Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Good Morning!

No scheduled items for today!  Mari is making pancakes this morning for all of us!  I got the girls earrings for Valentine's Day and I am going to get Rory some candy.  This afternoon, I am going to give my tour to Marissa and tomorrow is the big day when I give my tour to Julie, my mentor.

Picture from Dana Point two years ago.

Today was a good day!  I know I am very much a do person and when I get things accomplished, I feel good.  A load of laundry got done and put away!  I took a box to the storage unit, got candy for Rory and shoes for my docent uniform.  Continued to look for a red jacket, with no luck.  Went to Target for some things and to the cleaners.  Came home and had lunch and took a nap.  Marissa and I went to the Mission.  She was a great "tourist".  Went to Starbucks and then found an old cemetery, which used to belong to the mission.  The mission is surrounded by office buildings.  Came home.  Now I need to make dinner.

This picture was taken while we were at the Mission this afternoon.

Rory and I were having a discussion about gifts.  I got him a box of candy and a card, which I know he would like.  I did not get anything from him.  He asked me this morning, if I wanted anything and I said that it was ok.  Part of this I know has to do with Asperger and part of this is just him and how he does not understand people and it is all about him.  I am trying to learn that when I give people gifts, it is not what I want to give them, but what they want.  I don't ask for jewelry from him, because I don't like what he has gotten me in the past.  I like jar candles, which he knows and I love history, but not just basic history, but special history.  I feel like saying, do some research on finding special things, but he does not get this.  It gets frustrating!  I told him ask the girls, but the girls really don't want to talk to him, because he only talks about him or money or what he happens to be watching on TV or remembrances of them in the past.  I understand there reluctance to talk to him.

Made dinner and watching one of my DVD's from Netflix on The Founding Fathers.  It is interesting to hear what these people are really like.  It goes back to my love of history.  After this movie is over, I am going to do computer stuff!  Read at 9 and go to bed at 10.

Good Night!  Trudi

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