Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pushing through

Good Morning!

Geraniums on my patio(02/04/2013)

Today, I have no time commitments to anything!  The girls are sleeping in.  I am planning to go to San Diego to take some pictures for my blog.  I need to be more pro-active with doing the docent program, as speaking in front of a group is very scary for me.  I don't mind talking to people, but when I have to tell them certain information and keep them interested, it is scary.  It comes back to my self-confidence, that I can do this and my perfectionism, that I will do it right.  I have a tendency to back away from something hard and I am tired of doing that.  I have done it with photography, organizing and I do not want to do it with this.  I have taken the four classes-well three, but they let me miss one, as long as I did the reading; I have shadowed 5 tours and will have completed the sixth tour, as of the tomorrow.  I have done three station tours, even though I really don't feel like I have done that, so I am going to do extra station tours with docents that will let me do that, so I can feel more comfortable in speaking to others.  I could really use prayers from you that pray.

I got my morning computer routine done and then I did a load of laundry.  Took a nap and then worked on my storage unit box.  After lunch, I took off by myself for San Diego. It was nice to go someplace by myself, as it gave me some time to think.   Got gas in the car, then headed for Smart & Final to get some groceries and then headed for San Diego.  We have a man hunt going on in our area and the signs along the freeway were describing the truck he was driving and there was a good police presence along the freeway, which was nice.  Scary, but nice!  Got to San Diego and took the pictures I wanted to take, got a snack and then headed back for home.  Rory has been gone all day today.  The girls and I had dinner and watched TV and now we are doing our own thing.

This was a tree in front of the Marston House in San Diego, near Balboa Park-Day 38 of 365.

Going to do my computer routine, do my reading and go to bed.

Good night.  Trudi

Tired Sweet Pea

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