

Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday, Fat Tuesday and 3rd day of Chinese New Year.

This picture was taken in Calico, CA two years ago.

Mari has school from 10-10 today and Marissa has counseling this afternoon.  Last night Marissa and I were talking about personality types and Myers Briggs test.  I am an ISFJ and Marissa is a ISTJ.  I have also come to realize that I have felt very unorganized over the past few weeks and that is not comfortable for me.  I like to be planned and organized, but yet, I know I can't always be that.  This morning I am going to take Mari to school and then on the way home, stop at Smart & Final and Sears. While Marissa is in counseling, I am going to finish writing my tour.

I did get Mari to school, I did get to Sears, but could not find a red jacket for my being a docent.  It has to be a Christmas Red jacket.  I did get to Smart and Final and now have things for dinner until Saturday.  Simple dinners, even Valentine's Day!  Came home after that and took a nap.  I, also realized that Rory and I have a major communication problem.  Last night he said something about the Pope stepping down and I said, yes, I already knew about that.  He asked why I did not tell him.  He is the one who watches the news all day.  This morning we were talking about the girls and he said he didn't know about a certain thing.  He may not have known about this, but there was no reason for him to know.  I have gotten to the point I take care of things and if I feel like he needs to know, I will tell him. Many of the conversations we have, always come back to all about him, so I don't have many meaningful conversations with him.

This afternoon, I took Marissa to counseling and I went to get snack and came back and finished my tour.  On the way home, Mari texted me and said that she would be getting out of school early, but did not say when.  I came home and walked in the house and she texted me and said leave now, so I turned around got back in the car and went down and picked her up.  When Marissa and I were driving home, I was joking about going to Laguna and sitting and waiting for Mari.  Maybe I should have, but I did not know.

When I finally did get home, I made dinner and we sat and watched the end of the Biggest Loser.  Doing computer stuff, going to read and go to bed.  I am tired!

Good night!  Trudi