Sunday, February 10, 2013

Peacefulness and balance

Good Morning!

Mari and I are going to church this morning!  The rest of the day will be hanging out at home and doing home stuff.  The last couple of weeks I have not felt peacefulness or in balance.  Marissa has wanted to see the Princess Diana exhibit at the Queen Mary and I totally forgot.  I have been so focused on the mission that I feel like I have forgotten about everything else.  This week is going to be a little more calm, well sort of.  All of the stress has affected my body as well.

Mari and I went to church today.  I love Saddleback Church, because I always feel like the message is focusing on what I am dealing with.  I am still questioning whether the docent program is for me and I am exhausted from the questioning and dealing with my feelings.    I am 3/4 of the way through it.  I love to learn and explore and I love history.    When I looked at what things I should be, it has come up with being a teacher and a few other things.    The docent program comprises most of the things I love.    Today at church, the testimony was from a young woman, who has dealt with some disabilities and how she has pushed through them. She has took up running and part of her disability is that she walks with a limp, so running is hard.  Her short term goal is to run a 5k and as of yesterday, she has run one lap.  She got involved in softball and martial arts and some other sports.  Her friends have encouraged her to move forward.   I have dealt with so much negativity in the past and I never realized how much it has affected me.  I look at how I dealt with photography and how I backed away from it.  I look at how I dealt with organizing and how I backed away from that.  I love taking pictures and I love organizing.  I love learning what I am learning at the mission, it is my fear that is getting in the way of being able to share the information I am learning.  Again I need prayer.

Marissa and I took a run over to Target.  I went the long way around and caught this picture looking up to the mountains.  After I had lunch, I wasn't sure whether to take a nap or get started with my afternoon.  Being a "do" person, can sometimes cause problems.  I decided to just rest and read and ask God what he wanted me to do next.  What had priority?  I knew that meant go to Target and finish getting what I needed for dinner.  My next priority is to work on my tour.  Felt much better.  Done Target, edited my picture for the day and now I am going to work on my tour.  Made dinner, had dinner and watched TV.  Anybody else watched "The Layover" with Anthony Bourdain and feel like he has become an alcoholic.  Doing computer stuff.  The next three mornings I have to get up at 6 a.m., so at 9 I am going to do my reading and at 10 I am going to bed.

Good Night!  Trudi

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